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1. Descriptions for Aluminum window and door



Our window system features good sound insulation,better in energy-saving and comprehensive after-sale service.


A.Adopt 14.8mm or other type heat insulation strip.


B.Suitable for the area with high performance heat preservation, heat insulation .


C.Sash width ≥300mm;Sash height≤2400mm;Weight of window sash ≤250kg.


D.Side frame, follow the procedure of glue injection after corner crimping; Leading the flow of  Sealant through sealant guide plate, increasing the intensity and Sealing performance of window corner.


E.Sash frame use plastic corner key connect through inside hexagonal bolt, easy connection, simples construction, less fabrication process, suitable for quantitive production and it’s very convenient to be changed for the dimension of sash and frame.


F.For more options from 16-22mm glazing.


G.Heat insulation can be achieved as 2.0W / m² k ~ 2.5W / m² k.


H.Beautiful shape, elevation effect concise and bright.


I.Use excellent hardware ,flexible opening, tiny opening and closing force, opening deft and agile, without noise.


J.Sealing design with anti-crash piece, Prevent shaking piece as an whole, convenient installation.



2. Specifications  for Aluminum window and door




1. Material

Aluminium ingot; 6063, 6061, 6082, 6005, T5, T6, 
2. Section ShapesI, U, T, C, Z, L, H, square, round, flat, hollow, t-slot and other complicated shapes by custom design.
3. Surface treatingMill/Anodized(oxidation)/Sand blast/Powder coating/Electrophoresis/Wood grain.
4. Application1) - for Window and door frames
2) - for Wardrobe cabinet sliding doors, kitchen.
3) - for Building curtain glass walls
4) - for Solar panel frames, Solar mounting / roofing brackets
5) - for Industry assembly lines equipment.
6) - for Heatsinks
7) - for LED lighting
8)- other by custom design size and dimension
5. Production lines1) 5 melting and casting production lines
2) 25 extruding production lines
3) 6 anodizing and electrophresis production lines
4) 2 powder coating production lines
5) 4 wooden grain production lines
6) 2 heat insulation broken bridge production lines
7) 2 wiredrawing and polishing production lines
6. Characteristic Services1). OEM Service.
2). Design according to the customers' requirements.
3). more years' professional experience in research, manufacturing
4). Our modern deep processing center can provide machining such as Cutting, punching, drilling, etc.
7. Quality ControlWe operate the most strict quality control system, the detection is from the material, production process,
 to final product, and ensure the product quality and traceability.
8.ProcessDie designDie makingSmelting&alloyingQCExtrudingCuttingHeat Treatment
QCSurface treatmentQCWeldingPackingQCShippingAfter Sale Service
9.StandardGB5237-2008 equal to EN12020-1.2(2001)
10.PaymentT/T: 30% for deposit, the balance will be paid before delivery
11.Delivery Time1. 15-35 days production.
2. If making a mould, plus 7~10 days.
12.Packaging Detail:Inside : packed with plastic film to protect each piece
Outside: Wrap to be bundles by waterproof craft paper or EPE film. Customized request available
13.Lead TimeDie Developing and Sample testing: 12-18 days .
Mass Production: 20-30days.


2. Photo for Aluminum window and door









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Q:Building drawings, C2415, is the size of the window or window hole size, how much difference
Building window bag profile frame size 2400 high 1500 width is to complete the surface size of the window hole size but also to reduce the size of the decoration that specific facade what material
Q:What does the window mean?
On the high window did not give a clear definition of the height, it is because a height is not applicable to all building types, architectural design involves such a few high windows: 1. Privacy and facade needs. 2. Security needs, including prevention of climbing, theft and fire prevention. 3. Lighting ventilation function required.
Q:Bedroom and balcony connected to the windowsill was 20 cm lower, interrupted 4 with steel, help ah neighborhoods!
Theoretically the welding is good, re-mixed soil to go back to the best!
Q:Is it possible to shop quartz on the windowsill?
Can ah, quartz stone without radiation, hardness is higher than artificial stone, it is easy to do health, it seems the overall effect. Now many people are using quartz stone to do the windowsill.
Q:What are the widgets of the tarpaulins?
The amount of window plate works should be divided by the thickness of the design length by the width of the "m2" calculation. If the design is not specified size, the length of the window hole can be the width of the external, plus 10cm calculation, the width of the window plate by the window inside the flat wall width, plus protruding wall width 5cm calculation. Terrazzo, marble, granite and other windowsill plate, should be included in the project calculation, the implementation of the corresponding comprehensive decoration of the construction base.
Q:Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows style which
Broken windows, doors, windows, windows, folding windows, folding windows, folding windows, folding windows, folding windows, folding windows, folding doors, folding windows, The family is most used for flat windows and flat windows.
Q:How to use and clean the broken aluminum doors and windows?
1, clean off the bridge aluminum doors and windows, people must not step on the aluminum frame, can not pull the frame for support. 2, sealed tops and glass glue is to ensure that the bridge aluminum doors and windows sealed, heat and waterproof the key, if the fall to timely repair, replacement. 3, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows can be used soft cloth stained with water or neutral detergent to wipe, can not use ordinary soap and detergent, but can not use decontamination powder, toilet and other strong acid cleaning agent. 4, after the rain, should be timely glass and window frames of the rain beads, with particular attention to the chute water. Chute with a long time, increased friction, can add a little oil or coated with a layer of wax oil.
Q:Broken bridge aluminum windows and doors cost-effective
As the aluminum prices are changing every day, so a ton of white broken bridge aluminum purchase price is 26,000 yuan, for example, can process 100 square meters flat window, the distribution is 260 yuan / square meter, double glass prices 90 yuan / square meter calculation, plus leather, glass glue 20 yuan / square meter, as well as production production 25 yuan / square meter, so down the basic cost is 395 yuan / square meter, if coupled with the company staff wages, installation Costs, transportation costs, depreciation fees and other daily operating costs of enterprises, all brands of broken bridge aluminum windows have the lowest sales price of 400 yuan / square meters in order to maintain normal operation.
Q:Why do you want to design windows and doors? Who wants to come out!
Think about the first house is the cave. When the human beings have the ability to make their own time to put the cave into a small hole became a door. But the door is not good to put a small light ~! There is a window As for the problem of not walking the window, first of all we are refined the ancients, at least know how to build a house after the already refined consciousness. And, children also have to go it, no way to just how to walk how to live ah.
Q:Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and 90 series aluminum alloy which high prices
Broken bridge aluminum itself is also aluminum, there are 90 series, so the two can not be compared with each other. However, the general market is usually referred to as the 90 series for the sliding window, and broken bridge aluminum refers to the flat window, and mostly 56 series or 65 series or close to the series.

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