aluminum sun shade louver

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Quick Details

  • Type:Shutters

  • Place of Origin:Tianjin, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number:SSC_0016
  • Material:Aluminum Alloy

  • Opening Pattern:Horizontal

  • Slats Surface:anodic oxidation

  • Slats Size:150mm, 200mm

  • Motor:110V/220V

  • Control Type:Fixed, Manual, Automatic

  • Thickness:1.0mm---5.0mm

  • Application:Indoor&Outdoor Sun Shades

  • Adjustable Angle:0-150 degree

  • Slat Shape:Fish Belly

  • Maximum Length:2000mm--4500mm

  • Motor Power:400N,450N,800N,1000N

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:1) Polywood case 2) 20/40 container 3) Special package as the customers' requirements
Delivery Detail:15-45 working days as the payment is confirmed


aluminum louver
2) Type: Remote control
3) Slats: 150mm, 200mm
4) Application: Outdoor


Remote Control Aluminum Louvers ( ISO,CE)

Hollow shading shutter apply the aluminum alloy slat in hollow structure with the features of strength and width.

According to cooperate with the glass curtain wall, the effect of shading, lighting and decorating buildings is

realized. The installing of louvre could be cross, upstanding or fixing the slats. With the motor bring the slats revolve

(0°~120°), the indoor lighting effect is improved to realize the purpose of sunshading and energy saving.

Automatic Aluminum Hollow Louver Structure

1) Leaf blade with double-decked midlevel structure has the feature of high strength, when closing completely takes a part of security function.

2)The hideaway type connecting rod actuates, the leaf blade corner in 0--105 degree adjustable, adjust the light with good performance; leaf blade turning to 90 degrees has the maximum ventilation; when it comes to 15 degrees-25 degrees, outside can not look indoor, and has the fine covert effect

3) Between the leaf blade and the link rod has the sealed card trough, as well as hair brush and leaf blade. When closing completely, the double-decked midlevel structure can maintain the indoor temperature, isolates the outdoor high temperature, reduces above the outside noise 30 decibels, has the heat insulation, dustproof, to obstruct the rain, against mosquito function; the system uses the direct current machine to actuate, may with building intelligent control the system, the fire prevention control center realize the linkage union

4)The product has the accuracy, the reliable characteristic, is suitable for the end products manufacture, either horizontal or vertical surface installment.

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Q:What is intelligent curtains, with automatic curtains are different?
To achieve automatic curtain control should be used for the curtain controller, the output of the AC220V voltage, can control the AC curtain motor positive and negative.The first thing is the emergence of intelligent curtain electric curtains, buttons or remote control can be achieved with the opening or closing curtains, no longer need to start. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, electric curtains have been widely used. In 10 years ago, the electric curtain has entered our country, but there has been no big promotion, the past two years, with the continuous improvement of electronic control technology and the continuous decline in prices, electric curtains before the heat again.
Q:What is the electric curtain controller
One is the direct control of the power supply, electric motor, electric curtain curtain began to work after the power to stop, this control requires re wiring, in an instant to electricity, easy to burn out the motor; another curtain controller is "dry contact", this method is also called passive switch, can adapt to all kinds of curtain motor, play a very good role, to protect the motor has the advantages of convenient installation, without re wiring.
Q:Intelligent curtain receiver What is the controller
This is a must, for example, infrared remote control, remote control on the market are thousands, even tens of thousands of species of each request transmitted encoding is not the same, is not engaged in electronic you don't understand, I is the design of the remote control, such as the television remote control TCL, Changhong, Hisense and other.......... remote internal encoding is not the same, the remote control protocol is...
Q:How to adjust the frequency of motor curtain and remote control
Motor (machinery: Electric, commonly known as "motor") refers to the electromagnetic induction law based on the realization of electrical energy conversion or transfer of an electromagnetic device. In the circuit with the letter M (old standard D). Its main function is to generate the driving torque, as the use of electrical or mechanical power source. The generator is represented by the letter G in the circuit. Its main function is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.
Q:How to adjust the upper and lower stroke of the electric curtain
5, open and close the motor power supply, open and close the motor with the remote control on the good code that can be used.
Q:Can electric curtains be pulled by hand?
Now the design is very scientific, there is a soft start system in the motor, the power can also be automatically switched on or off.
Q:How to use motor and roller to make electric curtain
Remote control has a single frequency, multi frequency distinction, single frequency can control a set or a row, a row of the need for additional controller.
Q:What are the electric curtain brand?
Now the smart home system electric curtains are standard, what
Q:Is it useful to use the electric ceiling curtain, and the electric sunshade curtain of the sun
Electric ceiling curtain is mainly used in the sunroof of the electric curtain shading system
Q:Intelligent remote control of electric curtains on the frequency?
You can use the phone to remotely control the air conditioning, you can also use the wireless remote control will be upstairs downstairs to start and close the air conditioning

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