Aluminum Double Burger Press Good Quality

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Product Description:

 1. Structure of Burger Press Description 

Single Burger Press

* Material: cast aluminum

* Burger press plate: 12 cm (DIA)

* Burger presses with painted hard wood handle: 300px (DIA) x 8 cm (H)

* Non-stick coating on surface

* Color: Grey/Black.

* Packing: each set in one PP bag, 24 sets/CTN, 40x40x575px, 8/9KGS.

Double (2 in 1) Burger Press

* Material: cast aluminum

* Burger press plate: 12 cm (DIA)

* Burger presses with painted hard wood handle: 300px (DIA) x 700px(L) x 8 cm (H).

* Non-stick coating on surface

* Packing: each set in one PP bag and color box, 12 sets/CTN/40x40x575px/8/9KGS


 2. Main Features of Burger Press

.hamburger presser molds your patties to a perfectly uniform shape

. easy-to-clean nonstick finish

. Delicious hamburger for you and your family

.An adjustable screw  can be choosen the thickness of your patty


 3. Burger Press Images

Aluminum Double Burger Press Good Quality


 Aluminum Double Burger Press Good Quality


 Aluminum Double Burger Press Good Quality


 Aluminum Double Burger Press Good Quality


4. Burger Press Specification 

 Overall size 12*12*8(H) cm

 Under pan size 12*12*2(H) cm

 Upper press size 11.5* 11.5*1.8(H)cm

 Material: cast aluminum + wood

 Packing: 1set/color box, 12sets/CTN, 32*29*737.5px, 4.6/3.6kgs

 Press base is 3/4"/50px deep, 4.5"/287.5px diameter. 

* Uniform patties cook evenly. Apply pressure to adjust thickness. 

* For easy removal and stacking: line with plastic wrap or parchment paper

* For easy transfer to grill or freezer. 

* Ideal for beef, chicken, turkey, pork and vegetable burgers. 

* Nonstick cast aluminum and comfortable wood handle. 

* Use to form crab cakes and appetizers. 


5. FAQ of Burger Press

1) Can cookware meet food-grade test? 

Yes, our products can meet EU, FAD, LFGB, DGCCRF standard.

2) What is cookware made of?

Our cookware are durable and safe made of material of aluminum and carbon steel. The tough nonstick and ceramic cooking surfaces that last for years.

3) Are there economical cookware items available?

Cookware is one of the best you’ll find. Their line of aluminum cookware is less expensive, but never sacrifices quality. All the pots and pans have reinforced edges and aluminum handles secured with heavy-duty rivets, The body is spun for greater strength, and each pot is given a thick base,which gives the cookware rapid heat in fusion and a long life.

4) How can I extend non-stick coating?

Using cookware pans? You can extend the life of nonstick coating by reconditioning then once in a while. Every few months, take the empty pan and put it on the stove over high heat. After about two three minutes, put it one or two tablespoons of peanut oil and swirl it around so it coats the inside of the span. Turn off the heat and let the pan cool to room temperature and then wipe away the excess oil with a paper towel. Repeat the process once more to recondition the coating on your pan.

5) Are cookware companies environmentally friendly? 

Cookware is one of the leading cookware manufacturers in China. Design standard with respect for the environment by reducing the amount of energy and raw materials needed in production. This minimizes waster. They’re also very vigilant about carrying out regular emission checks. So, if you’re looking for an earth-friendly cookware company, we are the one for you.

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Q:What are the classification of catering utensils?
Classification of tableware can from material, also can from kinds of points, points can also be used from. Generally have porcelain tableware, glass, metal, melamine, commonly used is generally porcelain and glass
Q:The use of the Chinese food dishes
See the somebody else will not also don't specifically, lest the somebody else think you a little knowledge is amazing
Q:The time of disinfection of tableware
Disinfection after dinner at best, otherwise how could have the effect of disinfection? Disinfection just kill the residues on the tableware of bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, etc.
Q:The tableware of hotel how to use?
Fruit dish bottom plate, the bottom there are golden tray - plate is slag dish? Or in the food? Here is to show disk (below the main ornamental role) + bone plate (such as used for bone implantation on eating food the rest of the stuff). Drink the soup bowls are used to use; The other with the upstairs said
Q:A complete set of Chinese dishes include?
Complete, a set of 56 head bone porcelain tableware, a set of 15 head of a coffee cup, a set of China tea sets.
Q:Ceramic tableware used long will leak lead?
Ceramic tableware used long will lead the leakage. In general on the glaze decals, it even contains no lead more or less contain other heavy metals, normally used to say how much lead dissolution, said is detected with lead ceramics have harm to people, but the other heavy metal content detection, is not to say that there was no other heavy metal ceramics. General component is ceramic tableware glaze color, glair, and under the glaze color. In the glaze color process is relatively simple, in the low temperature bake to burn, touch the flower face AoTuGan obviously, the price is relatively cheap. Glaze colors come into contact with the high acid, alkali food, the surface will rub off, cadmium, lead, will precipitate elements. The dissolubility of cadmium exceeds bid cadmium poisoning can lead to the human body, thus cause lung disease; The dissolubility of lead paint lead poisoning can cause the human body, light person occurrence state such as irritability, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, the person that weigh can lead to kidney failure, unresponsive, gout and other diseases. Lead to the harm of children more, light affect brain development, or cause elevated intracranial pressure, vomiting, cramps, etc. When washing dishes such as with steel ball wipes strength is too large, will also fall off the surface color of the plate. Glair color and glaze firing temperature is higher, the surface of the paint is not products, so it feels very smooth, relatively safer, too.
Q:Why buy back of stainless steel tableware by hand wipe hands have black marks?
Situation is generally in stainless steel in the process of machining and polishing residue left over from sundry, hand or water will naturally have a black phenomenon. But no matter after cleaning.
Q:48 head of ceramic tableware, what price?
The process is not the same. There are in the glaze. On the glaze. Under the glaze. What with what glaze is different also. Some artificial painting. Some decals. Have a burning. Some burn into several times. Some of the porcelain is different also. Some of the bone China. Some white porcelain
Q:We view of tableware disinfection fees
Disposable chopsticks is convenient, but health not up to standard, the waste of forest resources is indisputable fact. According to the relevant information, our country consumes 45 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks, consuming 1.66 million cubic meters of wood, need to cut about 25 million tree, reduce forest area of 2 million square meters. Lanzhou consumes 1.5 million pairs of disposable chopsticks every day, only a year to "eat" off 20000 tree. Because of cheap and popular restaurants, hotpot restaurant and went into the city the snack stalls, most of the time is put on the table is all some cheap disposable chopsticks, if consumers want to use a good quality of chopsticks or disinfected chopsticks, can only in a few brand restaurants or high-end dining scene. A business Fried noodle zhu told a reporter, the wholesale market, a double s chopsticks is down to just 0.02 yuan each pair, because the cost of the chopsticks are in cost accounting, is free for consumers, so the price is first, the operator in order to make money, of course, is to choose those although churning out cheap chopsticks.
Q:With the tableware of design and color is poisonous?
Is not good, may contain heavy metals.Not ah Generally, porcelain are not poisonous

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