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Product Description:

1.Structure of Aluminum Extrusion Line Description:

Aluminum Extrusion Handling Machine do the profile's pulling, conveying, cooling, straightening, gauging and cutting. This equipment is for 1100T aluminum extrusion press, adopting heat resistant felt belt and felt roller to convey, it can effectively avoid the profile's sencondary scraped and distorted, improve the product pass rate.     

Aluminum Extrusion Handling Machine is designed for the primary treatment after profile extruded, including the profiles' cooling, conveying, pulling, straightening, gauging and cutting. This equipment mostly for 500T-1800T aluminum extrusion press, adopt heat resistant felt belt and felt roller to convey, it can effectively avoid the profiles' secondary scraped and distorted, improve the product pass rate.

2.Main Features of the Aluminum Extrusion Line:

Water quenching tank & lead out table;

The whole handling table(from run out table to saw transfer table);

Stretcher and finish saw with auto/manual length gauge table.

3. Aluminum Extrusion Line Images

4. Aluminum Extrusion Line Specification 



1) water tank

length: 3000mm

2) initail lead out table

length: 4700mm; Equiped with PBO felt sleeve;cooling fans 8sets

3) puller with hot saw

wire rope transmission;Pulling force: 0-150kg (adjustable)

4) run out table

measurement:(L)32000mm*(W)400mm*(H)800mm;Equiped with felt sleeve for transmission(material: Kevlar, temperature resistant 500degree)

5) transfer table

measurement:(L)32000mm*(W)470mm*(H)800mm;Equiped aluminum beam with felt belt(normal belt,temperature resistant: 500degree)

6) cooling table

measurement: (L)32000mm*(W)1850mm*(H)800mm; Equiped with aluminum beam with felt belt(normal belt,temperature resistant: 500degree)

7) stretcher table

measurement:(L)32000mm*(W)1850mm*(H)800mm;Retractable aluminum beam for movement, equiped aluminum beam with felt belt(normal belt,temperature resistant: 250degree)

8) stretcher

pulling force: 40T (reverse pulling type)

9) storage table

measurement:(L)32000mm*(W)1650mm*(H)800mm;Equiped aluminum beam with felt belt(normal belt,temperature resistant: 250degree)

10) saw feeding table

measurement: (L)32000mm*(W)510mm*(H)800mm;Equiped with felt sleeve(temperature resistant: 180degree)

11) finish saw with length gauging table

pneumatic clamping, effective stroke 500mm, cutting height120mm;hydraulic cutting;effective gauging range: 1-6m; with aluminium chip colletor

12) eletric control system

PLC control


①Are you a manufacturer or just a trader?

We are a professional manufacturer.We have specialized in the production and processing equipment, complete assembly lines, independent R & D team, experienced technicians and perfect service system, providing design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the entire production line according to customer demand.

②How about the quality?

The quality is very good. We get 14 years experience in aluminum extrusion conveying equipment and we have professional and experience design,production ,assembly engineer.

③How about the delivery time?

It depends on the quantity that you need.If you have the machine in stock, we will send you at once once we get the deposit.

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