Aluminum PCB

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The layer: single、double、multilayer

The thickness of the insulating layer:Conventional plate

Flame retardant properties:VO plate

Base material:FR4

Insulation materials: Organic resin

The processing technology: Electrolyticfoil

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Q:Why do you need UL certification?
Products into the United States, customs and also to carry out UL security certification inspection.
Q:The difference between soft PCB and rigid PCB
Soft PCB, like rigid PCB, has a terminal pad, which eliminates the wire stripping and lining, thereby saving the cost. The terminal pad and the components and devices, plug connection, welding or soldering can be used to replace each wire soldering.
Q:What are the temperature requirements for the storage of the storage of a flexible circuit board or circuit board?
Electronic circuit board product storage, general requirements: single box storage; to have anti-static and moisture-proof measures; the single box can not be too high according to packing storage.
Q:What's the difference between PCB and FPC?
In a broad sense, PCB includes FPC.
Q:What is the difference between a drill and a two drill in the PCB type?
The two hole is a hole that does not need to be sunk, such as a screw hole, a positioning hole, a heat sink, etc.
Q:Why don't you get rid of PCB hard PCB?
Design factors: the need for the use of plug-in components of the PCB, can only use the rigid plate, what you say and there are a lot of stress; the PCB, can only use the rigid plate
Q:FPC circuit board and PCB circuit board which is good
Mainly used as electronic components of the conduction volume relative to the PCB is small, the corresponding space is small, but the price is expensive. Above is my understanding of the board, I hope to help you.
Q:Do PCB circuit board which plate
4) flame retardant copper clad modified or unmodified epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet and adhesive sheet material. IPC4101 detailed specification number 26; Tg 170 DEG C ~220 c;
Q:What kind of circuit board
The main categories are metal substrates and non-metallic substrates
Q:What is the meaning of flexible circuit boards and rigid circuit boards?
Printed circuit board can be divided into rigid printed board and flexible printed board.

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