Aluminum Concentric Cable 2*6 AWG 、power cable

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2.we have over 20 years experience on power cable
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Aluminum Concentric Cable 2*6 AWG

1. Executive Standard                                                                                                                                       

Non flame-retardant type: GB/T12706-2002 Flame-retardant type: Q/VAFQ 6-2006                                  

4.power cable for different voltage grade                                                               

1) low  voltage  cable power cable

Low voltage (0.6/1 kv)

single core or multi-core

copper or aluminium conducto

pvc inusulation

steel tape armored or galvanized steel wire armored or unarmored

Voltage grade is up to 35kv,

cross-section area can be up to 1000 sqmm  (copper or aluminiun conductor).

Conductor long-time  operating temperature is 90 degrees.

In short circuit, conductor  highest temperature should be not more than 250 degrees.

1kv-35 kv 


copper or aluminium conductor

xlpe insulation

copper tape or copper wire screen 

galvanized steel wire armored

High voltage (35kv~220kv) 

copper or aluminium conductor

xlpe insulation

metal sheath (lead or corrugated aluminium)

hdpe or pvc outer sheath power cable.

Laying conditions: for lyaing  under ground with large different  altitude, be able to bear external machanicalforceand and moderate pulling force.



1) long time operating temperature for cable conductor is 90 degrees.

2) the highest temperature of the conductor in short circuit (no longer than 5 seconds) in not more than 250 degree

if a joint is in the cable, the temperature of the tinning welding joint is not more than 120 degrees, compressing joint not more than 150 degrees and electro-welding joint not more than 250 degrees.

3) no drop in limited provided there is full mechanical tention when cable is laid. It si forbidden to lay cable in iron-pipe or to fix cable by circling around the cable with iron materials.

4) being laid, the minimum temperature of the cable shall not be lower than zero degree. In the caselowtemperature, heating measures shall be taken.



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Q:Dell Inspiron 1720 power cable problem?
contact dell maybe theyll help u
Q:Can i use an AC power cable in place of an ordinary 2-wire telephone cable?
telephone wire is twisted pair.. which reduces interference, and induction problems... using electrical cable in place of phone cable would work but not without acting like an antenna and picking up all kinds of back ground interference... as well as potentially degrading the signal for your DSL...
Q:What power cable to I need for my new internal hard drive?
What or compusa or fry's electronics
Q:our power went out and our cable came back on but we lost our surround sound through the receiver. Any ideas?
There is a chance a surge may have damaged some components in your receiver. Power Surges are brief spikes of abnormally high voltage spikes (excess electricity) that can cause immediate damage to sensitive electronics. Surges can be caused from lightning, the utility company (coming in through your breaker box) or electronics with-in your home such as a vacuum, spin cycle on the washing machine etc... Surges can enter your home through your cable line as well and damage anything connected to it cable box, TV, surround sound connected to TV or cable box at the time of the surge... You can prevent this by installing a cable surge protector on your cable line and using a surge protector strip to plug your entertainment system into so the surges will damage these items instead of reaching your electronics and causing you all this hassle. If storms seem to cause this scenario often you could look into getting phone protection as well as a whole house surge protector on your breaker box.
Q:Where should this interior power cable be connected?
That's the main power connector for the motherboard. It probably plugs into that white socket behind it on the board, but check the motherboard manual to make sure you put it in the right place. It's pretty hard to plug things into the wrong place most of the time, but check to be sure.
Q:Shall i use directly Nikon S550 digi camera U.S. power cable in India?
India power outlets run 220v, not 120, so you are going to need a converter or a completely new power-supply.
Q:Need to find X box 360 power cable in Finland! Help.?
You could probably buy an adapter plug for your existing cable. Getting a whole new cable might very well mess with the machine itself, and be more expensive than a simple adapter. Just go to an electronics’ store, with the cable, (the bigger the better) and ask for a suitable adapter for it.
Q:Power Cable to amp too short?
The only way to properly splice the cable is to solder the cable to another piece of cable the same size. The best insulator is brush on tape , just make sure whatever you choose to use, it is sufficiently wrapped. There should minimal power loss if care is taken to make the connection well. However, the best way would be to run a new cable. But considering the trouble this may pose, a quality spice may be the best choice.
Q:I have a Satellite A300 series Toshiba laptop, and I need a cheap reliable power cable to buy online, help?
If you don't already have an OKorder account, you should get one - it opens up a whole world of bargains. Just make sure you buy from a seller with a 99% or better rating and over 100 sales. I have never had any problem as long as I have followed those guidelines. Good luck!
Q:Can I use a power extension cable overseas?
You'd use the correct AC power cord that replaces the toggle-head part, and that would be the best part. These can be bought with a variety of different ends on them; while the adapter itself will work with any of the supported voltage ranges, automatically.

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