aluminum rolling shutter door and window with remote control

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Product Description:


1. Description for Aluminum window


Window Type

Aluminium window

Type Option

Sliding, Casement, Fixed, Arch, Tilt&Turn, Awning, Folding, Louver, Circle and etc


As you request (Usually white color)


As you request

Frame Material

China brand Aluminum profile with 1.6mm thickness for door and 2.0mm thickness for window

Aluminum Option

Normal aluminum profile, Thermal-Break aluminum profile

Glass Option

Clear glass, Laminated glass, Tinted glass, Low-E glass, Frosted glass, all tempered glass

Single glass: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and etc

Double glass: 5+9A+5mm, 5+12A+5mm, 6+12A+6mm and etc

Triple glass: 6+9A+6+9A+6mm and etc


China famous brand (KINLONG) / German TOP brand (ROTO, SIEGENIA)

Mosquito Screen

Metal and Nylon material for option

Opening Method

Inwards or Outwards, right or left hand opening as your requested

Roller shutter


Surface Treatment

Power coating, anodizing, electrophoresis coating


Iron pallet to support and film outside for protection

Payment Term

T/T in advance, Western Union, Cash

Delivery time

15~45days after received customer's deposit, balance before loading container


Excellent weather resistance / excellent heat insulation and energy saving / excellent water resistance / excellent sound proofing / corrosion resistance / excellent fire proofing / attractive appearance / environmentally friendly / durable performance / easy to clean=low maintenance


Above 50years

Scope of Application

Apply to commercial houses, hotels, villas, office buildings, prefabricated houses and etc


2. Photo for Aluminum window  


Aluminum window and door with roller shutter and mosquito net Aluminum window and door with roller shutter and mosquito net


Other window series:

Aluminum window and door with roller shutter and mosquito net 


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Q:Inside and outside the role of the windowsill are what
The role of the outer window can be kind of flowers, the role of the windowsill is put some pieces of broken things.
Q:General room window size how much
Standard window is 1.5 m * 1.5 m, is 2.25 square
Q:What kind of plants are there on the windowsill?
According to scientific experiments, a pot of flowers at night due to respiratory effects of consumption of carbon in the body is only 0.1 grams, then the ten pots of flowers released by the total amount of carbon dioxide, but also tantamount to smoke a cigarette produced by carbon dioxide, Poor ventilation in the bedroom, air turbidity and other phenomena caused by the unhappy people and mind, and aquaculture is completely irrelevant. Say, some flowers, such as jasmine, rose, night incense and so on, day and night can release volatile essential oils and negative ions, there is the role of fresh air, so that the bedroom often keep the air clean, contains aromatic Qinren heart, can be excited Spirit, eliminate fatigue. Some flowers can also treat such as mental depression, neurasthenia and other chronic diseases. And the incense of the flowers, and the role of mosquitoes. In addition to absorbing sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, chlorine and other harmful gases, but also secrete the bacteria to kill bacteria, reduce colds, typhoid, throat inflammation and other infectious diseases, the occurrence of infectious diseases, The health of the human body is great.   Of course, in the bedroom to raise flowers, should keep the basin of soil clean, fertilizer to deep practice, not without the decomposition of organic fertilizer, timely removal of dead flowers. In this way, the bedroom is not good for the flowers, people do not have to worry about, in addition to the plant bath mist and other reasons, the night do not have to move the pots outdoors, obviously this reason, you can rest assured that in the bedroom Breeding flowers. Water bamboo, geranium, chlorophytum, pocket coconut, green radish, white crane taro (smooth sailing), Clivia and other plants can absorb toxic chemicals
Q:Broken bridge aluminum performance Competition
Plastic doors and windows because of the material strength and low rigidity, and its resistance to wind pressure and watertight function than the bridge aluminum doors and windows are low, many steel doors and windows because the box, fan components are welded, so its air tightness should be broken than the screw Bridge aluminum doors and windows slightly better, but the aluminum alloy doors and windows profile height accuracy, box, fan with more closely. Plastic doors and windows of the lighting function than the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows difference, the frame fan shade area than aluminum alloy doors and windows about 10%, vision and decorative effect is poor, is not conducive to building energy saving. On the doors and windows of the fire function: steel doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows are relatively good, plastic doors and windows and wooden doors and windows are relatively poor. Moreover, because the steel-steel doors and windows of the lining steel is not in its profile cavity corner into a complete frame system, window frame, fan four corners and T-shaped plastic welding angle strength is relatively low. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and steel doors and windows of the gap sealing level is basically the same, the sound insulation is basically the same.
Q:What is the insulation of the bridge aluminum windows and doors?
This window will be aluminum, plastic two kinds of advantages of the window in one, to remove their own shortcomings, so as to become the ideal choice for users. This window is currently priced at 360-400 yuan / square meters, although slightly higher than the current market, ordinary aluminum, plastic sliding window, but the comprehensive use of this window is much better than ordinary aluminum, plastic composite windows, and even Than the double-layer aluminum sliding window effect is good, with a high price, from this sense, spend more than thirty-five yuan is worth it, and the use of this window can save heating costs and air conditioning electricity up to 50% Of the energy costs enough to make up for the previous investment.
Q:Winter windowsill will be moldy around ah, the window is always dripping, would like to ask you when the windows are how to handle the decoration?
Now the steel, aluminum windows have drains, sash of water droplets to the drain, through the holes to lay out the hole.
Q:Bedroom skylight windowsill special narrow on a small side of about 3 cm decoration should be how to deal with
Can be decorated with marble, or solid wood lines can be. These two materials is 30mm is also better cut. With latex paint dust will not clean up.
Q:Whether the windowsill is made of natural marble or artificial marble
A few days ago just tangled end, and finally chose the marble. Online is nothing more than the marble has radiation, but now the marble for the import of stone, radiation are in line with national standards, not too much problem, the window stone is not much area. Artificial stone afraid of high temperature, easy to deformation, think about the last or give up.
Q:The thickness of the marble window?
The general window is done in the vertical plane of the wall, if the window protruding to the wall outside, it became a floating window. Now the popular bay window can generally be divided into two forms, the first is with a step, the other is landing. Bay window can not only increase the type of lighting and ventilation and other functions, but also to the commercial facade to add architectural charm. It is based on this, the calculation of the floating window area, it has become one of the hot spots of concern to the owners. According to the function, bay window can be divided into multi-functional leisure (semi-circular lounge area, temporary room) and practical desk type.
Q:Is the window stone and the door stone necessary to install it?
The door stone depends on the circumstances, if your home bathroom floor than the outside low, you can not install. Sill stone is a beautiful, the most important is the windowsill more dust, with a better cleaning of marble. If there is a window can not install windowsill stone. Door sets and window covers are now more popular custom, because now is the installation of the door, then the same beautiful window sets and doors using the same materials and colors, and asked the carpentry door and window to brush paint, a home paint, Not environmentally friendly, two now very high cost of paint workers, the actual you do the carpentry work will not be cheaper than to buy finished goods.

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