Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Parallel Wire

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AL-MG Alloy Wire is made of high quality aluminum & Magnesium pounds by smelting,
Take out, combine etc. Processing then annealing.  It will not change material even by mechanical processing or high temperature heat treatment . Good electrical conductivity, flexible, with good tensile strength, good elongation, and light  density, can reduce copper resource .
Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Parallel Wire is made of many single AL-MG Alloy Wire .
Specifications : according to customer requirements, we can produce different type AL-MG Alloy Parallel wire .
Normal Package :
Spool Size : DIN130mm, DIN185mm, DIN250mm, DIN400mm, DIN630mm

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Q:ok my coil wont fire everyone keeps saying trace the wires all the wires are gone?
find direction from a technitian
Q:Radio Wires For A Pontiac Grand Prix?
Speaker wires: left front: (+) tan (-) gray right front: (+) lt. green (-) dk. green left rear: (+) brown (-) yellow right rear: (+) dk. blue (-) lt. blue Accessory power at radio for amp turn-on: yellow (only in 2003 and older; should be located next to orange constant power wire)
Q:What does power/ground cable wire mean?
you can use it for both same stuff
Q:How to wire a stereo in a 87 chevy custom delux 10 truck?
Depends on each stereo and the wiring in your truck. Black is probably a ground. As for the yellow and the grey, one is probably a constant 12v, the other a keyed 12v. If the wiring is on your truck, get a voltmeter and test it. If the wiring is on your stereo, get the manual for it.
Q:re wiring a lamp question?
That will work. Both wires are the same, but one needs to be assigned as black AT BOTH ENDS. You could use the wire with the writing in it, or mark one wire with black magic marker, and carefully trace that same wire to the other end and mark it with black magic marker too. (But if there is no groove in the wire insulation, you probably won't be able to trace one wire from one end to the other. In that case, you'd need to use an electrician's continuity meter to find the same wire at the other end). The other two answerer's are correct that the bulb will light, BUT it will be unsafe if wired backwards. NAILBENDER's answer fails to recognize the safety hazard of wiring the hot to the wrong side of a light. You don't want the hot side to electrify the threaded sides of an electrical light bulb fixture! The hot needs to be on the bottom center of the bulb fixture. ROODOG1's answer also fails to recognize that someone could get shocked when screwing in (or out) a light bulb and touching the threaded side of the bulb which may be hot if wired wrong. DILLIGAF makes the same error, even though he says he's an electrician! Read a do-it-yourself electricians website; don't rely on these people's answers! Exception: If your lamp is plug-in that does not have one prong wider than the other, then it doesn't make a difference which wire is hot because the plug goes into the receptacle either way.
Q:How to wire a stereo without a harness.?
if u cant find a diagram u can always check the speakers for the colors of the wires and then just try to get a hold a cheap little voltage meter like the one below just to find ur ground, remote, and battery wire.
Q:The Art of Wire Art???
If you were taking college sculpture class that required making sculptures of wire (as Idid) you would learn that you want to first try to figure out how to use one long piece and bend, or twist or encircle to get the shape you want. Nobody said this was easy - that was the problem we had tosolve without the use of metal glues, or soldering irons. The teacher advised us very little but did tellus to take a piece of board, either junk lying around, driftwood, or buy at one of the hobby stores those small placques in the wood section. Figure out what you want to make first, draw it if you can. Then figure out how big you want it and try to estimate how much wire you will need. With small nails, nail one end to the top side of the wood where you think you want to start. That would be the foot of a figure or the base of an abstract shape. Thenstart bending the wire to the shapes you want; remember that you dont have to make an exact reproduction of every line you have drawn. Ask yourself how you can make the illusion of a shape. When you have it pretty much how you want it, or have finished the other part of the bottom of the piece, cut the wire, then bend and shape it to be the last foot, and nail it to the board. Again, as Prof. Greene used to tell us - nobody said making art is easy. Art is hard work. I started by making small people. then an animal, then a tableau of several people in different poses. By the way, I made an A. a good book is: Start Sculpting Now! A good artist to research is Alexander Calder. This was his best work! Anothr good way to plan is to use the pencil in the Paintbox to draw it first on your computer - this willhelp you plan where to bend and twist to join in advance.
Q:help with guitar pickup wiring?
Are you experienced in this sorta section? i could easily propose that in case you recognize somebody who can try this sorta stuff no difficulty, ask them to take you thru it step via step.. besides the undeniable fact that the mixture sounds good besides the undeniable fact that, I fairly like the sound of that..good success and satisfied enjoying :)
Q:Ford Superduty cab lights wiring?
if a 2 wire loom, black is ground and green would be park lamps. get a test light, ground one end and stab wires until you find the live wire that lites the test lite. park lamp switch must be on when testing. head lamp switch 1 click out.
Q:wires connected in parallel ?
false false true flase false true -good luck

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