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Weare the largest aluminum profile manufacture in China which specializing in industry aluminum profile. If you need some products,please feel free to send us the drawings or samples, we will supply you the good qualitywith best price, and we will serve you all the time.

The detail descriptions ofaluminum profile as bellowing:


Alloy  Aluminum 6063,6061,6005,6082 or customer nominated





φ80mm, φ100mm, φ120mm, φ151mm,φ174mm, φ198mm, φ254mm, φ275mm, φ310mm, φ370mm,φ446mm, φ504mm  and φ582mm.


Not  more than 12 meters

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Q:I would like to know the benefits of the aluminum bar homogeneous process and some related knowledge, know the master, please let me know, thank you!
At present our company mainly production 15 tons, 20 tons, 35 tons and 40 tons, 15 tons of available specifications, electricity, oil or gas heating, and more than 20 tons of oil or gas heating.
Q:Imported 7075 aluminum plate, 7075 aluminum alloy, 7075 aluminum bar, original quality guarantee, Shanghai where to sell?
Guangdong Nanyang metal material Co. Ltd. (domestic) direct selling a variety of imported aluminum / aluminum / aluminum / aluminum / rod with rust proof aluminum / aluminum / aluminum and other varieties complete specifications, such as 70757075-T67075-T65150835083-H1125083-H325083-H2260616061-T66061-T65160636063-T46063-T4516063-T650525052-T145052-T24, 1A30, 1A99, 1a97, 1a95, 1a93, 1a90, 1a85, 1A80, 1a80a, 10701100, 2A04, 2A06, 2A10 2A12, 2A162011201420172017A, 211722182618221920242124, 3A2130033103300430053105, 4A0140044032, 5A01, 5A02, 5A03, 5A05, 5A12, 5A30, 5A33500550505251505250545054a, 54545554575450565356545650825182508351835086, 6A02, 6A516005, 6. 060606160636082, 7A01, 7A03, 7A04, 7A05, 7A52700370057009702070227050707570727075707971747475, 8A0680118089, LF2, LF3, LF5, LC4, LD2, LD4, LD5, LD7, LD9, LY12 etc. all kinds of aluminum, aluminum rod, aluminum strip, Aluminum Alloy.
Q:Aluminum bars 5000 and imported aluminum rods 7075 which is good corrosion resistance?
The 5000 Series is AL-Mn alloy, is one of the most widely used aluminium alloy, the strength is high, especially with anti fatigue strength: ductility and high corrosion resistance, heat treatment can strengthen, in the semi cold hardening plastic plastic is good, low cold hardening, resistance good corrosion, good weldability, machinability, polishing.
Q:Can the iron core of an electromagnet be replaced by a steel bar and an aluminum bar?
The core of DC electromagnet can be used instead of steel bars, but note that this rod must be "iron bar", otherwise the remanence is too big, can't release power.The core of an alternating current electromagnet cannot be replaced by a steel bar because it is heated by a larger eddy.No electromagnet can be used to make an iron core with an aluminum bar.
Q:How to deal with the burning of 6061 aluminum bars in hard oxidation?
The burning of aluminum rod is caused by the appearance of excessive appearance when the current density is too large (possibly partial) during anodizing. This is the result of localized or universal catastrophic dissolution of the anodic oxide film, and at the same time, partial or total dissolution of the metal under the film may occur.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum bars for high temperature and low temperature extrusion?
The most widely used non-ferrous metal structural material in the aluminum alloy industry, has a large number of applications in aviation, aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and chemical industries.
Q:How about cutting the speed of aluminum bar with CNC lathe? How can we not stick the knife?.
Mainly high speed, the amount of feed depends on the hardness of your material to decide, not necessarily a big knife, cooling is essential
Q:Do aluminum bars, aluminum alloy smelting, into the insulation furnace to heat up for how long, what are the temperature control requirements?
Aluminum Alloy smelting is one of the most important processes for production of high quality casting rod, if the process control properly, will cast in holding the main measures to reduce the cost of the homogenization treatment: grain refinement of grain refinement can effectively shorten the holding time of the workpiece is Aluminum Alloy hub general thickness up to 29MM, and now our solution for the total heating time 90 minutes, the workpiece temperature curve we reflect the situation about 40 minutes to the temperature, holding time of 40 minutes. Do you think this can shorten the setting time? Is the holding time, because we usually appear extension rate is low and the big grain
Q:What kind of milling cutter will be used for slotting the aluminum bar?
Hello, the use of the double-edged tungsten steel milling cutter without coating on it
Q:Where has Zhengzhou to sell the copper coated aluminum. Aluminum bar..? ...
Henan is also regarded as one of the distribution centers of aluminum plates, and many manufacturers, but if only a little bit, it is not good to buy, to go to the steel market to find, or find the manufacturers over there to say sample.

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