Aluminum profile for light box- AA6060

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Product Description:

Product Description:

1 Specifications of Aluminum Profiles 6063-T5

Alloy Number

6063  6061  6060 and different aluminium alloy


T4  T5  T6 or other special status

Surface available

Mill finish, Anodized, Powder Coating, Wooden transfering, electrophoresis, heat insulation, PVDF, and deep processing







Special Specification is available on customer’s requirement

2 Usage/Applications of Aluminum Profiles 6063-T5

Aluminium Profiles are widely used in construction(windows & doors,curtain wall), decoration ( flooring and tiling, kitchen) and industry ( heat sink ).

CNBM produces aluminum profiles which meets the national standard GB5237.1-2008. Our strong quality control term bring you the most-qualified products. And with state-of-the-art equipment, and the state owned company background, we have to say, you will understand why there are so many company choose CNBM to be their supplier.

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Q:Is GREE a brass tube or an aluminum tube?
Air conditioning heat exchange tube is the use of pure copper is not soft aluminum tubes could not resist exposure and alternating hot and cold days and months multiplying each business even in order to reduce the cost is not used because of the short service life of aluminum tubes and easy deformation of the head down business costs high maintenance rate is lost in their own businesses after all is said and done. Copper is only copper content more with less
Q:AUX air conditioning in the case we do not know the use of aluminum pipe,
You only have to spend this money, or who help you install.
Q:Is the tube of LED lamp all plastic tube well or half plastic half aluminium tube?
The plastic tube is mainly made of non isolated power supply. In order to avoid electric shock, plastic tube is adopted. Which is used with Phi 5 straw hat tube LED. The biggest problem is the heat problem, because the heat all sealed in the tube, unable to escape, life is very serious, coupled with the straw tube had life is very short, less than 2000 hours on the bad.Semi plastic half aluminum LED fluorescent lamps sold on the market are basically the half PC Aluminum Alloy, in the half light of the use of plastic in need not pervious to light and need the half cooling on the use of Aluminum Alloy. The power is placed in the aluminum tube, so that the amount of heat generated by the LED plus the heat output of the power supply is quite large, because the power of the lamp is usually around 20W. If the power is bigger, half of the aluminum tube can not solve its heat dissipation problem.LED is English light emitting diode (light emitting diode) abbreviation, its basic structure is a electroluminescent semiconductor chip light emitting materials, with silver glue or glue curing to the bracket, connecting a chip and a circuit board and then with silver or gold, then sealed with epoxy resin around, to protect the internal core role finally, the installation shell, so the seismic performance of LED lamp is good. Field of application involves mobile phones, desk lamps, household appliances and other daily household electrical appliances and machinery production.
Q:How to repair the surface defects of aluminum pipe
Method: to hand percussion pits with oxyacetylene flame annealing, after cooling, use hand hammer into the aluminum oblate tube, estimated knocking position try to knock, knock point and observe from the outside, adjusted and confirmed the knock point after the afterburner struck, until the elimination of pits. If it is difficult to strike in the middle, it is expected to be hardened by metal hammering. It must be reheated and annealed again, and then continue after cooling. The method is generally applicable to the repair of the larger diameter aluminum tube and the hand length of the pit. Not suitable for trimming of flattening defects
Q:Does the air conditioner have a good copper tube or an aluminum tube?
Copper, of course. Copper has shrinkage, ductility, and high prices
Q:1100 aluminum tube and 6063 material aluminum tube close, 5?
Moreover, different alloy compositions, its mechanical performance is also a great difference, the 1 lines are not Aluminum Alloy heat treatment, 6 belong to the Aluminum Alloy heat treatment, the user must according to the product performance, and the Aluminum Alloy grades reasonable.
Q:What is the aluminum soft on the automobile engine? What role does it play?
To prevent the wear of aluminum tubes, you can see that the aluminum tubes wrapped in cotton are very close to other things
Q:What are the benefits of an aluminum tube cigar?
The best start glass tube, sealed to preserve the original flavor
Q:What are the requirements of aluminum tube cold bending on hardness? Five
6063, aluminum tube plasticity is very good, if you want to bend, it is recommended to return the fire, reduce the hardness, bending after quenching, bend pipe bend can be.
Q:How to obtain hollow aluminum tubes such as drawings by rolling?
Use mould to be able to do, do not know size, thickness, cannot decide what craft!

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