Aluminum Aluminum Alloy Square Saw Frame

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Adjustable saw frame:8"/10"/12",
surface treadment:chrome plating, plastic spraying, corrosion resistance,with non-slip handle.
Saw blade:18TPI,carbon steel product whole steel structure, with non-slip handle. Can cut steel, wood, plastic stool rod type, durable 

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Aluminum   Aluminum Alloy Square Saw Frame




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Q:Heat treatment and differentiation of circular saws
The heat treatment of circular saw is the heat treatment of saw blade. Generally, spheroidizing annealing is adopted to reduce hardness, facilitate machining, adjust the microstructure and prepare for final heat treatment. The final heat treatment usually adopts quenching + low temperature tempering. Maintain high hardness and wear resistance.
Q:What can the marble sawing blade
The length of diamond saw blade varies with the size of the saw, and 4300mm, 4350mm and 4400mm are more common. Its width is 188.smm (including diamond cutter head) and the thickness of saw blade is 3.smm. Diamond cutter head shape is square cone (cross section is trapezoidal), long as 20mm, high 8.smm, the upper and lower width, the width of the upper part of 4.7MM, the lower part of the width of 5.7mm. The reason for taking a narrow, wide shape is to prevent 4350mm stone plate clamping blade.
Q:How to use a chainsaw?
Third, if the engine power drops significantly, it may be due to soiling of the air filter. Remove the carburetor cover, remove air filters, remove the dirt around the filter, separate the two parts of the filter, clean the filter with the palm of the hand, or blow it clean from the inside out with compressed air. If the filter is stuck with dirt, the filter shall be placed in a special cleaner or in a clean, non flammable cleaning solution (e.g., warm soapy water), cleaned and dried. Do not use a brush to clean the filter. Re install the air filter, remember to check the door and the torsion spring position is correct.
Q:What kind of saw blade is used for sawing wood lines?
It is recommended to use plain saw frames in carbide saw blades, 255*3.0*30*120, i.e., 255MM outer diameter, 3.0MM blade thickness, 30mm inner diameter, 120 teeth. The cutting aluminum saw blade is different from the cutter head at first, and the tooth shape is different.
Q:Open the cabinet factory how to choose edge machine, cutting saw and drill
If the order is that single small batch, your investment scale is not large, can choose precision panel saw table saw (precise sliding table saw many grades, should choose a better price, to ensure the cutting precision, two to guarantee the reliability of equipment); drill can choose double diamond or three if the cabinet side row drilling, long and the baffle hole more, can also choose four row drill. Usually, single piece and small batch production adopt double row drill; edge sealing machine can consider semi-automatic linear edge banding machine or automatic edge banding machine with simpler function.
Q:Woodworking table sawUsed to make panel furniture!What is its specific purpose?
Characteristic:(1) easy operation, labor saving and large travel.(2) with stable and light towing frame, the operation is smooth.(3) the setting of the movable table and the main saw blade can be adjusted by 45 degrees, and the scope of use of the saw is enlarged.
Q:Domestic electronic material saw, which quality comparison, the price is cheaper? May I trouble you for your recommendation?
The computer can be used for various plate materials saw cutting such as: high density board, particle board, acrylic melamine plywood and wood, plastic and other materials, Aluminum Alloy verticaldissection crosscutting, is to overturn the traditional sliding table saw automatic machinery, is the furniture industry, advertising industry, plate cutting industry required mechanical.
Q:How do electronic saws operate?
This machine main saw uses the diameter 380mm saw blade, the main saw blade rises to 95mm, the biggest sawing thickness is 80mm, strictly forbid to exceed the limit sawing, the over limit sawing will result in the damage of the equipment or saw blade;
Q:Notice of sawing, points for filing and cutting
Sawing1, T-shaped stand2, right hand grip, left hand bow3, saw the speed of uniform (to eliminate impact type saw)4, in front of the bench, right shoulder assist push to send, return the saw blade gently slide back5, go full bow (with full saw blade)6. Control the bow, not sway7, at any time correct sawing Road, not skew8, it is best not to change the old one new blade use (except when the broken saw blade)9, sawing near the end, the force should be slowed down to prevent hand injuries
Q:Can I use iron filings when cutting?
Sawing, hand saw bow, to stretch the natural, the right hand holding the handle to the front of the pressure, the left hand light in front of the bow frame, a little pressure. The weight of the human body is evenly spread over the legs. Sawing speed should not be too fast, to 30~60 times per minute is appropriate, and the use of saw blade of 2/3 of the work, so as to avoid the middle part of the blade quickly blunt.There are two kinds of push saw saw bow movement: a linear movement, suitable for cutting the bottom surface of the groove and the requirements of Straight Thin-walled Workpiece sawing; another bow swing up and down, so naturally, hands are not easy to fatigue.When sawing the material, it should be light to prevent it from damaging the arm or breaking the saw blade.

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