Aluminum Sheet/Coil AA5083 for Vessel

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100000 m.t./month

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Aluminum Sheet/Coil  AA5083 for Vessel     

Mill Finished Aluminum Coil is designed for many field such as electronics, instruments, lighting decoration, packing industry, and house decoration, curtain wall, honeycomb-core panel, sandwich panel, aluminum composite panel, aluminum composite pipe etc.. Aluminum Sheet/Coil  AA5083 for Vessel is hard and everlasting under the blazing sun. You can choose the alloys as your habitation and we will do our best to meet your requests.

2.Main Features of the Aluminum Sheet/Coil  AA5083 for Vessel   

• Smooth surface

• High manufacturing accuracy

• High strength of extension and yield

• Well packaged

No marks, no scratch, no excessive oil

3. Aluminum Sheet/Coil  AA5083 for Vessel   



AA1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 3004, 3005, 3105, 5052, 5083, 5754, 8011, 8006


H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H32, O/F






4. Aluminum Sheet/Coil  AA5083 for Vessel   


Aluminum Sheet/Coil  AA5083 for Vessel


Aluminum Sheet/Coil  AA5083 for Vessel


Aluminum Sheet/Coil  AA5083 for Vessel




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    How about your company

A world class manufacturer & supplier of aluminum coil and alloy blanks. Aluminum production base is comprised of 18 aluminum annealers, 10 coil and foil mills, 4 continuous production lines, 2 hot rolling production line and 3 prepainted lines.

Export  5000 tons per month to Asia, America and Middle East. Always do the best for our clients.

②Can you guarantee the quality of the products?

We are responsible for the quality of materials to get a long-term cooperation with clients in a reasonable period of time and we are glad to arrange and coordinate any third party inspection for you.

③What is the delivery time after purchase?

35 day after receiving client’s deposit or correct LC



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Q:How to take fire protection measures for high temperature welding of curtain wall
Then the use of fire, fire cloth laying under the splash of Mars. Do a piece of firebrock to block both sides and meet the welding construction distance, the workers with a protective protective equipment when the eyes, welder gloves, insulated shoes, the ground doing fire extinguishers, buckets, see fire people.
Q:Hanging Curtains on the Wall?
your family is right!!! put pictures if you want more color.
Q:What color curtains would compliment a sea mist green wall?
I have exactly that in the sitting room of my new flat. I can't make curtains so I hired a lady curtain maker and she brought along a lot of sameples. I chose a striped curtain which are alternate stripes of pale cream and light green. The cream is pretty exact to the walls but the green is slightly lighter than the carpet. The colour combination is fabulous. You may be able to get some ready mades or material if you are handy with a sewing machine in a store like John Lewis which is brilliant for fabrics. Good Luck in you new flat - I'm enjoying mine.
Q:We have to use the real estate glass curtain wall,the need to provide any parameters to the manufacturers?
You are real estate, that is, you are the owner, the curtain wall of all exposed visual items, such as glass, sealant, profiles, strips, open hardware, etc. are required to send samples, if asked to point, Pad, etc. may send samples, sealed samples, parameters do not need you to provide
Q:what the heck is a curtain wall?
Well! Looks like Im going have to straiten things out here.. It was not an It , But a He. Sir Curtain Wall lived from 1284 to 1327, in thorn bury Eng. He was the original Renaissance man. Among his many talents and interest were, tailoring(out of necessity) and engineering. A nasty and wealthy land owner had hired Wall to do some renovations on his Castle. One of the many things he ask for was, a protected opening in the perimeter barrier. Wall devised an opening that when not in use would be covered with a curtain made of chain maille armor .The maille could be pulled aside using pull cord mechanism when ever the Sire wished to relieve him self into moat outside. This modification to castle building became popular and its use grew throughout the land. And was commonly referred to as the Curtain Wall..I hope that helps.
Q:What color is your favorite living room curtain with cream white walls?
Personally, I like to match my curtains to my wall color. This way they blend in and give the room an airier, less choppy look. If you don't like that idea then choose your favorite color from your furnishings. If the couch/chairs/ loveseat etc. are all neutral then choose a print with some of your neutral in it. Don't be afraid to mix things up: floral pillows with striped curtains in the same color scheme looks great.
Q:How do you know how to corrdinate curtains with wall color? If your walls are a med. light green?
If you know the brand & color of your paint, then the pain manufacturer should have some accent color suggestions. Then you can find a curtain in one of those colors.
Q:How do I put up curtains on a plaster wall?
First you'll have to fix the hole you made. Next, you can follow a simple three step proceedure to get the curtains up. Step 1: Get a power drill. Step 2: Drill holes for the screw. Step 3: put up the curtain. (You should follow these steps any time you need a nail or screw in a plaster wall.) Be aware that most plaster homes will have metal strips running along corners in the rooms. These are usually about an inch wide. It's best to avoid these, since deforming them (with hammers, etc) can knock off pieces of plaster.
Q:How to make: Bedroom wall fabric 'decoration' with curtains and rod?
It's a lovely idea but keep in mind that effect can visually shrink a room in a hot second. If you use fabric, I would suggest a medium/dark color (to make the walls appear to recede) - solid or VERY muted pattern. Thin curtain rods would work best, I think, and they don't require any major drilling. But you also might want to consider using a suede finish paint instead (medium-to-dark color). You can still achieve a similar boudoir look by spending that money on rich-looking drapey bedding, extra pillows, and a few throws.
Q:What color curtains go with blue couch with a green pattern. The walls are honey panel rug is neutral berber.?
Curtains don't have to be darker than the walls, I like it when they are lighter, it makes the window look airy. There are no rules like that, at least none that apply to every situation. If you don't want to match them to the carpet, then you could get blue or green to match the couch. You could find a pattern that has a natural cream background with a blue and green pattern and tie it all in together. If your couch is an ornate pattern, like floral, I would go with something simple, like stripes.

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