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Weare the largest aluminum profile manufacture in China which specializing in industry aluminum profile. If you need some products,please feel free to send us the drawings or samples, we will supply you the good qualitywith best price, and we will serve you all the time.

The detail descriptions ofaluminum profile as bellowing:


Alloy  Aluminum 6063,6061,6005,6082 or customer nominated





φ80mm, φ100mm, φ120mm, φ151mm,φ174mm, φ198mm, φ254mm, φ275mm, φ310mm, φ370mm,φ446mm, φ504mm  and φ582mm.


Not  more than 12 meters

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Q:How many teeth does it take to cut the 40-60mm thick aluminum bar? What brand is better?
Aluminum bar cutting, in terms of thickness, you need to use 50 teeth of aluminum alloy saw blade. Because 40-60mm is relatively thick aluminum, it is impossible to choose the aluminum alloy blade with more dense teeth. In addition, matching speed is needed to achieve the desired cutting effect.Currently on the market in Japan's big right, Taiwan's pigeons are very good reputation. The price of pigeons is big, the right is low, the durability is great, the right is higher.
Q:Synchronous wheel aluminum bar
Synchronous pulley materials are commonly used in gray iron, 45# steel, aluminum alloy, copper or engineering plastics, etc.. 2A12 aluminum alloy is common in aluminum alloy.
Q:Take a look at the HS code for this product, raw material: aluminum bar, used for support
There is a pure aluminum or aluminum alloy:Pure aluminum: 7604101000 tariff rate 5%Aluminum alloy: 7604291091, section perimeter, etc. / greater than 210 mm 5%7604291099 the circumference of the section is less than 210 mm 5%
Q:Hello, I just graduated from University, want to use aluminum into aluminum bar, do you need what kind of machine
It is suggested that a small workshop be visited on the spot, which is a technical activity, and the yield of water will directly determine the profit and loss.
Q:Explain the details of the aluminum rod casting process 100
After smelting, is there a component test to adjust the composition?
Q:What does aluminium bar 5052 mean?
Three, 5052-, H34 aluminum chemical composition:Aluminum Al: margin; silicon Si:0.25;Copper Cu:0.10; magnesium Mg:2.2 ~ 2.8;Zinc Zn:0.10; manganese Mn:0.10;Chromium Cr:0.15 ~ 0.35; iron Fe:0.4 0.Mechanical properties of four, 5052-, H34 aluminum plateTensile strength B MPa (170~305)Conditional yield strength (MPa = 65) 0.2Modulus of elasticity: E 69.3 ~ 70.7GpaThe annealing temperature is 345 DEG C.Surface quality of five, 5052- H34 aluminium plate1, the surface does not allow cracks, corrosion spots and trace nitrate.2, on the surface is allowed to have a depth of no more than the defect location of wall thickness of nominal size 8% peeling, bubble, surface rough and local mechanical damage, but the defects of the maximum depth of not more than 0.5mm, the total defect area of not more than 5% of the total area of the plate.3, allow the supplier to polish the smooth surface along the longitudinal profile.4 other requirements: the demand side and the supplier to develop their own.Six, 5052-, H34 aluminum welding electrode model5052 aluminum plate can be welded with ER5356 welding rod. After welding, the mechanical properties of the 5052 aluminum sheets can be met. 5356 of the chemical composition: Si:0.25; Fe:0.40; Cu:0.10; Mn:0.05-0.20; Mg:4.5-5.6; Cu:0.02--0.20; Zn:0.10- 0.20; Ti:0.06--0.20; Al: margin; 5336 higher magnesium content.
Q:Which material is hard, 7075 aluminum bar or 6065 aluminum bar?
7075 belong to high strength, heat treatment alloy, hardness can reach 150HB, and 6005 bar hardness can reach about HB85, so the hardness of 7075 bars is higher than 6005 - Cheung Hong aluminum
Q:How to break the tooth of woodworking saw blade for cutting aluminum rod
Aluminum alloy saw blade used for cutting aluminumYou cut the aluminum with a woodworking saw blade, and their teeth will damage you in a different wayFor cutting aluminum, buy professional saw blades
Q:Can the internal and external grinding mill grind the aluminum bar?
The Hauck tool installed in the lathe up cylindrical grinder, instead of the traditional internal grinder, abrasive belt grinding machine and screw grinder, without two clamping, without grinding wheel, abrasive belt, clamping and processing can achieve a Ra0.2 mirror effect on lathe. Hauck can also be installed on the grinder, for high-precision, high hardness parts, easy processing to mirror effect.
Q:What does "T4" mean in the material of aluminum bar?
2, aluminum rod material label in T4 is the state subdivision grading after solution treatment for grade T4, T--- material for heat treatment after the state of the 4----, as the level state divided after heat treatment, T4 refers to the material after solution heat treatment, have natural aging to stable state not, after cold processing can be used directly.Note: solid solution treatment - heating allows all phases in the material to be fully dissolved, strengthens solid solution, improves toughness and corrosion resistance, and eliminates stress and softening.

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