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Rigid PCB
1. Low cost, Minimum cost for 3 prototypes PCB is $80 only.
2. Short lead time.
3. PCB RoHS compliant.
4. OEM

Details for your check:



Board Material

FR4, CEM-1,CEM-3

Board Thickness



D≤ 0.075mm (Double Side)  D≤ 1% (Multilayer)

Impendence Tolerance


PTH Tolerance


D>5.0  ±0.076mm  

0.3<D≤5.0  ±0.05mm

D≤0.3   ±0.08mm

Min. Finished Hole Size


Hole Copper Thickness


Min.Track Width


Min.Track Spacing


Profile Size Tolerance



Milling, Moulding, V-cut,Chanfer


HASL, Lead Free HASL, Enig/Immersion Gold, OSP

Solder Mask Color

Green, Blue, Black, White, Red


Block, BGA, Peelable, Carbon ink

Legend Color


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Q:What is the tolerance range of the size of the copper foil of the PCB board?
The specification of the substrate thickness and deviation is divided into A/K (commonly known as 1), B/L (commonly known as grade 2), C/M (commonly known as the 3 level), D. The thickness of A, B, C level is the thickness of the clad metal foil, the thickness of K, L and M is the thickness of the metal foil after the laminate, and the D level is used to measure the minimum thickness of the substrate.
Q:Circuit board plant classification
It is used by the base paper (used in single) or glass cloth (commonly used in double-sided and multilayer prepreg), phenolic or epoxy resin, the surface of one or both sides stuck on copper clad laminated and solidified into the book again. This kind of PCB, circuit board cover copper sheet, we call it rigid plate. Then printed PCB, circuit board, we call it a rigid printed PCB, circuit board.
Q:What is the difference between rigid and flexible printed circuit board designs?
When the soft PCB is connected, the wiring can be reduced on the three planes of X, Y and Z, so that the switching interconnection is reduced, and the reliability of the whole system is increased.
Q:Why don't you get rid of PCB hard PCB?
Manufacturing factors: the rigidity of the plate is higher than the flexible plate
Q:What are some of the PCB substrate materials? How to classify?
General printed circuit board substrate materials can be divided into two categories: rigid substrate material and flexible substrate material. General rigid substrate material is an important variety of copper clad laminate. It is used for reinforcing material (Reinforeing Material), impregnated with resin adhesive by drying, cutting, laminating blank, and then covered with copper foil, as die steel, in the hot press with high temperature and high pressure forming process and made. Generally used in the semi - thick plate, is the copper clad plate in the production process of semi-finished products (mostly glass cloth impregnated with resin, after drying).
Q:What is circuit board
The circuit board is mainly composed of the pad, the hole, the mounting hole, the wire, the components, the connector, the filling, the electrical boundary and so on.
Q:What is the meaning of flexible circuit boards and rigid circuit boards?
FPC is widely used in electronics, communications, aerospace and home appliances and other industries.
Q:Structure of flexible circuit board
In accordance with the number of layers of copper foil, divided into single board, double layer board, multilayer board, double-sided board, etc.. The structure of the single layer board: the structure of the flexible plate is the most simple structure of the flexible plate. Usually substrate + transparent glue + copper foil is a set of raw materials to buy, protective film + transparent plastic is another kind of raw materials to buy. First of all, copper foil etching process to get the required circuit, the protective film to be drilled to expose the corresponding pad.
Q:What are the materials of electronic circuit board?
According to the classification of CCL flame retardant performance, can be divided into flame retardant (UL94 a VO, UL94 a V1 class) and non flame retardant (UL94 a HB) two kinds of board. In the past one or two years, with the more attention to the environmental protection problem, a new kind of bromine free CCL variety, which is a new type of flame retardant CCL, can be called "green flame retardant cCL". With the rapid development of electronic technology, cCL has higher performance requirements. Therefore, from the performance of the CCL classification, is divided into the general performance of CCL, low dielectric constant CCL, high heat resistance of the CCL (general board of L above 150 degrees Celsius), low thermal expansion coefficient of CCL (commonly used for packaging substrate) and other types.
Q:How much is the warpage of the circuit board, and how to detect the warpage of the FPC?
According to the United States IPC-6012 (1996 edition) rigid printed board identification and performance specification, flexible circuit board for surface mount printed board to allow maximum warpage and distortion of 0.75%, the other various boards allow for the use of 1.5%.

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