Aluminum Metal Corner Tape

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1000rolls roll
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5*20GP roll/month

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Product Description:


Specifications of  Aluminum Metal Corner Tape:



Metal Corner Tape is unique designed features traditional paper with two reinforcing strips of galvanized steel. The results are tough corners designed to withstand “day to day” abuse. The tape is easier to use than traditional metal corner bead. Our steel corner tape is packaged in rolls making it easier to merchandise and transport. It also saves waste, we can cut only the size we need.



Aluminum metal corner tape

size:50mmx30m or customized

packing: 1 roll/ box, 10 boxes/carton

Application: used for gypsum board, drywall partition


Usage/Applications of Aluminum Metal Corner Tape:


It can be used on archways and curves. It is also ideal for non 90° angles.


Packaging & Delivery Aluminum Metal Corner Tape:


packing: 1 roll/ box, 10 boxes/carton.






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