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1.Durable,large size and lighting 
2.Good ventilated performance 
3.Laminated glass 
good pictures aluminum window and door

Casement Aluminum Window Suitable Beautiful Low price 



* Aluminum Alloy:

6063-T5, thermal break, good pictures aluminum window and door .

* Thickness:

2.0mm profile thickness.


* Surface Treatment:

Customized (Powder coated/ Electrophoresis/ Anodizing etc).

* Color:

Customized (White, black, silver etc).


* Type:

Customized (Tempered Glass/ Laminated Glass/ LOW-E Glass/ Tint Glass etc).

* Thickness:

Customized(can be Single: 8/10/12mm..., Double: 5+9+5mm/6+9+6mm/5+0.76+5mm etc)

* Color:

Customized (Clear, Obscure, Green, Gray etc)


* Brand:

China Brand, German Brand, etc.

* Color:

White, Black, Silver.etc.

* Sealant:



* Quality certificate


*Glass certification



1.protective tape +plywood crate


3.accept customized package














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Q:What is the difference between the temporary windowsill and the residential windowsill?
Residential windowsill with a fixed head height of 1.7 meters or so, there is no fixed head in the 1.2 meters or so, not more than 1.5 meters, the height of sliding doors in the normal 2.2 meters, another house window size too much, so only Say something about it
Q:How to distinguish between the true and false aluminum windows and doors
Look at the insulation of the insulation section of the insulation and domestic and domestic insulation strips are mostly plastic PVC material, imported insulation is polyamide, that is, nylon insulation. Good quality of the broken aluminum doors and windows, the use of imported insulation, and its high temperature and low temperature resistance better, low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation can achieve the effect of environmental protection and energy saving, energy savings of 20% - 30 %.
Q:The roof of the roof
In the building in the open wall of the top of the reinforced concrete cover, usually in the top of the windows of the windows, the top of the parapet. (Note: there is no specific specification for the roof pressure, and as a quality control measures or local standards).
Q:Broken bridge aluminum three glass is good or double hollow glass good
If the configuration of three layers of insulating glass, of course, better than double glass, three glass can effectively block the conduction of low temperature, in Switzerland and the Nordic countries, due to cold weather, the general use of three layers of insulating glass, and some places also use four Layer of insulating glass.
Q:How to do windowsill waterproof
Mainly in the outside of the window to do waterproofing treatment, usually the wall was approved scratch water resistant putty, brush waterproof coating. Of course, if you do some of the basic waterproof, then the effect will be better waterproof. In the indoors, it is generally not waterproof, because, if the outside leaking, then in the inside of the waterproof effect will not be too ideal. But from the moisture point of view, the indoor waterproof treatment is still good, to play glass glue or do waterproof on the outside.
Q:Indoor windows do not want to install glass windows, seeking design
In the size of the general window, the window width is generally 0.6m, wide to form a "window", but pay attention to the size of the general window with a wide width of the window, the partition next to the room and the sliding window slick sliding range Problems, but also pay attention to the size of the general window of the wide window width will cause the cross-wall glare, the classroom, the exhibition room are inappropriate.
Q:What is the unit of the window?
What The number of windows is the unit of the fan, the area of the window is square meters. For example, the house has four windows. The window area is 2.25 square meters. The window is a ventilated device on the wall.the best window
Q:Buy off the bridge aluminum doors and windows Note
Profile wall thickness Broken bridge aluminum is usually divided into 60 series (6 cm), 70 series (7 cm), and broken steel doors and windows of the quality of good or bad is not to see what series of profiles, mainly depends on the broken aluminum doors and windows of the material, wall thickness , The insulation section, processing technology; district is relatively quiet, the window is not great, choose 60 series of profiles is enough, if the district street, floor windows, sealing insulation requirements, you can choose 70 series profiles.+D82
Q:Aluminum alloy airtight window price
The airtight window is provided with two glass sliding window guide rails and two window guide rails, and the sliding window frame and the screen window are embedded in the upper and lower frame of the outer frame. Which is characterized in that the elastic window is fixed between the middle of the outer rail of the outer frame and the middle of the frame, and the two screens are located on the outside of the sliding window. The outer and upper right and upper sides of the outer frame are provided with left and right corresponding tenon and groove, The inside of the left and right frame are divided into inner and outer grooves, and the left and right frame are inserted into the left and right frame, The groove is fitted with a resilient sealing strip projecting outwardly and folded toward the inner side wall of the outer frame and fixed on the inner side wall, forming an arcuate slope on its outer surface, the left and right frame of the sliding window The corresponding side is provided with a slope. Its advantages are anti-dust, mosquitoes and other significant role, anti-theft performance, good air tightness, easy assembly, low supplies.
Q:What are the materials of the window?
Wood - Relatively speaking, the wood should be the most perfect form frame material, both from the insulation, noise and other aspects have obvious advantages, and the inherent texture and natural patterns more exciting. Although it is wood, but in fact some of the solid wood used to do window frames have been through layers of special treatment, not only without the water, requiring a higher or even sucked fat, so that the so-called wood actually Has been the same as the fossil, after the treatment of solid wood, only to retain the appearance of wood, the quality is completely different, and will not crack deformation, not to worry about insect bites, corrosion, and intensity is also greatly increased. In addition, there is a frame structure known as the aluminum package wood, wooden frame outdoor part of a layer of aluminum alloy structure, in fact, this is a combination of wood frame insulation and aluminum alloy high strength, combined For one, avoid weaknesses. The only drawback of wooden windows is that the cost is too high.

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