aluminum doors and windows of China

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Product Description:

    • aluminum doors and windows

    1 Steel sheet of door panel0.5mm to 1.0mm
    2 Steel sheet of door frame1.0mm to 2.0mm
    3 Thickness of the door leaf50mm/60mm/70mm
    4 Fire rating20minutes to 120minutes
    5 Frame outer sizes(HXW)Standard size:
       a) Door opening size (H x W): 2,050 x 860mm, 2,050 x 900mm, 2,050 x 950mm,
           2,050 x 960mm
    b) Other sizes also acceptable according to customers' requests
    6 Opening directionLeaf outside/ Right outside
    7 Inner filling materialrock wool, rock board , pearlite & ceramic fiber board
    8Rubber sealedFire-proof rubber sealed strip around the door
    9 Door sillHigh quality stainless steel
    10. PeepholeWithout
    11. Door bellWithout
    12. Surface treatmnet

    Bright lustrous and durable appearance,the door surface via acid cleaning phosphorizing antirust processing

    Heat-transfer printing on surface: looks like the natural or powder coating on surface in RAL color

    13. LockNormal fire lock or painc(push) bar exit device lock. Master key is available

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