Aluminum bottle water purifier Domestic water use terminal

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Aluminum bottle water purifier
Material: Aluminum
Production process: die casting by die casting machine , polishing and spraying plastics.
Usage: Domestic water use terminal, using high-precision ceramic filter filter water impurities greater than 0.1 micron.
Advantages: high precision ceramic cartridge filter, the filter can be used repeatedly, long service life.
Specifications: the inner core with a round ceramic filter
Weight: 800
Interface: Connect terminal four extraoral threaded pipes

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Q:Can water filter out smoke?
Water cooled high temperature to low temperature, cigarettes, avoid high temperature cigarette burns the throat and lungs, cough and eliminate smoking related diseases, especially for smoking has lead to pharyngitis, tonsillitis, irritating cough, bronchitis,
Q:My home water is well water. What do I need to filter?
Water quality testing for the general family water is not easy to achieve, it should be to filter the water into the home water quality it
Q:What can you do to make water in a fish tank filter better?
. Nitrifying bacteria will grow on biological filters, that is, the main component of water quality is biofiltration. Under the conditions, you can add a layer of biological filter, a layer of physical filter overlay.
Q:Two water aquarium filter will not be more clear
The effect of filtration is related to the flow rate and the amount of filter material. Under the same conditions,
Q:What kind of filter can keep fish tank from changing water for a long time?
Any filter system can make your digestive system does not change the water tank for a long period of time, it does not change the water ammonia nitrogen nitrite can not be reduced, the fish will be a problem for you, recommend you use plug-in tube to filter, biochemical ring put some questions:
Q:How can you keep the water in a fish tank clean?
But this is artificial, after all, far from nature, and it changes at any moment. The bigger the cylinder, the more water, and the less fish, the longer the simulated natural ecology in the tank. Try to make the circulation water a little larger, so that no residue in the tank and leftover bait, the water will naturally clear. The water is kept well and the ecology is set up.
Q:How to make the filter of garden fish pond?
turning over cylinder, re landscaping, adjusting landscaping, etc..
Q:Which filter material is good for kitchen water purifier?
multistage filter water purifier. The water purifier has two stages of coarse filtration and a set of fine filtration, and the fine filtration adopts a hollow fiber filter element, and the filtered water can be directly drunk.
Q:How do you make a simple water filter?
1. take a plastic Coke bottles, remove the bottom seat, drill holes with a dozen red drill at the bottom of the bottle, the bottle plug with a glass tube made of rubber stopper, filter!
Q:Can the tap water be filtered directly after the drinking water purifier is filtered, and the tap water can be changed directly to the fish tank after being filtered by the drinking water purifier
l, but things have a limit, you do not change the water more than 1/2 of the fish is not only harmless, but also a little better, chlorine can also sterilization. I have been selling ornamental fish for many years, and I have some experience.

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