aluminum material doors and windows

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    • aluminum doors and windows

    Advantages of  aluminium doors

    1.aluminum doors and widows

    2.Specialized plastic injection channel is set up at angle joint to ensure that the internal and back of the angle joint is sealed effectively, and strengthen the angle.
    3.Special angle steel sheet enhances the angle quality of the hanging arm of the frame and fan angle, and make the joint angle more.

    4.Internal and external continuous glass sealing strip, having better sealing

    5.Excellent protection against weather, water proof, anti-aging, windproof, air permeation resistance

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Q:How about the quality of the wooden door?
I recommend you use solid wood composite doors, by the way recommended beauty card. I had a comparison between the original wooden door and the solid wood composite door, as far as I know, the difference between the two is: the original wooden doors for the same plate production, expensive, but the risk of cracking. The solid wood composite doors of the panel and the core of the use of unused wood (composite means that means), the core material for the relatively low price of wood, so the total price is also low, about the original wooden door about 1/3, 2000 -3000 bar, because the characteristics of the process, the complex door will not have the basic problem of cracking. The panel material and the original wooden door no big difference, also can add lines and other decorative into a variety of shapes, in the door type map can choose. I am in the early selection between the various brands, the final choice of the United States and the heart of solid wood composite door 6 Tang, American style, has been used for two years, very good.
Q:Smart lock can bring the benefits?
safety: ① In the usual residential security environment, usually the door lock handle method can not ensure that meet the safety performance, can easily drill holes from the door and then use the wire to roll the handle to open the door. Recently out of the smart lock with a patented technology to ensure that the indoor handle set to increase the safety handle button, you need to hold the safe handle button to move the door to open the door, Bring a safer environment. (Together with the user needs, after a brief operation, the function can be selectively set.) ② the usual fingerprint password lock with the risk of password leakage. The recent smart lock also has a virtual bit code utility skills, that is In front of the registered password or behind, to enter the arbitrary number as a virtual bit code, useful to avoid registered password leak, Together with open the door lock. ③ recent smart lock palm touch screen will take the initiative to show, 3 minutes will take the initiative to lock. The password is not set up now, the lock is not open or may be closed, the number of password or door card number, as well as battery replacement tips, plug block blocked, encountered low voltage and other conditions, the screen has appeared, intelligent control.
Q:What is the double tax to the door?
Should belong to the DDP, "duty-paid delivery (... ... designated destination)" refers to the seller at the designated destination, for the import clearance procedures, the delivery of transport tools have not yet unloaded the goods to the buyer, goods. The seller must bear all the risks and expenses for the carriage of the goods to the named destination, including any "taxes" (including the liability and risk of handling customs formalities) at the destination at the time of the customs formalities, Tariffs, taxes and other charges). Corresponding to EXW, factory delivery.
Q:Plaster to pay attention to what!
Q:help with putting plastic over my windows?
Have you looked in home improvement stores for big, wide, heavy duty (thick) pieces of plastic? {usually comes off of a roll) It may be big enough, and being heavier, it will do a better job of preventing heat loss.
Q:Electric curtains, and what are generally integrated into a system
If the smart home and supporting the use of more ideal, electric curtains is a smart home system module. Mature technology, stable performance, is the ideal choice for future home life.
Q:Anti-theft door locks can be changed inside and outside
Some special models, such as Paul Dean 11, Wang Li special, old-fashioned security lock can not change inside and outside, universal gourd-type lock, there are some brands can, there are some
Q:sticky plastic window shading?
Unfortunately the film can not be applied without close access to the inside or outside of the window. You or whoever applies it needs an extension ladder if it's above 16 ft. Taller ladders or what you need can be rented for a whole or half day at any rental store. Be very careful, falling from above 6 ft can be very traumatic and even deadly. If your not comfortable with heights you should seek out a handyman or a window tinting company and get a quote. If your injured, whatever they charge will appear cheep. Remember if you pay to have it done you won't have to rent a latter or buy the film. Whatever your charged to rent a latter and buy the film may be a good part of a tinting job by someone who does that and has what you want. Factor that in before you do it yourself. Good luck. SS
Q:People to cheat, with someone else to icloud account password login, the other changed the password, how do ah?
Icloud users must have a password can be deleted, but if your system is IOS6 directly in the DUF mode Brush on the line, if it is IOS7 or IOS8, it can only find the icloud user's owner asked him to password , After you brush the phone after the need for the icloud password if you do not have your phone can not be activated.
Q:What is the difference between stainless steel wire woven mesh plain weave and twill weave
Plain weave is the latitude of a pressure on a pressure, twill is two up and down two

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