Aluminum seamed tube

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We are the largest aluminum profilemanufacture in China which specializing in industry aluminum profile. If you need some products,please feel free to send us the drawings or samples, we will supply you the good qualitywith best price, and we will serve you all the time.

Provide full size of seamed tubes:


Wall thickness:1mm-44mm


Alloy  Aluminum 6063,6061,6005,6082 or customer nominated


T3, T4, T5, T6 and other


Anodize,  electrophoresis, powder coating, PVDF coating, wood grain painting, etc.


Any  colour based on Standard Germany RAL Mark


Not  more than 16 meters

Good Package

Inner plastic film /outside carton/wooden  pallets

Payment Method

T/T, L/C, etc

Delivery Time

Normally 2-4 weeks, Delivery time can be consulted.

Press  Machine

500-12500  tons all together 93 press lines.


1. Furniture 2. Drilling; 3. Bending; 4. Cutting; 5. etc.




1.  Using our dies, no fee;

2.  Using customer drawing, opening dies, usually about 5~50 tons then the dies  cost can be refunded.

3.  Die cost is negotiable base on the order quantity


Annual  output 800,000 tons

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Q:Will the size of the aluminum tube become smaller after oxidation?
In the process of oxidation, there is a change in size.
Q:What happened to the mold sticking when drawing the aluminum pipe? How do you make the mold?
1. apply mold release agent on the mold.2. the necessary taper shall be taken into account in the design of the die.3. punch opening and exhaust hole.4. charging and discharging device.5. improve the mold finish.6. mold surface treatment of titanium.The main purpose of the mold surface treatment is to improve the surface hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, etc., so as to improve the quality of mold products, and extend the service life of the die. Reasonable application of surface treatment technology to obtain high precision mold surface is the necessary condition of high precision and good surface quality products. The cost of the surface strengthening process is lower, but the service life of the die can be improved by 5~10 times or even several times, and the economic benefits are obvious.According to the present application status of China's mold surface treatment technology, I published by the user survey found that, at present, surface treatment technology of mold manufacturing enterprises mainly used or in surface hardening, carburizing / traditional nitrogen technology, electroplating and chemical plating technology, and these technologies have varying degrees of surface hardness distribution all the heat treatment deformation and other aspects of the problem difficult to solve. For the future technological transformation, the common concern is the application of new technologies, such as surface coating technology, TD coating treatment technology, laser surface strengthening technology and electron beam strengthening technology. Below we specially invited several industry technical experts, respectively, the user's attention to these deep into the discussion, and hope to benefit the general mold enterprise technical upgrading.
Q:How can the air conditioning aluminum pipe be welded?
Air conditioning tubes can use oxygen or gas welding, aluminum welding wire with low temperature, the low temperature aluminum wire 4047 Al Si wire 580 degrees temperature, the welding auxiliary welding powder welding, there is a 430 degree temperature WEWELDING Q303 welding wire.
Q:Do you use seamless pipes or aluminium tubes for cold storage?
Seamless steel tubes are better than aluminium tubes, and it is recommended to use stainless steel tubes with specifications of 296 or more. The aluminum tubes will be exposed to damp air for 304 years and will oxidize and corrode.
Q:How to repair the surface defects of aluminum pipe
Method: to hand percussion pits with oxyacetylene flame annealing, after cooling, use hand hammer into the aluminum oblate tube, estimated knocking position try to knock, knock point and observe from the outside, adjusted and confirmed the knock point after the afterburner struck, until the elimination of pits. If it is difficult to strike in the middle, it is expected to be hardened by metal hammering. It must be reheated and annealed again, and then continue after cooling. The method is generally applicable to the repair of the larger diameter aluminum tube and the hand length of the pit. Not suitable for trimming of flattening defects
Q:Is the air conditioner aluminum tube or copper tube?
Copper, of course. Copper has shrinkage, ductility, and high prices
Q:Aluminum tube material
Aluminum tube is a kind of nonferrous metal pipe, which is made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy and is extruded into a hollow metal tube with longitudinal length. English Name: alumin (I) um tube; alumin (I) um pipe may have one or more closed vias,
Q:Brass or aluminium tube for internal and external air conditioner?
Some manufacturers for the cost on the tubes, each also has been used before, Rui tubes, not how many years
Q:Where can I make aluminum pipe?
If you need help, you can find me, I this is the SWA
Q:How can aluminum tubes be processed into circles? Five
Rounding machine ah ~ no words can help me you do! I have several sets of rolling machine! The pipe is well made! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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