Aluminum Alloy Square Saw Frame SJ-0135 Can Cut Steel, Wood, Plastic Stool Rod Type, Durable

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$3.80 - 16.80 / pc
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TT or LC
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3600 pc
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1000000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Adjustable saw frame:8"/10"/12",
surface treadment:chrome plating, plastic spraying, corrosion resistance,with non-slip handle.
Saw blade:18TPI,carbon steel product whole steel structure, with non-slip handle. Can cut steel, wood, plastic stool rod type, durable 

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Q:What kind of industry does sawmill belong to?
Your situation has probably become a normal enterprise in the Pearl River delta. Many reasons for this situation, the currency exchange rate changes, increased labor costs, raw material prices, the cost of land use growth, these are problems, of course also includes the manufacturing enterprise itself and the lack of competitiveness of the previous economic overheating problems.I suggest that if you do not intend to change careers, can consider to set up factories in the mainland. First, you have the wood processing industry experience and contacts; second, do you have some money and equipment resources; third, and most important, especially the mainland market demand of the construction of the great, a lot of potential business opportunities; fourth, many places in the mainland's operating costs (including the cost of land use management, manpower, etc.) compared to Shenzhen, or much lower.Indeed, factories to the mainland is not so simple things, you can have a prospective evaluation of the Shenzhen market prospects for the future, then you can examine some inland city, such as Chengdu, the overall trend of the last comprehensive domestic construction and development, to make a decision.
Q:How do you break the spring?
Spring is the whole to have elastic, saw saw spring, but only at a point, the elasticity will not affect. Just pull it apart and secure the ends of the saw.
Q:Operation method of electronic material saw
Electronic saws is using automatic touch control, man-machine integration operation, touch screen or PC machine input need material data, start the machine, automatic machine operation for accurate cutting of sheet metal processing needs of the machinery, equipment is to replace the sliding table saw and reciprocating saw.
Q:What is the brand of electronic material saw?
Because this technology is not so easy to grasp, while labor costs and labor shortage intensified, many woodworking machinery bosses feel this strong momentum because of this size, they are eager for a fight, eager to share in this field results: some despair, some make some prototype and even some grotesque! Therefore, foreign brands of high price (the price is generally 40---100 million, normal Germany, Italy machinery will be 60, 700 thousand or more) can also occupy a dominant position in the domestic market, but also makes the application of this technique can only be popularized in some large enterprises.
Q:What are the brands of imported German band saw blades? What's the performance like?
Germany Eberle (Eber), Wikus (Wekus), there are some true or not to say
Q:No problem what saw saw
Note oil chain saw chain saw chain saw chain oil and wood cutting process, providing lubricating oil and reduce the friction heat of chain saw chain and chain saw guide plate protects the saw bar. Before work, should check whether the chain saw oil filling, boot, saw chain oil should be thrown on the ground out of the oil before work, the lack of chain oil chain saw chain will be high temperature annealing at work, cause the chain saw chain was scrapped prematurely. The specific performance is that the working teeth are easy to dull and are elongated or even broken in a short time.
Q:Flashlight saw five mark board black. how is to return a responsibility?
You do not seem to be circular electric tools, but with the marble machine electric tools instead of circular saw, marble machine installed wood sawing blade to cut wood or directly with the saw blade marble machine to cut, the results are the same, will make black wood.
Q:How to set the kerf surface joints sealing quota
The telescopic seam building expansion, is a means to prevent the building component due to climate change in temperature (heat expansion and cold contraction), the structure cracks or damage the buildings or structures construction of a tectonic setting the direction of the appropriate parts of sewing seam.
Q:Can a curve saw aluminum?
When cutting metal, the chip handling capacity is stronger. Larger serration (6, 8, TPI) is more efficient when cutting wood and other wood products. Carbon steel curve saw is used for cutting wood and nonmetal. The serration is sharpened, tapered, fast cut, and more capable of chip handling.
Q:Why do you want to repair concrete road pavement saws
It is not when sawing, pouring concrete pre isolated, concrete expansion is relatively large, easy to crack in the process of cold expansion on the road tile, you saw the so-called joint is actually the expansion joints, avoid high temperature in summer when the damage of asphalt pavement. In fact, you see what we can know, the asphalt will often muster a package in the innate, but not because of the asphalt pavement toughness was far better than that of cement concrete pavement

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