Aluminum Seamless Tube Alloy 2000

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Specification of aluminum tube/pipe


2A12, 2014, 2014A, 2017A, 2024, 3003, 5005, 5754, 5083, 7020, 7075 etc


O F T3-T6

Out diameter:


Wall thickness:



6000mm or as need

We can provide a full range services including: extrusion, anodizing, machining . we  produce aluminium extrusions, aluminum tube, seamless aluminum tube, aluminum bar, aluminum angle, aluminum channels, and industry profiles, in a wide range of commercial alloys, including 1050, 1200, 2A12, 2014, 2014A, 2017A, 2024, 3003, 5083, 6005A, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6063A, 6082, 6463, 7020, 7075 subject to temper requirements and product specification.  

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Q:Hello, there's a question I'd like to ask. 'I'd like an aluminum pipe bender', but it won't do '
To the hardware market, look at other people's elbow machine style reference
Q:Do their own use of aluminum tubes and aluminum TV antenna?
Do you put the word on the two Feng antenna cross to two is not the word Feng head, then use your remaining thin aluminum plate is cut into two cm wide and fifty cm long aluminum bars then bent into a rectangular five cm wide, 1 cm in the opening distance, with openings on both sides core matching after coaxial cable connected, then it will be fixed in the middle of Feng below the word of the two cross, finally across the antenna on the four directional antenna unit. I wish you success in your production.
Q:How are the copper tubes and aluminum tubes welded in the air conditioner?
Ocean University of China materials science and Engineering Research Institute senior engineer Zhao Yue said "we used 10 tons of copper, the countless times, only to find the welding creative methods contrary to the authority of the world is the real solution, this idea has created this new type air conditioning copper aluminum connecting pipe products"Zhao Yue said, known as the world problems, suitable for industrialized production technology of thin-wall copper aluminum welding, is the key technology of air conditioner connecting pipe of aluminum and copper. It is the world's problem is not exaggeration, many developed countries have studied for many years, the industry can only achieve a wall thickness of 1 mm above the welding of copper aluminum pipe but, than the thin copper aluminum pipe welding technology has been no breakthrough. "But we have to solve is, can be used for thin wall copper aluminum pipe butt welding problem of air conditioner production"
Q:What happened to the mold sticking when drawing the aluminum pipe? How do you make the mold?
Such as tensile material, material circle diameter, tensile concave convex mold with the size, size, material sticking position, whether or not to pull the thin stretch, lubricating oil type and so on, which is the hard alloy you say ah, we generally use outside processing, not only tungsten steel, pull thin shallow drawing himself with the lathe. Their hard alloy quenching, the workpiece material is easy to stick, 0.05MM does not produce sticky material, the size of R according to the general drawing coefficient depends on the material, if the material is allowed, R can be a little friction, the area is small, the workpiece pulled out a little too smooth, the temperature is not too high to die I also met sticky material problems, 0.5MM aluminum plate, 7 points pulled into a pen inside the ink tube, which is always a sticky material, later changed the way the size of the die,
Q:Is the Haier refrigerator a copper tube or an aluminum tube?
Stop use, at the junction of aluminum paste and easier to justify, often place the refrigerator for a winter, it is for this reason that the refrigerant leakage!
Q:Can aluminum tube and stainless steel pipe be welded directly?
Can be directly welded, the high quality requirements can be considered by using MG460F welding, flux cored wire, if the demand is not high, you can consider the use of MG400 welding electrode, the cost is relatively low, but can not be repeated for welding, easy to crack.
Q:Which tubs are heated by aluminium tubes? The plastic feels unsafe
Plastic pipe heating at high temperature, it is prone to explosion, security is not high. Have you heard it is not SOFO Soffer, aluminum heating, very good security.
Q:How can the hose of the air conditioner be tightly connected with the aluminum tube?
Put the aluminum tube in and secure it with the clips
Q:The evaporating pipe of the refrigerator, except the copper tube, is good for the aluminum pipe and the iron pipe, too. 10
The evaporating pipe of the refrigerator, except the copper tube, is good for the aluminum pipe, and the iron pipe is easy to rust.1, now the refrigerator tube is the use of aluminum tube or Bondi tube (Bondi tube, that is galvanized steel pipe, in fact, iron pipe, iron pipe above the paint once lost, it is easy to rust)2, aluminum pipe than iron pipe relative corrosion, iron pipe is not corrosion resistance, so suggest the choice of aluminum pipe.3, in fact, the best or copper pipe, but now there is no factory production, mainly cost.This material can be seen, usually screen tube, that is, Bondi tube (Tie Guan), is plate like, that is, aluminum. Under normal circumstances can use 10 years, this is tested, while others are in the middle may be bad.
Q:Vanward gas 6B water heater is a copper tube or aluminum tube?
Vanward gas water heater 6B practical model is JSD12-6B, is the flue type water heater, but also the state does not allow the use of gas water heater (as well as part of the rental housing in use, the reason is cheap, this is the old product), the Vanward factory has long been discontinued. The gas water heater began to use the oxygen free copper water tank in recent years, so the Vanward gas water heater is made of aluminum alloy water tank, not copper.

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