Aluminum or Copper Conductor, Steel Armoured, Power Cable

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 Aluminum or Copper Conductor, Steel Armoured, Power Cable  


1  Main application

 For XLPE insulated power cable,either chemical method or physical method is employed to transform the molecular structure of  PE from chain into three-dimensional network,i.e. Termo-plastic PE is transformed 

into thermosetting XLPE. After cross-linking,the thermal and mechanical properties of PE have been 

greatly improved while its excellent electrical property are still retained.

 2  Product Standards

The product is manufactured according to the standard of GB/12706-2008 or IEC,BS,DIN and ICEA upon request


3  Range of application

The product is suitable for power transmission and distribution lines with rated power frequency voltage 0.6/1 kV~26/35 kV

 4 Type,designation and application








Cu core(Al core)XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable 

Laying indoors, in tunnel, fixed on the bracket, pipe and buried in the soil, 

the cable can not bear external mechanical forces.



Cu core(Al core)XLPE insulated PE sheathed power cable



Cu core(Al core)XLPE insulated double of steel-tape armored PVC sheathed power cable

For laying indoors, in tunnel, cable trench, or direct in ground, 

able to bear external mechanical forces, but unable to bear large pulling force.



Cu core(Al core)XLPE insulated double of steel-tape armored PE sheathed power cable



Cu core(Al core)XLPE insulated steel-wire armored PVC sheathed power cable

For laying indoors, in tunnel, cable trench, well or direct in ground, 

able to bear external mechanical forces and certain pulling force



Cu core(Al core)XLPE insulated steel-wire armored PE sheathed power cable


Q:How about your quality?

A:Quality is our culture, our products has to be checked with engineer, QC and sales, customer together, The products’ qualified rate need to be over 95%.



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Q:do you have to use a fuse link when hooking up your amp power cable to your battery?
so in theory you want to make sure the wire you are using can handle the the same amount of amperage as the amp or more
Q:I have bought a new power supply for my PC, problem is with hard drive power cable?
as quickly as upon a time, whilst i grow to be going to be on your continent for a jointly as, i offered an inverter that would enable me to run my workstation from a 12 volt motor vehicle battery. As I remember I had it set up so as that the inverter grow to be plugged in, charging the battery, and the workstation grow to be plugged into the inverter working off the mains - till the flexibility died - an unfancy ups, or possibly a actuality in merchandising ups? besides see what you will discover for installation one in each of those rig - it may remedy your problem, or it may be yet another waste of money. i'm able to assure you, i did not spend everywhere close to US$500 on the full undertaking.
Q:high effency double shielded transmission power cable?
What is your question? Does such a cable exist? Probably but you'll have to be more specific. High efficiency = low loss or low resistance per foot? Double shielded = is the shielding (in dB) critical? Transmission = What frequency, 60 Hz, 1 MHz, 100 MHz, ? Power = Watts, KW, MW Is weight or cost important?
Q:Double sided AC power cable pins?
The hot side of outlets has a smaller socket dimension, and that's supposed to prevent a plug that has an assigned neutral from being plugged in with the neutral (wider blade) side connected to the hot side. If your plug has two of the wider blades, then that does sound like a manufacturing defect. I'd complain to the manufacturer or vendor. Hopefully the power cord is removable, so you don't have to return the whole unit.
Q:Can I use speaker wire for power cable in a small amp?
Q:upside down PSU and SATA power cables?
Upside down drives would work, but they're not likely to fit properly with the existing mounting holes. I ran the power cable to the top drive and worked down from there, so it didn't require twisting. I've also used only the last connector on two different cables. There's nothing wrong with twisting the connector wires, assuming they aren't under tension after installation.
Q:how can I power my 3rd hard drive (no cable!)?
goto the computer store and get a power plug T adapter or make one yourself u know cut, splice and tape or saulder just make sure it is in parallel yellow to yellow red to red etc...
High input cable ...? Not really sure what that is, Also, that power supply is junk. 750W and it only has a single 6-pin PCI? That's sad. Good 750W power supplies are at least £70 and have four 6-pin PCI cables. Heck, a good 430W costs more than that and it's guaranteed to perform better.
Q:Does nvidia gt 520 require any power supply cables attached to it?
No, the GT 520 is a low-power consumption card that doesn't need an external cable. It draws all the power it needs directly from the PCI-E x16 slot. Same story for the GeForce GT 430, GT 440, GT 630 and Radeon HD 6450, 6570, 6670 7750. None of those cards require external power. The GeForce GTS 450, GTX 550 Ti, Radeon HD 7770 and Radeon HD 6850 require a 6-pin cable. The Radeon HD 6870 and GeForce GTX 560 require two 6-pin cables, not just one.
Q:How do I extend the power cable for a 1500W heater.
Assuming the current cord is rated properly, if you extend it, you will need to make the extension one size larger to avoid voltage drop, and overheating of the wire. Doing what you suggest is likely to produce a stiff section that is awkward to handle. I prefer to have a plugin connection so if someone trips over it or pulls a chair with the leg behind it, it will unplug instead of dragging the heater.

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