aluminum doors and windows of China

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Product Description:

    • aluminum doors and windows

    1 Steel sheet of door panel0.5mm to 1.0mm
    2 Steel sheet of door frame1.0mm to 2.0mm
    3 Thickness of the door leaf50mm/60mm/70mm
    4 Fire rating20minutes to 120minutes
    5 Frame outer sizes(HXW)Standard size:
       a) Door opening size (H x W): 2,050 x 860mm, 2,050 x 900mm, 2,050 x 950mm,
           2,050 x 960mm
    b) Other sizes also acceptable according to customers' requests
    6 Opening directionLeaf outside/ Right outside
    7 Inner filling materialrock wool, rock board , pearlite & ceramic fiber board
    8Rubber sealedFire-proof rubber sealed strip around the door
    9 Door sillHigh quality stainless steel
    10. PeepholeWithout
    11. Door bellWithout
    12. Surface treatmnet

    Bright lustrous and durable appearance,the door surface via acid cleaning phosphorizing antirust processing

    Heat-transfer printing on surface: looks like the natural or powder coating on surface in RAL color

    13. LockNormal fire lock or painc(push) bar exit device lock. Master key is available

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Q:How are the bedroom windows designed?
The bedroom window is like an ordinary person's eyes, playing an indispensable role in the home. The function of the window is not only "see", but also the maximum flow of ventilation can be achieved.
Q:Nissan Qiao customer how to dismantle the door handle
1, and the door contact with a black screw cover, buckle down, with the inner plum to remove the screw 2, with a screwdriver open the outer handle behind the small paragraph 3, the front handle in front of a pull back, and then pull out Yes
Q:What is the material of the solid wood composite paint window cover?
Paint the window cover and no paint window under the board that is the same, they did not lie to you,      The installation of the floor is only a process problem. Solid wood composite paint window cover material is wood stitching, texture will be much better.      The disadvantage is that improper use or moisture will fall paint deformation, shorten the service life.      Normal said the price difference between the two, solid wood composite to expensive.
Q:Slate roof is damaged, water infiltration, but WINDOWS??
Roof spread is often caused by cut roof frames made from timber that was taken to the building site, sawed and put together on the spot. Using materials that way can make calculations for the roof difficult. Solving roof spread often involves switching to a different roof construction style and material, such as a trussed roof that is manufactured in a factory and put together off-site. Or
Q:What does the window mean?
On the high window did not give a clear definition of the height, it is because a height is not applicable to all building types, architectural design involves such a few high windows: 1. Privacy and facade needs. 2. Security needs, including prevention of climbing, theft and fire prevention. 3. Lighting ventilation function required.
Q:Weaving method for red hand rope!
5 rope bracelet, chain length 17cm, need rope 1 meters.
Q:My power windows Do not work or the sun roof? Fuses are good hyundai 2002?
It looks like you have taken into consideration my previous advise. thank you. if relays are good and the a/c fuse blows out each time you put a new one in, it is a short into a wiring harness or a connector/switch that causes the fault. don't know if washing windows with windex had caused the failure. a/c unit its not directly connected to window switch. just a coincidence both gone at the same time. if you can't figure it out on your owa I would strongly recommend u to take the car to a service station and let someone that know how to look for the problem.
Q:What is the reason for the lock on the door?
Hello, check whether the lock block beating.
Q:What is the height of the kitchen windowsill?
General kitchen windowsill height is consistent with the height of the cabinet to protect the normal switch windows, the general height of the cabinet is the general cabinet 600-750mm, then the height of the windowsill can be slightly higher, generally between 700-900mm.
Q:The crimped wire mesh weaving method
, including: the two-way separated wave bending, flat bending, bidirectional bending, bending, locked first after rolling 123456 mesh material

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