Aluminum Road Stud Reflective Material PMMA

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Specification of Aluminum Road Studs:

Material : Cast aluminum

Reflective Material: PMMA 

Color : White/Yellow/Red etc.

Reflective Panel Style: double/single side

Size : 100*100*20mm


- The material is of high strength aluminum alloy. 
- The compressive strength ≥16 tons

- Good ability of reflection: the reflector creates an effect of diamond, it is so attractive under the lights that the drive can feel the reflection at 150-200m far away. So it is useful for driving in the night.

- Good heat-resistant: be used in temperature range -40 to +60

- Corrosion resistance : water- resistant, oil- resistant, chemical material resistant.

-BBeautification: bright color and rational design, and diamond reflection make it attractive to people, and make the road more bright and the city more beautiful

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Q:Screw spike anchorage with sulphur level how much?
Screw spike with sulfur cement mortar anchor, cement sand slurry of sulfur by sulfur, cement, sand, wax and prepared according to the following provisions of the weight range of mix proportion is determined by the experiments of various materials and dosage: sulfur: cement: Sand: paraffin =1: (0.3 ~ 0.6): (1 ~ 1.5): (0.01 ~ 0.03)
Q:Ask urgently: a party forming spike?
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Q:What are the types of spike
According to function, can be divided into:A common spike;Two, solar spike,Three, cable tunnel spike;Four, wireless spike.According to the number of reflectors can be divided into:Single and double spike spike.
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ABS plastic, reflective wafersSpike characteristics of plastic:1. made of modified reinforced engineering plastics and glass fiber, injection molding, compression of more than 16 tonsThe 2. sides of the shell are provided with a handle position, so that when the worker is installed, the shell is held and the dirty reflector is not taken out3. spike bottom special lines design, glue bonding, firm connection, and the stability of the ground.4., resistance to salt alkali corrosion, wind and sand abrasion resistanceThe 5. reflector has good performance, and the reflector is a micro prism full reflection reflector. The brightness of the reflector is up to diamond level6. firm and reliable, durable7. through the Ministry of communications certification, in line with GB JT/T 390 ----1999, can be used on various roads8. installed in the center line, the line is OK
Q:The installation method of the reflective spike
Plastic reflective spike installation methodI. safety protectionRoad cones, construction diversion brand 2 sets, baton, reflective clothing each one. Before departure, everyone must wear reflective clothing, to the construction site must be put in good construction plate and road cone. (workers should do: no joke, no slapstick, follow the command, 6 hours before the road can not drink), each team with 2-4 security guards.
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