Aluminum Aluminum Alloy Square Saw Frame

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Adjustable saw frame:8"/10"/12",
surface treadment:chrome plating, plastic spraying, corrosion resistance,with non-slip handle.
Saw blade:18TPI,carbon steel product whole steel structure, with non-slip handle. Can cut steel, wood, plastic stool rod type, durable 

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Aluminum   Aluminum Alloy Square Saw Frame




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Q:Can the PPR pipe be cut with saw blades?
No, it must be used. Two 45 degree elbows can reduce resistance. But too many connections will increase the possibility of leakage, hot melt overheating (fear of connection is not firm) will also reduce the water area.Can not be straight drying. UV protection measures should be taken. Buried PPR pipes, I've been doing it for more than 10 years, still in use. Specific depends on manufacturers.
Q:What kind of industry does sawmill belong to?
I suggest that if you do not intend to change careers, can consider to set up factories in the mainland. First, you have the wood processing industry experience and contacts; second, do you have some money and equipment resources; third, and most important, especially the mainland market demand of the construction of the great, a lot of potential business opportunities; fourth, many places in the mainland's operating costs (including the cost of land use management, manpower, etc.) compared to Shenzhen, or much lower.
Q:What brand is aluminum alloy saw blade good?
Aluminum alloy saw blade or to choose special, such as Feng aluminum alloy dedicated saw blade, opening effect is better
Q:Can you tell me what to cut off the aluminum pipe with the tool? Knife or saw?
It is best to cut with a hacksaw, flat sawing, buckle set and then press cap and inside, with a bigger nose pliers to reach inside the pipe expanding, the connecting copper piece inserted in the end, with a two wrench tighten
Q:Which is better for saw blade, alternating tooth ladder or flat tooth?
How to choose the profile of alloy saw bladeThe tooth shape of a commonly used alloy saw blade tooth (alternate teeth), flat teeth, ladder flat teeth (low gear), trapezoidal teeth (inverted conical teeth), dovetail teeth (Tuo Fengchi), and industrial grade does not see more of the three left and right, left and right flat teeth etc..
Q:What's the use of wire saw in diamond tools?
Use of diamond rope like marble granite, diamond wire saw, but above the granite series diamond contained diamond for better quality, higher prices, so the cost is higher. At present in granite mining there are more and more used in wire saw cutting process, can greatly reduce the waste, and safety, higher efficiency, although the purchase cost is higher, but in the long term, comprehensive cost is much lower than the explosion produced by the traditional cost system. Special diamond wire saw can be formulated according to the special requirements of customers, is mainly processed by diamond saw blades and other cutting tools can complete the task of cutting, general stone products the larger diameter or larger. Due to the special properties of the wire saw, a new tool has good market foreground, is a miniature wire sawing industry called "diamond wire saw", Wire diameter can be 0.2mm, he can machining high precision circuit board slot, and no burr, the accuracy is very high, not influenced by the size limit. This is a new tool, the future play unbelievable role in circuit boards, electrical and other industries will be.
Q:It is hard to break a steel bar by sawing it
On the contrary, in sawing hard (such as tool steel, alloy steel, pipe, sheet metal, iron etc.) material or thin material, should choose fine tooth saw blade. This is because the hard material in the sawing process is not easy to cut into, each saw a chip less, not easy to block Sairong groove. In this way, the sawing power of each tooth is small, and the number of teeth that the saw blade takes to increase is small, the sawing resistance is small, and the material is easy to be excised. Therefore, the saw is labor-saving and the sawtooth is not easy to wear. Special attention should be paid to the use of fine toothed saw blades in sawing pipes and thin materials so as to avoid the possibility that the saw teeth are caught and broken. Otherwise, the sawtooth will be hooked and broken because the pitch of the tooth is greater than the thickness of the plate. Therefore, we should hold a point: when sawing the workpiece, there are at least two cross sections at the same time, and sawing will prevent the hook from breaking
Q:Rich tree rot, can cut off the heavy weight.
I do not know where a friend is rich, the root of the tree is rotten, because of too much water because of the long time in the house may not see the sun, causing root rot phenomenon. A tree is easy to root rot plants, can cut off part of the re cutting, must be treated before cutting. The rich tree rot all clear, not rotten place, slightly cold, with rooting agent against the water, the rich in the root of the tree rooting agent against good water, soak time, according to the time difference between North and south, now North cutting can not survive, want to have to survive cutting the tree in the flower inside the shed, maintain humidity and temperature, but after cutting the soil must be moist but not too wet. So you can grow and take root in winter for about 60 to 90 days. In summer, you can grow new roots in about 40 days.
Q:You can cut off the alloy steel hacksaw
The commonly used alloy steel such as steel, steel, stainless steel, are not higher than HRC60 without heat treatment. But the high speed steel that can be used as a tool can reach HRC68-70, so it can not be sawed.
Q:Can a curve saw aluminum?
Saw is mainly used for cutting metals and non-ferrous metals.

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