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The layer: single、double、multilayer

The thickness of the insulating layer:Conventional plate

Flame retardant properties:VO plate

Base material:FR4

Insulation materials: Organic resin

The processing technology: Electrolyticfoil

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Q:Do PCB circuit board which plate
FR-4:1) flame retardant copper clad epoxy E glass cloth laminate and adhesive sheet material thereof. Detail specification for IPC4101 number is 21; Tg = 100 DEG C; 2) flame retardant copper clad modified or unmodified epoxy E glass cloth laminate and adhesive sheet material. IPC4101 detailed specification number 24; Tg 150 DEG C ~200 c;
Q:Circuit board plant classification
Single sided printed circuit graphics we call single-sided printed circuit board, double-sided printed circuit graphics, and then through the hole of the two sides of the metal interconnect printed circuit board, we call it double sided board.
Q:Several kinds of circuit boards
General printed board substrate materials can be divided into two categories: rigid substrate materials and flexible substrate materials.
Q:Circuit board PCB according to the material can be divided into several? Where are they used?
Before the three commonly applied to high performance electronic insulation requirements of products, such as FPC PCB drilling plate reinforcement plate, glass fiber, carbon film potentiometer meson, printing glass fiber board, precision planetary gear (wafer), precision test sheet, electrical equipment (Electrical) insulation insulation plate, strip baffle, transformer insulation board motor, insulation parts, gear grinding, electronic switch insulation board.
Q:What is circuit board
The circuit board is mainly composed of the pad, the hole, the mounting hole, the wire, the components, the connector, the filling, the electrical boundary and so on
Q:What is a circuit board milling machine? And numerical control which is easier?
High end is carving milling machine, and now there is a specialized drilling and tapping machine, the system can be regarded as a real cnc.
Q:How to enlarge the size of the existing PCB board?
It is impossible to enlarge the size of the existing PCB board. However, the pure amplification of PCB is still possible, because the components are not enlarged, so the PCB board needs to re wiring. Just change the size of the wiring layer.
Q:Structure of flexible circuit board
General substrate + transparent adhesive + copper foil is the first process of making holes. First in the base material and copper foil drilling, cleaning after plating on a certain thickness of copper, the hole is done. The production process is almost the same as that of a single plate. The structure of the double sided board: both sides of the two sides of the board, mainly used to connect with other circuit boards. Although it is similar to the single plate structure, the manufacturing process is very different. Its raw materials are copper foil, protective film + transparent adhesive. First, according to the requirements of the position of the pad on the protective film on the hole, and then put on the copper foil, the corrosion of the pad and the lead and then paste another hole drilled protective film can be.
Q:Why does the FPC circuit board have positive and negative layers?
The general circuit layer is a positive layer and the power layer is a negative layer. The negative layer is used to store and edit the data in a smaller space.
Q:What are the circuit board display devices?
The circuit board is mainly composed of the pad, the hole, the mounting hole, the wire, the components, the connector, the filling, the electrical boundary and so on.

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