aluminum extrusion pipe

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We are the largest aluminum profilemanufacture in China which specializing in industry aluminum profile. If you need some products,please feel free to send us the drawings or samples, we will supply you the good qualitywith best price, and we will serve you all the time.

Provide full size of seamed tubes(Round):


Wall thickness:1mm-44mm


Alloy  Aluminum 6063,6061,6005,6082 or customer nominated


T3, T4, T5, T6 and other


Anodize,  electrophoresis, powder coating, PVDF coating, wood grain painting, etc.


Any  colour based on Standard Germany RAL Mark


Not  more than 16 meters

Good Package

Inner plastic film /outside carton/wooden  pallets

Payment Method

T/T, L/C, etc

Delivery Time

Normally 2-4 weeks, Delivery time can be consulted.

Press  Machine

500-12500  tons all together 93 press lines.


1. Furniture 2. Drilling; 3. Bending; 4. Cutting; 5. etc.




1.  Using our dies, no fee;

2.  Using customer drawing, opening dies, usually about 5~50 tons then the dies  cost can be refunded.

3.  Die cost is negotiable base on the order quantity


Annual  output 800,000 tons

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Q:Who knows the grease on the aluminium tube cleaning method
Cleaning aluminum grease is some trouble, because in addition to grease is generally alkaline solution, such as oxygen net, but alkaline water and pure aluminum easy reaction, not suitable for all.
Q:Why aluminum tubes can not be used as lightning rod materials?
I think the aluminum pipe is not strong enough and not strong enough. Because the lightning rod is usually located on the roof of the building.
Q:Is the tube of LED lamp all plastic tube well or half plastic half aluminium tube?
All plastic tube is one of the most widely used early, because the main use of non isolated power supply, in order to avoid electric shock problems, so I hope to use more plastic tube. Which is used with Phi 5 straw hat tube LED. The fluorescent lamp is the biggest problem due to the heat radiating, all sealed in the tube, unable to escape, life is very serious, coupled with the straw tube had life is very short, less than 2000 hours on the bad.Semi plastic half aluminum LED fluorescent lamps sold on the market are basically the half PC Aluminum Alloy, in the half light of the use of plastic in need not pervious to light and need the half cooling on the use of Aluminum Alloy.
Q:What areas can 7075 aluminum tubes be used in?
The static fatigue notch sensitivity, physical characteristics are better than the mechanical properties of 7A04.[1] stress corrosion resistance of 7075 aluminum plate and the mechanical properties of tensile strength 524Mpa, elongation of 11% 455Mpa: 0.2% yield strength, E/Gpa:71 elastic modulus, hardness 150HB, density: the main use of 2810.7075 aluminum plate: aerospace industry (bottle), blow mold, ultrasonic plastic welding molds, Gao Er golf head, shoe mold, paper mould, foaming molding, lost wax mold, template, fixtures, machinery and equipment, mold processing. 7075 features: 1. high strength aluminum alloy heat treatment. 2. good mechanical properties. 3. can be used. 4. easy processing, good wear resistance. 5. corrosion resistance and good oxidation resistance. The tensile strength and heat treatment of 7075 aluminum zinc alloy is the main chemical composition: 7075 elements to the zinc alloy containing 3%-7.5%
Q:What's the best way to leak inside the refrigerator evaporator (aluminium pipe)? 10
Aluminum tube evaporator if not leak greatly, I have been using A&B glue + Gauze trap, the effect is quite good, do test pressure 2.5MPa can withstand.Best not to glue, time is not too long and bad, they also said that you repair is not good, from the leak to expand into the bell mouth, with 8 pairs of silk butt, economical and easy to use.10 cm 6 mm copper inserts 5 cm (with torch heating), then the vacuum side at the joints' three 'drop gum (similar to 502, but better than the 502), then AB wrapped in gauze dipped in the outer two or three layers can be.
Q:Now there are two kinds of air-conditioning connections, one is copper aluminum pipe connection, one is pure copper pipe connection, copper aluminum pipe connection quality, OK?
In contrast or pure copper, from corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, heat conduction, good toughness is pure copper, aluminum brass appears is actually in order to reduce the cost of manufacturing businesses, now is about social science has developed, but in the end is progress or retrogression?
Q:The major brands of air conditioners use aluminum tubes, and what uses copper tubes 50
1. Experts try to say more about the brand.It's not completely statistical. However, we can tell you that the price of nonferrous metals in raw materials has declined considerably in 2009 compared with the previous two years, which is close to the original price. As raw materials rose, manufacturers were competing to cut costs and to use cheap aluminium pipes. The defects of aluminium pipe are many, for example, easy folding section, flat die, difficult welding, short life, single use and so on. In particular, it is not accepted by the installation staff, and the users do not understand it. The contradiction is outstanding. However, aluminum tubes are available in fixed positions such as refrigerators and freezers. Air conditioning connections need to go bending, copper tube is better than the aluminum tube, manufacturers also see the pros and cons, and some manufacturers are still making up for this defect. This year the most brands of air conditioners are brass, who is not willing to die, aluminum air conditioning market basically is in the backlog.2. Which is better, copper or aluminum pipe?Obviously, the brass is good.Sincerely ask, do not copy.Keep your sincere, original copy.
Q:Aluminum tube material
Aluminum tube is a kind of nonferrous metal pipe, which is made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy and is extruded into a hollow metal tube with longitudinal length. English Name: alumin (I) um tube; alumin (I) um pipe may have one or more closed vias,
Q:Can aluminum tubes be used instead of compressed air pipes?
Definitely.In principle, as long as the strength and performance indicators are adequate, then many materials are available, and aluminum is no exception.In fact, there are special tubes for air compression pipes, such as these
Q:Will the aluminum tube (6063) anodized after the local needle hole shaped point, what is the reason for it, is the material problem or oxidation plant corrosion?
You are the light, or the fog, if light, are certainly no oxidation treatment, that is, if the surface is like fog, that is normal. I have been working in this area, a few years, what are a little, in fact, no matter what, to ensure the material beautiful, do not have that you said.

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