Aluminum Diamond Grille

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Aluminum Diamond screen


The beautyand flexibility of Aluminum Diamond mesh ornamental grilles is unsurpassed.Manufactured by lancing and expanding high tensile 6063-T5 aluminum extrusions,Aluminum Diamond mesh is ideal for architectural and ornamental applications.
The sturdy strands of Aluminum Diamond mesh are easily fabricated to anyconfiguration. Welded into frames or tubing, Aluminum Diamond mesh is a popularchoice for attractive security grilles, ornamental door grilles, safetyfencing, or handrail infill panels.


AluminumDiamond grip 201 and 202 are economical, lightweight, aluminum flooringproducts popular for food processing and corrosion resistant applications.Single-piece construction combined with extensive open area allows for rapidcleaning of the floor. The depth of Aluminum Diamond grip 201 is .500 inchesand the depth of Aluminum Diamond grip 202 is .960 inches. Both products areavailable in 24" x 20"-0 stock panels or cut-to-size to your specification.


AluminumDiamond screen 351 is perfect for sun screen applications. The rich designcomplemented by the overall strand depth of 1-3/8" provides an attractiveand economic solution to screening applications.


The millfinish on 6063 aluminum alloy panels is often quite suitable for interior andnon-ornamental exterior applications. When evaluating architecturalapplications, consider anodizing or kynar finish coatings to provide a premiumappearance and years of outstanding performance.

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Q:What are the advantages of polyurethane screen and metal screen
The service life is long, the bearing capacity is big. The polyurethane elastic screen wire rope is used as the matrix material, plus polyurethane itself has very high elastic modulus, high strength and high wear resistance, shock absorption, so it has a high tensile strength, the bearing capacity is 2.5 times more than the rubber screen. Compared with the ordinary metal screen, the service life of the utility model is increased by 8-10 times, 3 times of the stainless steel screen surface, and is a natural rubber of the utility model, which is 3.9 times as much as the present. The production material of polyurethane screen mesh belongs to high molecular organic elastomer, which has excellent abrasion resistance, flexibility and flexibility. The raw material of polyurethane screen has been specially treated to ensure that it will not take off under the condition of long-term alternating load
Q:Two days ago in a fancy car metal Buick Lacrosse
Annual inspection is no problem, but there is no need Should be able to bar
Q:What are the advantages of metal mesh corrugated packing
Compared with the random packing, structured packing has the same number of theoretical plates and processing capacity
Q:Does the construction column and the wall link place plaster need to hang the metal net?
In the wall between the different materials need to deal with the cracks, and the construction of the wall is generally linked to the filling block masonry wall, so the need to hang a metal mesh before plastering
Q:The microwave oven door has a metal mesh to shield the microwave, smaller than the microwave wavelength
The shielding of electromagnetic wave belongs to electrostatic shielding, which is different from "blocking" mechanical wave.
Q:Four layer shielded cable TV line, which layer of metal mesh
Many people do not understand the principle of electromagnetic shielding, as long as the use of metal to make a box, and then the box to the ground, it can play the role of electromagnetic shielding. Under the guidance of this concept, the result is failure. Because the electromagnetic shielding and the shielding of the ground or not. There are only two factors that affect the shielding effectiveness of the shield: one is that the surface of the shield must be electrically conductive, and the other is a conductor that cannot penetrate the shield directly. There are many discontinuous points on the shield, and the most important one is the non conductive gap formed by the different parts of the shield. These non conducting gaps create an electromagnetic leakage, as the fluid leaks from the slot on the container. One way to solve this problem is to fill the gap with conductive elastic material to eliminate the non conducting point.
Q:Shanghai nonferrous metal network is the price of tax or excluding tax price
Copper, which is the most expensive, is the best copper wire2 brass (in fact, there are strict classification of three grades)3 copper (this is a very poor alloy, the main component is not copper)
Q:Do you want to add metal mesh or what?
Mao Huaifang first wall base leveling, cleaning the original wall base, the gap between the stone with high sealing seam, with dacron cloth paste: scratch 3 times environmental protection putty and grinding back: Yang corner with white latex against cooked powder; new and old wall wall where the transfer to a metal net
Q:What is the general use of the metal mesh ceiling
They can be used in formal industrial and civil buildings, but are now obsolete. The reasons are as follows
Q:There is a layer of metal screen on the door of the microwave oven
Because the mesh size of the metal mesh in the glass interlayer is precisely calculated, it can block the penetration of the microwave. Titanium film is also used as the material of microwave oven door.

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