Aluminum bottle water purifier Domestic water use terminal

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Aluminum bottle water purifier
Material: Aluminum
Production process: die casting by die casting machine , polishing and spraying plastics.
Usage: Domestic water use terminal, using high-precision ceramic filter filter water impurities greater than 0.1 micron.
Advantages: high precision ceramic cartridge filter, the filter can be used repeatedly, long service life.
Specifications: the inner core with a round ceramic filter
Weight: 800
Interface: Connect terminal four extraoral threaded pipes

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Q:What's the difference between a household scale filter and a softened water equipment?
both have the function of removing the scale, but the use of low cost, without subsequent maintenance, the water amount is larger, less expensive
Q:What's the use of a filter in a turtle jar? Don't change the water?
dirty to change, there is no time limit.
Q:Can tap water be filtered and filtered to drink?
only to buy water purifiers, water filtration every day, you can often drink fresh water. I think it's ok.
Q:How to make the filter of garden fish pond?
load PP filter cotton, become super physics filter. A, for circulating and filtering fish treatment isolation cylinder. B is used for quick clarification of muddy water such as opening cylinder,
Q:What's the function of the filter in the fridge?
the capillary diameter is very small, it is likely to cause blockage without refrigeration.
Q:Can the water purifier be directly filtered? More than 1000?
Have you tasted should be ultrafiltration machine or activated carbon water purifier filtered water, boil to boil tap water have no difference in essence, this machine is the chemical pollution of water solubility of organic compounds, such as heavy metal removal rate is zero, the psychological effect of this machine is greater than the actual use, but also is the legendary self deception.
Q:How to strengthen the filtration system on fish tank?
Third, be sure to add an external filter cylinder, the same filter tube outlet should also be set on stockings, fixed in the filter tank. Stockings on the one hand can filter out dirt, on the one hand can have a very good function of noise reduction
Q:Can water purifier filter hot water?
Water purifiers vary according to the techniques and materials used, and the heat resistance levels are generally over 60 DEG C, as long as they are not boiling water;
Q:My home water is well water. What do I need to filter?
(in fact, most of the water treatment plants are not very complicated at present and the water quality of the water sources is ideal.).
Q:What's the reason for the turbidity of the fish tank? What filter works best?
Turbid water contains suspended matter in water, leading to confusion. Suspended substances contain organic, inorganic, biological, etc., and there is no fixed reason for the turbidity of water, for example:

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