Aluminum Road Stud Reflective Material PMMA

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Product Description:

Specification of Aluminum Road Studs:

Material : Cast aluminum

Reflective Material: PMMA 

Color : White/Yellow/Red etc.

Reflective Panel Style: double/single side

Size : 100*100*20mm


- The material is of high strength aluminum alloy. 
- The compressive strength ≥16 tons

- Good ability of reflection: the reflector creates an effect of diamond, it is so attractive under the lights that the drive can feel the reflection at 150-200m far away. So it is useful for driving in the night.

- Good heat-resistant: be used in temperature range -40 to +60

- Corrosion resistance : water- resistant, oil- resistant, chemical material resistant.

-BBeautification: bright color and rational design, and diamond reflection make it attractive to people, and make the road more bright and the city more beautiful

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Q:Why do some with reflector for solar spike is not actually reflective?
The core is the authentic reflection of electroforming needle electroforming on the motherboard, the accuracy is very high, the reflective mold cost
Q:What are the eight evils spike
3.: back along the rail direction visually, spike cap is tilted backwards.4.: the vertical crooked rail direction visual spike, the nail rod is tilted to the left direction.5. oblique: the nail bar has only one edge and the rail bottom edge is attached.
Q:The traffic in the dark reflective spike indicating what
English Name: road stud, with spike and spike points of railway highway. We say that the spike is mainly refers to the road of the spike. Also known as protuberant landmarks
Q:What is the difference between solar lights and solar spike spike
Today we are going to talk about the design concept in the solar spike for ordinary spike improvement, the increase of the LED lamp set, compared to the conventional spike, the characteristic of active luminescence, can better indicate the direction in the dark, the conventional spike generally adopts the reflective mode, the reflective brightness is generally not more than 500cmd, because most of the domestic light abrasive requirements not up to international standards, the actual reflective brightness most likely not up to this value, and the auxiliary solar spike through the LED lamp can achieve effective lighting 2000+cmd value is four to five times of the former.
Q:Figure a is shown is a schematic diagram of the use of spike spike in railway construction to pry pry. Please draw the power of F1 arm L1 in the figure
According to the analysis of labor-saving pulley block of the hanging sections of movable pulley rope determines its effort, so the easiest to start when the driven pulley connection, and also note the final direction of pull.
Q:The reflective spike on the road is what plastic materials
Products: plastic flat road signs, spike is also called spike. Is fixed on the pavement on the protruding block marking function, can be used to mark the center line, lane line, edge line on the highway or other roads; can also be used to mark the corners, ramp, diversion line, narrow roads, road obstacles and dangerous road.
Q:The common spike spike,We see the plastic aluminum spike, spike, spike ceramic
3, ceramic spikeMaterial for cement, ceramic, circular, early application of more, transport process is fragile, generally not recommended.4, glass alley nailMaterial for glass, early application more, construction and installation more difficult, less basic application. It is generally not recommended.5, reflective spike beadsThe reflector is 21 or 43 high brightness reflective beads. The manufacturer is represented by china.6, railspikeIt is divided into two kinds of spike and spike hand mechanism. The manual spike is a hand crafted, uneven size, but the price is low, the general per ton shipment. The mechanism of spike by machine manufacturing through forging, heat treatment, a process such as silk producing, regardless of shape and size and availability are the best choice, but the price is slightly higher, according to a shipment.
Q:Two test subjects on both sides of the road and what is the use of the spike
Whether the carriage is in place is the key to the examination of the subject two, if there are some obvious markers around the examination room
Q:(1) Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the use of spike prizing, please draw the diagram in the figure of the labor force, and make the corresponding arm.
(1) connecting the OA is the longest power arm. According to the balance of the lever, the lever should balance the power direction downwards, so that the smallest power can be drawn. As shown in the following figure:
Q:The garage with a rectangular outline mark or reflective spike good
Contour standard spike installation installed on the facade to the ground, two combined with the best

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