Aluminum Foil Insulation Sheet with Bubble Core

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100000 m²/month

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Aluminum Foil Insulation Sheet with Bubble Core

Product Introduction:

The product consists of two layers of aluminum foil with plastic bubble laminated between the aluminum foil, provides excellent insulation: Reflects up to 97% of radiant energy in addition to resisting other types of heat transfer from conduction, convection and radiation. The two side aluminum foil forms an effective barrier against moisture, air currents and vapors. It is an economical solution for a wide range of industrial, manufacturing and consumer applications. 



Single Air Bubble with Aluminum Foil Facing




Aluminum   Foil/PE/bubble/PE/Aluminum Foil


100~ 150

Length   (m)


Unit   Weight




Bubble   Diameter


Bubble   Height


Water   Vapor Transmission


Thermal   Conductivity






Tensile   Strength (MD)


Tensile   Strength(CMB)


Bursting   Strength



FR/VCI/Perforated   available

Temperature   Resistance

4 hours no decladding -60℃/180℃

Aluminum Foil Insulation Sheet with Bubble Core

Aluminum Foil Insulation Sheet with Bubble Core

Aluminum Foil Insulation Sheet with Bubble Core


1.       Where is your factory located in?

Factory is located in Jiangsu Province, Neat to Shanghai Port.

2.       How long have you been in this product production?

We have been in the business more than 10 years,

3.       Can we have some sample or trial order before bunk order?

Yes, we can provide you some free samples, and for trial order, we will offer you the lowest price. 

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Q:Will the modified polystyrene board and EPS polystyrene board fire performance What is the difference?
Currently on the market using the insulation material of the central composite air ducts are: First, the glass magnesium composite panel duct, the use of flame retardant B1 grade polystyrene foam board insulation, foam board on both sides of composite glass fiber reinforced magnesium chloride cement Second, the polyurethane aluminum foil composite duct, the use of flame retardant B1 polyurethane foam board insulation, foam board on both sides of composite aluminum foil Third, the phenolic heart protection Gui Gui Gui care helium cat aldehyde aluminum foil composite duct.
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qualified: sub-check the score table without 0 points, the summary table score of 70 points and above, 80 points; : 1) when the summary table score less than 70 minutes; 2) when there is a sub-check the score table is 0 points Second, the sub-name and score the safety burden of Gan Gan 丨 imitation wet groin splash management 10 points civilized construction 15 points scaffolding 10 points foundation pit 10 min template works 10 points Work 10 points construction electricity 10 points material hoist and construction lift 10 points tower crane and lifting hoisting 10 minutes construction equipment 5 points
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Construction road and reinforced processing shed included in safe and civilized construction fee?
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In fact, the user in the use of air conditioning in most of the problems encountered, you can find a solution through the instructions
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Seek construction site safety technical information (all). The more detailed the better! The The The The The
Q:What kind of insulation material is good for curved building
Building energy-saving materials: microelectronics, optoelectronics, new energy, chemical, LOW-E glass, gypsum board, etc. are new energy-saving areas. External wall insulation is an important part of the building energy efficiency system, the insulation function of the polyurethane market demand is better.
Q:The role of basement exterior wall waterproof polystyrene board
Polystyrene board is generally white, the density is very small, hand pinch can be very easy to make deformation, but also very easy to break off, break apart. Extrusion board generally have other colors, red, blue, gray, etc., density is much larger than polystyrene board, hand pinch is not deformed, it is difficult to break apart, breaking off.
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(A) the basic requirements 1. Important scaffolding must develop the construction program, if necessary, the development of security measures. 2. Scaffolding with a height of 25m or more must use fastening steel scaffolding, the single-pole scaffolding height should be controlled within 50m; height of more than 50m scaffolding should be double-tube pole, wire rope cable, section unloading and other effective measures And the other is specially designed. 3. Scaffolding design should meet the needs of the project, and indicate its use, the maximum static load, the maximum dynamic load and the level of force; selected design parameters and components, not less than the existing national and industry-related safety technical specifications standard. 4. Scaffolding in the construction needs to change the original structure, height (width), to it and other circumstances, subject to technical departments to verify and approved.
Q:Extrusion insulation foam board density the greater the better the insulation effect
B-class product principles are "combustible", B1 level barely be "not flammable." B. B3 level in fact only fame only in their daily lives is already very easy to use the "dry wood" the. Insulation wall materials used in environmental protection is also the most people concerned, Shu Yi Yi new interior wall with environmental protection and other advantages of flame retardant. Can be cold indoor walls to isolate; the middle layer is a special regulation layer. This material is made of chemical fiber composition, with a temperature, heat, scrubbing effect. In the summer heat to prevent the walls of the heat into the room, to achieve the effect of insulation and insulation.
Q:How do I make anti-theft windows in the wall insulation layer?
From the process it To overcome the EPS board complex production process, with EPS board can not replace the superior performance. It is made of polystyrene resin and other additives through the extrusion process has a continuous uniform surface and closed-cell honeycomb structure of the plate, the honeycomb structure of the thick plate, there is no gap, this closed-cell structure Insulation materials can have different pressures (150-500Kpa) at the same time have the same low value of the thermal conductivity (only 0.028W / MK) and enduring excellent insulation and compression performance, compressive strength up to 220-500Kpa.

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