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1. Specifications for Aluminum Window and Door

1,Good Quality 
2,Competitive Price 
3,Superior Service 
4,One-stop solution


2. Product Description


ProfileAluminum :6063-T5, thermal-break and non-thermal-break can be choice
Thickness :1.4mm-4.0mm profile thickness.
Can be customized
Surface Treatment :Powder coated / Electrophoresis / Anodizing / PVDF etc)
Color :white,gray,black,silver etc 
any color is available by INTERPON or COLOR BOND
Can be customized
GlassType :Tempered Glass / Laminated Glass / LOW-E Glass / Tint Glass etc
 Thickness :Single: 5/6/8/10mm..., Double: 5+6+5mm/6+9+6mm/5+0.76+5mm etc…
Color :Clear, Frosted, Obscure, Green, Gray, Blue etc…
HardwareBrand :China Brand, German Brand, Australia Brand ,Italy brand etc
Color :White, Black, Silver etc…
Sealant :EPDM, USA glass silicon etc…
Other Parts Can Be AddedMosquito net, stainless steel screen, rolling louver, etc…
Inside shutter
Grid, Decorative design
PackingAir bubble film+wood crates / carton+plywood / can be customized

3. Photo for Aliminum Window and Door 


4. Packing for Window and Door


Our Services

One-Stop Solution


1, Own factory : We have our own factory. Products would not go through any dealer.

                          Better quality control & lower price .

2, High Quanlity & Reasonable Price

3, Customizable - meet your any requirements

4, Easy to Install as the good system design !!!

5, We can send engineers to help you do the measurement & installation












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Q:Bedroom bay window how to solve the problem of winter condensate
First, the insulation: 1. Aluminum window frame filled with foam insulation materials. To ensure full. 2. Use a vacuum glass window. Second, the water guide: 1. With high-quality sealant to strictly close the inside and outside the gap. Install an H by 6 by 30 (m · m) reservoir on the inside of the aluminum alloy with a sealant and fill the tank with a silty sponge. Sponge mop can be used to fill the best sponge bar (to the big supermarket to buy). 2. Can also be installed directly in the guide tank pure silicone water hose, hole in the bottom of the aluminum window frame, the water to the window. If this is done, you can not do too deep water tank, there is a deep enough. Third, when the most serious when the fog on the window, you can use the water preparation of seventy percent detergent solution, every day to touch the glass, to ensure that thoroughly. Fourth, if your economic conditions are good, you can install in the floating window mute, breeze, hot air curtain wall on it.
Q:Color steel doors and windows are good or broken bridge aluminum doors and windows good
It depends on what area, if it is in the northeast that the most material is aluminum plus wood. The interior is made of wood trim aluminum. Wood has a warm effect, aluminum alloy has anti-corrosion effect
Q:Aluminum alloy window below the gap 2 cm high first with fine sand cement filled outside after playing glass glue or must use a blowing agent?
In fact, can be, but only with a styrofoam only a simple seam. It is recommended to use cement mortar bar, good physical properties, styrofoam is only simple to provide seamability. But remember to wait for the material after curing and then sizing, cement at least a week, styrofoam on the 24 hours just fine, but personally do not consider the duration of the cement mortar or good.
Q:Is this window suitable for how high curtains? The following windowsill than the above curtain box wide, curtain length is lower than the windowsill or higher than the windowsill it
Do the track loaded curtain box, the high on the table on the line
Q:Bedroom skylight windowsill special narrow on a small side of about 3 cm decoration should be how to deal with
Can be decorated with marble, or solid wood lines can be. These two materials is 30mm is also better cut. With latex paint dust will not clean up.
Q:Aluminum doors and windows are good or broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is good, which is more market?
Aluminum clad wooden doors and windows in the preservation of solid wood doors and windows under the premise of the characteristics and functions, is the insulation (broken bridge) aluminum alloy and solid wood by mechanical method of composite frame. The two materials are connected by polymer nylon and take full account of the different properties of wood and metal shrinkage factors. Is the outside of the wood, which is aluminum, the combination of the two, this window is generally used for villas antique doors and windows in the more, it is more upscale atmosphere, aluminum package doors and windows is the biggest feature of insulation, energy saving, anti-sand. Aluminum package wooden window is in addition to solid wood and a layer of aluminum alloy, so that doors and windows of the more tightly sealed, can effectively block the invasion of sand. When the heat is hard, it can stop the outdoor heat, reduce the loss of indoor air-conditioning; in the cold winter will not freeze, condensation, but also the noise to the window.
Q:What are the types of windowsill
According to the use of points: electric open, manually open, fire linkage; According to the use of location: indoor doors, outdoor doors, doors and other doors.
Q:Granite marble windowsill radiation big? How to deal with?
Granite used in the room must pay attention to more ventilation, it is best not to use in the bedroom and other long-term closed use of the room; for the small amount of B class stone, such as the internal exposure of 1.1 granite as a sill plate or coffee table And other purposes in the bedroom is also often not often. That is, the use of low levels of radioactive stone, indoor ventilation should also deal with, because the wall and other building decoration materials will also release radon.
Q:Is there a building How many windowsill windows are off the ground?
Floor windows are not strictly speaking architectural terms, ah, this is a low window popular name. And the ground flush, but there will be an internal railing.
Q:What are the materials of the window?
First, the plastic - because it is plastic material, so the weight is small, good insulation performance, and the price is relatively low. Because often have to face the wind and rain to the sun, so the most concern is the plastic window of the anti-aging problem. In fact, the use of high-quality plastic window for up to a hundred years. Second, aluminum alloy - because it is a metal material, so there is no aging problem, and strong, impact resistance, strength. But the aluminum alloy window is most vulnerable to attack a weakness is the insulation performance, because the metal is a good heat conductor, the outside world and the indoor temperature will be transmitted with the window frame. Third, some aluminum windows on the use of a new "broken bridge" technology, that is, in the aluminum alloy window frame with a layer of resin material, completely cut off the way heat conduction. Broken bridge aluminum alloy window features are: 1. Application of insulated aluminum alloy profiles, the use of rolling to the inside and outside the aluminum alloy and insulation strips together. 2. The use of insulating glass, improve the insulation performance and sound insulation effect. 3. With independent sealing structure, sliding window with double-strait double top four sealed structure; flat window using the principle of isobaric, using a hard seal and two soft seal three sealed structure, with excellent air tightness and watertight The 4. Selection of high-grade accessories, beautiful shape, flexible operation, safe and reliable, is conducive to the window of the insulation effect.

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