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PVC Casement Composite window 
1)Energy-saving ,sound-isolated ,waterproof,anti-noise,dustproof 

steel window (Composite window)



steel window

2. Model   60 series 
3. Materialsteel
4. Type of glassSingle glass, double glass, double glass Low-E, triple glass, triple glass Low-E, laminated glassMay be customized
5. Thickness of glass4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mmMay be customized
6.Hardware fittingsSelected from top-ranking Chinese brands and some German brandsMay be customized
7.ColorsReferring to the color cardMay be customized
8. AccessoriesTerpolymer EP rubber strips, stainless steel screws, etc.

ISO certificate

10.Performance parameters

Sound: GB/T 8485-2008


Resistance to wind load: GB/T 7106-2008


Air tightness: GB/T 7106-2008

<p >

Water tightness: GB/T 7106-2008

250 p<350pa

Heat transfer coefficient: GB/T 7106-2008


Horizontal tension: GB/T 7106-2008

11.Opening mode

Composite window

12. Product characteristics

The adoption of the welding and chamfering processes guarantees the strength of doors and windows, guards against leakage of water, and makes the product more aesthetic in appearance.  

13. Window screenGlass fiber 
14. Product style Customizable
15. ApplicationResidence,apartments,hotels,office buildings
16. Surface treatmentwhite, co-extrusion, laminating, spray coating
13.Product advantages

1. Via a series of processing procedures such as cutting and welding, Yuhong plastic steel door and window sections used for doors and windows are made into door and window frames. Meanwhile, steel lining is added into the cavities of sections to enhance their rigidity. Then a high-quality plastic steel door or and window is assembled as a whole, with an error of not more than 0.2mm. 

2. By developing independently accessory moulds to optimize the features of its plastic steel doors and windows, Yuhong plastic steel doors and windows are free from the problem with inferior performance caused by the inadequate adaptability between sections and hardware, which are always from different manufactures. 

3. Corrosion resistance: Yuhong doors and windows have good corrosion resistance due to the unique formulation of their sections, and all the accessories all dedicated anti-corrosive hardware, which will not be corroded even in severe circumstances. 

4. Weathering resistance: the addition of stabilizer, anti-ager and modifying agent to the section formulation in a suitable proportion enhances the weathering resistance of sections, which will not discolor even after many years of service. 

5. Fire retardancy: Yuhong doors and windows, which do not combust themselves, nor contribute to combustion, is safe and reliable. 

6. Insulation property: Yuhong doors and windows do not conduct electricity due to their superior electric insulation property, and thus have a high level of safety factor. 


1.Durable,large size and lighting 
2.Good ventilated performance 
3.Laminated glass 
good pictures aluminum window and door

Casement Aluminum Window Suitable Beautiful Low price 



* Aluminum Alloy:

6063-T5, thermal break, good pictures aluminum window and door .

* Thickness:

2.0mm profile thickness.


* Surface Treatment:

Customized (Powder coated/ Electrophoresis/ Anodizing etc).

* Color:

Customized (White, black, silver etc).


* Type:

Customized (Tempered Glass/ Laminated Glass/ LOW-E Glass/ Tint Glass etc).

* Thickness:

Customized(can be Single: 8/10/12mm..., Double: 5+9+5mm/6+9+6mm/5+0.76+5mm etc)

* Color:

Customized (Clear, Obscure, Green, Gray etc)


* Brand:

China Brand, German Brand, etc.

* Color:

White, Black, Silver.etc.

* Sealant:



* Quality certificate


*Glass certification



1.protective tape +plywood crate


3.accept customized package






















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Q:Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and 90 series aluminum alloy which high prices
90 series of square meters of aluminum alloy content is likely to be higher, broken bridge aluminum aluminum alloy content is relatively small, but because the broken bridge aluminum added insulation, the unit price is high, so it is not necessarily 90 series of expensive , The other window of the cost depends on the hardware used (that is, such as opening the use of locking institutions, transmission, etc.) push and pull open because of its different ways of opening, so its hardware is not the same, so the two are not too big Comparable. Finally, the introduction of the flat window because of its open way to open, so the seal can be used EPDM tape seal, and the sliding window to open the fan to achieve through the sliding, the seal can only use the top to seal, the two seals Performance compared to the flat window of the sealing performance is much better, and doors and windows of the watertight, air tightness, insulation properties, sound insulation performance are fundamentally sealed, sealed bad, leaky water leakage, insulation will not be good, Of course, sound insulation will be significantly reduced, so if it is their own use to recommend the installation of flat window. Do not use sliding window. Of course, there are sliding window using the tape seal, but because of the structure of the reasons, the tape to use self-lubricating function of the tape, the cost is high, so the market is rarely used engineering.
Q:Building drawings above the marked height of the altar 950, the conventional not all 900? This extra 50mm, how to understand?
Floor pouring to remove 50mm, so the building elevation 950 is reasonable, he considered the structure to the windowsill elevation.
Q:What kind of plants are there on the windowsill?
According to scientific experiments, a pot of flowers at night due to respiratory effects of consumption of carbon in the body is only 0.1 grams, then the ten pots of flowers released by the total amount of carbon dioxide, but also tantamount to smoke a cigarette produced by carbon dioxide, Poor ventilation in the bedroom, air turbidity and other phenomena caused by the unhappy people and mind, and aquaculture is completely irrelevant. Say, some flowers, such as jasmine, rose, night incense and so on, day and night can release volatile essential oils and negative ions, there is the role of fresh air, so that the bedroom often keep the air clean, contains aromatic Qinren heart, can be excited Spirit, eliminate fatigue. Some flowers can also treat such as mental depression, neurasthenia and other chronic diseases. And the incense of the flowers, and the role of mosquitoes. In addition to absorbing sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, chlorine and other harmful gases, but also secrete the bacteria to kill bacteria, reduce colds, typhoid, throat inflammation and other infectious diseases, the occurrence of infectious diseases, The health of the human body is great.   Of course, in the bedroom to raise flowers, should keep the basin of soil clean, fertilizer to deep practice, not without the decomposition of organic fertilizer, timely removal of dead flowers. In this way, the bedroom is not good for the flowers, people do not have to worry about, in addition to the plant bath mist and other reasons, the night do not have to move the pots outdoors, obviously this reason, you can rest assured that in the bedroom Breeding flowers. Water bamboo, geranium, chlorophytum, pocket coconut, green radish, white crane taro (smooth sailing), Clivia and other plants can absorb toxic chemicals
Q:How to deal with the gap before the putty putty
Tube to buy a bubble when the glue is equipped with a dedicated barrel, hit the same method and above.
Q:Floating window with artificial stone or marble
Your main problem is the artificial stone and natural stone considerations Should be used marble, artificial stone for a long time into the dirt, and the color of what are less than the natural stone. Artificial stone is only the cost of natural stone to be cheaper. General bay windows are made of natural stone, such as gold beige, deep coffee net, black gold and so on
Q:Indoor windows do not want to install glass windows, seeking design
In the size of the general window, the window width is generally 0.6m, wide to form a "window", but pay attention to the size of the general window with a wide width of the window, the partition next to the room and the sliding window slick sliding range Problems, but also pay attention to the size of the general window of the wide window width will cause the cross-wall glare, the classroom, the exhibition room are inappropriate.
Q:What is the unit of the window?
General works on the number of windows per unit Terminology: Tang, fan
Q:Buy off the bridge aluminum doors and windows Note
Profile wall thickness Broken bridge aluminum is usually divided into 60 series (6 cm), 70 series (7 cm), and broken steel doors and windows of the quality of good or bad is not to see what series of profiles, mainly depends on the broken aluminum doors and windows of the material, wall thickness , The insulation section, processing technology; district is relatively quiet, the window is not great, choose 60 series of profiles is enough, if the district street, floor windows, sealing insulation requirements, you can choose 70 series profiles.+D82
Q:How to choose marble? Shop windowsill
I am also in the selection of materials. I chose 80X80 tiles. Do not know if you are a balcony or a terrace. I turned in the decoration market several laps, asked N more, the cheapest 80 bricks between 10 to 20, and finally decided to use the cheapest. Because 80 brick color similar, only need to consider wear and waterproof on it. Most businesses say that low prices are not equal to low quality So the landlord does not need to buy any brand. 30 yuan a piece of already enough. Suggestions, 80X80 brick color is very small, the optional degree is not high. Recommended landlord with 30X30 brick, style patterns particularly large, after all, balcony Well, you should get a little dynamic. The price of 2 yuan a piece of no problem.
Q:Day cold the windowsill side of the watermark, is the external wall seepage it? Can I use glass glue? Used inside or inside?
Now there is a called Li Da licensing external wall waterproofing agent is very easy to use the effect is also very good, you can try.

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