aluminum profile doors and windows

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Product Description:

  • Wholesale aluminum doors and windows

  • Main materialaluminium alloy +glass +hardware

    1  Construction: Thermal Break or Non-Thermal Break,Automatic or Manual

    2   Thickness: 1.2-2.5mm, usually 1.2-2.0mm thick for windows,1.6-2.5mm thick for doors


    1  Type:Tempered glazing, Laminated Glass LOW-E Glass Hollow Glass  etc.

    2  Thickness:Single 6mm, Double 5/6/6F+6A/9A+5 etc

    HardwareHigh quantity made in China/ Germany/our standard hardware use Germany Siegenia and Noto brand . Customers' stipulated brands are available.
    Frame thickness
    Applicable placeSchools, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings and Government Buildings,Family,sunroom bathroom,ETC.


    Aluminum profile with its light weight, strong, good rigidity, high plasticity, the advantages of environmental protection, etc, since the 1980 s, 30 years of development, in the Windows and doors market share has exceeded 55%, far more than plastic, steel and wood doors and Windows, development speed so fast. So what's the specific advantages of aluminum alloy doors and Windows?


  • Good stiffness, high strength, strong and durable

  • Convenient use and maintenance. Aluminum alloy doors and Windows do not rust, do not fade, do not need paint surface, less maintenance costs

  • Colour and lustre is beautiful, Aluminium alloy door window frame profile (surface oxidation coloring material processing)

  • Sealed performance is good. Air tightness, water tightness and sound insulation sex good, good insulation

  • Quality of light. Aluminum alloy doors and Windows material province, the quality of light

  • Processing is convenient, easy to industrialization production



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Q:Aluminum door frames and walls must be left between the joints?
Did you mean that you first grind the wall? If it is according to national standards: between the box and the wall must stay 5 mm seam. But the national standard is the minimum standard, Party is the highest standard. Treatment is a total of 6 mm on both sides of the seam, marked with styrofoam can be.
Q:What brand of bike is locked
There are three types of bicycle lock. Four locks: the most expensive, anti-hydraulic shear is relatively strong, very few to sell. U-type lock: the price mid-range, anti-hydraulic shear good, easy to carry. Chain: the price is right, anti-hydraulic shear is a bit poor, can be locked with other cars or fixtures.
Q:When the curtain is running, the hook will shake
Electric rail ` needs a retractable motor connected with a power supply plate there is a ` ` ` ` ` ` `
Q:Three-state output circuit is what does not mean to understand
Is a high level, low level and high impedance three output state of the gate circuit, also known as three-state gate output circuit. In the solid state machine board circuit, "I / O" board circuit, in addition to the above several combination of gate circuits, three-state gate circuit is also essential.
Q:Helping the home of the newly installed broken bridge aluminum windows leak causes
1, due to the adjacent windows and doors of the building wall itself is flawed, resulting in the rain under the action of wind load through the wall directly into the room, especially in the external wall for the paste when the phenomenon is more common, because the gap between the brick often Fine cracks exist. This phenomenon due to seepage parts close to the doors and windows are often mistaken for doors and windows leaking. 2, the filling material is not filled with the gap between the door frame and the wall, forming a gap phenomenon or cracks. 3, fixed door frame adjustment pad left in the door and window frame, or no longer after the second filling. 4, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and the gap between the wall, failed to fill the required qualified materials, such as waterproof cement mortar label is not right or match failed. 5, the size of the wall hole does not meet the design requirements, resulting in the size of the doors and windows and the gap between the wall more than the required range, too small gaps can not fill the material, too large gap to make the doors and windows difficult to fix and filling is not easy to produce cracks The 6, doors and windows and the hole of the fixed connection is not strong, so that the doors and windows under the action of the wind load to make the sealing material cracks. 7, after the installation of doors and windows are not in the doors and windows outside the connection with the wall parts of the seal, or seal failure.
Q:New roof leaking on Cape Cod style home. Leaked in living room from high hats and around casement window.?
Like Tex person said, whoever did the work installing your new roof did not do it right. You can keep trying to get the company to fix it or If I were in your position, I would find a good lawyer. I have been doing roofing work for a long time and it sounds like to me that they did not put the flashing on properly. The only way to tell for sure is to tear off parts of the roof for inspection. I would demand that they take all the shingles off and start over WITH SOMEONE THAT KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING !! All of this should be at their expense, you have already paid for the roof, now it is their responsibility to get it right and not to just patch a little here and there. Flashing around any thing that protrudes up from the roof is where at least 99% of leaks come from and if not done correctly, it is almost impossible to fix by patching.
Q:The metal net is arranged at the junction of the wall plastering, the frame column, the beam and the wall,
Works as well as plaster. The amount of work is also included in the wall plastering list.
Q:Blood in the rivers and lakes in the door there are what the stone can be closed up?
The door and the stone is completely not go up to buy a good property you want the kind of cloak and then go to 63 or God 5 King there to the cloak and the door of a cloak on the property on the transfer to the door on the cloak also disappeared
Q:I QQ password forgotten, secret security phone and equipment lock is not the same phone number, now QQ board is not on,
I can help you solve, see my nickname - said the number is my pain, Xun number
Q:How to remove automatic garage door opener?
relies upon on what type of springs you have. in case you have rigidity springs (the long, stretchy, style) the door will function whether that is going to attempt to curve interior the tracks, ultimately jamming the door. in case you have torsion springs (the rolled up style) that is yet another problem. doorways with 2 torsion springs will function commonly with in easy terms one spring however the 2nd is there as a backup. If the springs are previous, the only ultimate working spring would destroy under the recent weight. i might get it fixed if it grew to become into mine. you may replace the rigidity springs relatively actual yet whilst they're torsion springs i might have a expert do it.

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