aluminum glass door and widow

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Product Description:

  • aluminum glass door and widow

  • Main materialaluminium alloy +glass +hardware

    1  Construction: Thermal Break or Non-Thermal Break,Automatic or Manual

    2   Thickness: 1.2-2.5mm, usually 1.2-2.0mm thick for windows,1.6-2.5mm thick for doors


    1  Type:Tempered glazing, Laminated Glass LOW-E Glass Hollow Glass  etc.

    2  Thickness:Single 6mm, Double 5/6/6F+6A/9A+5 etc

    HardwareHigh quantity made in China/ Germany/our standard hardware use Germany Siegenia and Noto brand . Customers' stipulated brands are available.
    Frame thickness
    Applicable placeSchools, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings and Government Buildings,Family,sunroom bathroom,ETC.

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Q:What is the horizontal line? How do I install windows and doors on a horizontal line?
Horizontal line; in all rooms, the same height to find a horizontal line, before the use of horizontal tube to find points, and now with the level, infrared, when the doors and windows, doors and windows on both sides of the height parallel to the horizontal line, for example, 2 meters high door Down to the level of 1 meter, then both sides should have done 1 meter, which is the horizontal line installation
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Q:What are the characteristics of wooden doors and windows
Advantages: good insulation (insulation). Beautiful. Disadvantages: fear of tide, fear of water, easy to deformation.
Q:Audi Q3 child lock how to open?
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Q:What is the color steel composite doors and windows
Color steel composite doors and windows as the name suggests is a color steel profiles and other materials used in the production of composite doors and windows insulation materials. Zhangjiagang Zhuo Li Door Co., Ltd. by virtue of the local advantages of resources to develop the forefront of the industry's new hollow partition, fashion, and other series of aluminum products

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