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Rigid PCB
1. Low cost, Minimum cost for 3 prototypes PCB is $80 only.
2. Short lead time.
3. PCB RoHS compliant.
4. OEM

Details for your check:



Board Material

FR4, CEM-1,CEM-3

Board Thickness



D≤ 0.075mm (Double Side)  D≤ 1% (Multilayer)

Impendence Tolerance


PTH Tolerance


D>5.0  ±0.076mm  

0.3<D≤5.0  ±0.05mm

D≤0.3   ±0.08mm

Min. Finished Hole Size


Hole Copper Thickness


Min.Track Width


Min.Track Spacing


Profile Size Tolerance



Milling, Moulding, V-cut,Chanfer


HASL, Lead Free HASL, Enig/Immersion Gold, OSP

Solder Mask Color

Green, Blue, Black, White, Red


Block, BGA, Peelable, Carbon ink

Legend Color


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Q:Structure of flexible circuit board
General substrate + transparent adhesive + copper foil is the first process of making holes. First in the base material and copper foil drilling, cleaning after plating on a certain thickness of copper, the hole is done. The production process is almost the same as that of a single plate. The structure of the double sided board: both sides of the two sides of the board, mainly used to connect with other circuit boards. Although it is similar to the single plate structure, the manufacturing process is very different. Its raw materials are copper foil, protective film + transparent adhesive. First, according to the requirements of the position of the pad on the protective film on the hole, and then put on the copper foil, the corrosion of the pad and the lead and then paste another hole drilled protective film can be.
Q:Engraving machine how to choose the circuit board?
Second, the minimum line diameter and line spacing can be used to represent the accuracy of the machine. Most people here have a misunderstanding, only to see the minimum diameter of the role, but ignored the minimum line distance, in fact, the smallest distance represents the level of the machine. The minimum diameter is determined by the location of the tip. Even if the tip is biased, you can also choose to repair the tool on the numerical value. The minimum line distance cannot do hide, even if only 0.1mm wide point, in motion control is not good and the swing, will make the tool through the traces become very wide, the two very nearly every line all off. At the time of purchase can also be through this indicator, to understand the control of the product and assembly level.
Q:What kind of circuit board
The main categories are metal substrates and non-metallic substrates
Q:Is the circuit board poisonous?
In addition to the circuit board copper foil substrate with phenolic plastic, cardboard, glass plate, ceramic plate, aluminum plate, Teflon plate and so on many kinds of functions, from points and flame retardant board, chemical composition is very complicated. On the PCB for combustion, there are many harmful components in flue gas, is highly carcinogenic, so do not easily to burn.
Q:Can a polyimide copper clad laminate be used as a rigid plate?
Around 2011 I used this material to be applied to rigid plates, mixed with FR4 ordinary sheet.
Q:Circuit board plant classification
Single sided printed circuit graphics we call single-sided printed circuit board, double-sided printed circuit graphics, and then through the hole of the two sides of the metal interconnect printed circuit board, we call it double sided board.
Q:The difference between soft PCB and rigid PCB
The soft PCB is designed for special application, manufacturing, so the circuit design, start wiring and photographic plate by the cost of higher. Unless there is a special need to use soft PCB, usually a small amount of application, it is best not to use.
Q:What is the meaning of flexible circuit boards and rigid circuit boards?
FPC is widely used in electronics, communications, aerospace and home appliances and other industries.
Q:Why do you need UL certification?
So far, there have been more than 2 thousand PCB board manufacturers successfully obtained UL certification, which is the majority of rigid circuit board.
Q:What's the difference between PCB and FPC?
FPC: flexible circuit board (flexible PCB): referred to as "soft board", also known as the "flexible circuit board", also known as the "flexible circuit boards, flexible circuit board or flexible circuit board and flexible circuit board, English is" FPC PCB "or" FPCB Flexible and Rigid-Flex ".

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