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Product Description:



1.Durable,large size and lighting 
2.Good ventilated performance 
3.Laminated glass 
good pictures aluminum window and door

Casement Aluminum Window Suitable Beautiful Low price 



* Aluminum Alloy:

6063-T5, thermal break, good pictures aluminum window and door .

* Thickness:

2.0mm profile thickness.


* Surface Treatment:

Customized (Powder coated/ Electrophoresis/ Anodizing etc).

* Color:

Customized (White, black, silver etc).


* Type:

Customized (Tempered Glass/ Laminated Glass/ LOW-E Glass/ Tint Glass etc).

* Thickness:

Customized(can be Single: 8/10/12mm..., Double: 5+9+5mm/6+9+6mm/5+0.76+5mm etc)

* Color:

Customized (Clear, Obscure, Green, Gray etc)


* Brand:

China Brand, German Brand, etc.

* Color:

White, Black, Silver.etc.

* Sealant:



* Quality certificate


*Glass certification



1.protective tape +plywood crate


3.accept customized package














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Q:What is the window bag material?
Now the window is not a lot of cases with wooden materials, because the windows will be exposed to the sun's rays, as well as the impact of rain, wood materials, window sets of time is not long will be a problem, so many direct brush Latex paint, only on the windowsill with a piece of stone tile.
Q:Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows 60 or 70 good
70 series (wall thickness: 1.8mm; sealing structure: 10 seals); the simplest of the material wall thickness and sealing structure of the difference: 60 series (profile wall thickness: 1.4mm; sealing structure: 6 seals) Choice: home is not next to the roadside or square, warm winter is also very warm, then choose 60 series Zhongwang broken bridge aluminum windows, if the surrounding environment is very noisy, need a good seal, sound insulation, warmth, Then choose the 70 series of Zhong Wang broken bridge aluminum windows.
Q:What are the national standards for broken aluminum doors and windows?
Broken aluminum doors and windows of the specifications: strip to use imported EPDM products, its service life of 30 years, poor quality product life is only about 5 years. Sealant to use silicone weathering adhesive Natural color, the smell should be not pungent, not strong. Pull. Stretch: Rally strong, flexible, not easy to fold. High-quality aluminum doors and windows used in aluminum, thickness, strength and oxide film, etc., should comply with the relevant national standards, wall thickness should be more than 1.2 mm, tensile strength of 157 Newton per square millimeter, yield strength to reach per square millimeter 108 Newton, the oxide film thickness should reach 10 microns. If you can not meet the above criteria, indicating that this is a poor quality aluminum alloy doors and windows, can not be used.
Q:What is the height of the windows in the window?
More than the normal height of the window can be called high windows, the specific high is not required.
Q:Inside and outside the role of the windowsill are what
The role of the outer window can be kind of flowers, the role of the windowsill is put some pieces of broken things.
Q:What material is used for the windowsill
Marble: the advantages of hard, natural texture, very natural and beautiful. Shortcomings, such as stitching a seam, easy to penetrate, easy to produce natural cleft and a different degree of radiation and so on.
Q:How to reduce the height of the windowsill into a bay window
Bay window because it is already building appearance, it is recommended not to change. It is recommended not to reduce the height of the window, directly in the indoor concave to do a 400-500mm high cabinet, above the laying of a marble, the window convex position made of bay window feeling, if you do not need storage space, The form made of brick and prefabricated cement board for laying. Because the height of the window is already the structure of the building itself, in the strict management of the district which is not allowed to make the appearance of change; but some of the district because the management is not strict, you can do security measures (outside the windows do the isolation network Or to build a cover to prevent the demolition of the brick when the window down, endanger the other staff), the first window removed, and then part of the window below the wall from the outside to the demolition, demolition to the required window height so far, and then For wall patching and custom windows (must be the same as the original window aluminum color), and then do the steps in front of the window. But to do so, involving changes to the external building structure, so the property management office will give the external structure of the provisions of the waterproof warranty, if removed, will no longer warranty, so the proposed or not to change.
Q:Bathroom window with quartz stone is good or good brick
Recommended quartz stone, because the quartz is very low radiation, and the style is also very high, quartz stone high strength, low water absorption, high temperature, no deformation.
Q:How to buy broken aluminum doors and windows, which is good? Blue card doors and windows fly it?
Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows through the quality of several aspects can be identified: The first look at the use of doors and windows: broken aluminum doors and windows used in aluminum, thickness, strength and oxide film, wall thickness should be more than 1.2mm, the oxide film thickness should reach 10 microns. Second look at the door and window processing: broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, processing fine, installation stress, good sealing performance, switch freely. Third look at the appearance of doors and windows: the appearance of doors and windows is also a key link, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have artificial oxide film and color formation of composite film, this composite film not only corrosion, wear, and have a certain fire function, High gloss. The fourth look at the price of doors and windows: in general, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows due to high production costs, the price is higher than the quality of aluminum doors and windows to be high. Fifth look at the performance of doors and windows: broken bridge aluminum doors and windows usually check the following main performance, strength, air tightness, water tightness, opening and closing force, noise, heat insulation, nylon guide wheel durability, opening and closing durability and other factors.
Q:Building windowsill beam long
90 centimeters There are two cases of the sill beam, one is only in the window, to the two sides of the wall to extend a certain length. Second is the long pass on the wall. The former situation generally do not overlap. The latter case can refer to the lap of the lap to do.

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