Aluminum cylinder power bank

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power bank 2600mah charger
1.factory price
2.past CE,FCC,RoHS certification
3.aluminum power bank

Promotional gift portable power bank 2600mah /power bank charger/ 2600mah power bank

Available capacity:3000mah/2600mah/2200mah/2000mah/1800mah/1500mah/1200mah

External back up battery for mobile device
Battery18650 x 1(18650 Lithium-Ion)
USB output5V/800mA
Charging time4hrs
life timeover 500times
Connectorsmicro usb cable x 1
LogoLaser engraving (5USD for sample logo fee(refundble))
Packing & Price (can be packed as your requirement)
Package Size:7.3x18x2.5cm
Carton size:48.5*36*25cm

Optional part

1 X Brand new power bank;  

1 X Mini USB connector;

1 X Micro USB connector;        

1 XDC connector;

1 X Nokia connector;            

1 X iphone connector;

1 X sonny connector;            

1 Xsamsung connector;

1 X USB cable;              

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