aluminium wire 0.025mm with low price from China

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  aluminum alloy wire is bright on the surface, and its technical indicators are far higher than the product standards. It is also easy to weave. Wires whose diameters are diverse from 0.12mm, 0.155mm, 0.16mm to 0.18mm are applied to varieties of outer conductor braided wires of data cables for shielding. Wires whose diameters are above 1.17mm can be used for copper busbar, electroplate busbar and so on. Customed specifications and packages are available upon request.


Chemical Composition(Max Mass Fraction)/%:



Main attributes:

Model Specification(mm)Tensile Strength(MPa)Elongation at Break20°C ResistivityDiameter Deviation 
 LHP-0.12  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.004
 LHP-0.15  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.004
 LHP-0.16    ≥310  ≥ 4  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.002
  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.004
 LHP-0.18  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.005
 LHP-0.20  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.006
 LHP-1.17  ≥230  ≥ 10  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.02
 LHP-2.8  ≥230  ≥ 12  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.02



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Q:What is the difference between pure copper and aluminum in welding machine?
In addition, the repair is not good wiring head. The statement that aluminium has a greater calorific value than copper is unreliable because the same power as the electric welder or motor has been taken into consideration by the aluminum wire, and the aluminum wire is thickened by the resistivity ratio.
Q:Pure copper wire for 1 points and 2.5 copper clad wire which is better?
Copper is good, I guess the 1 of your family is to change the electricity, the rest of the bar, in order to clean up, use 3*1.0 (RVV)
Q:How is the gold thread welded on the LED?
Ultrasonic waves generated by both the source and the ultrasonic transducer (40~140KHz), the amplitude of energy in porcelain rod tip, wire (wire or wire) with high frequency vibration in the ceramic nozzle driven by the friction between the welding and metal surface, the surface oxide layer and crack, plastic deformation, ultimate metal a strong bond formed on the welding surface.
Q:Can aluminum wire be used as welding rod for ws250 welding machine?
The content of impurities in common aluminum wire is higher, and the composition of welding wire and chemical elements can not meet the requirement of aluminum welding wire. Can not replace the aluminum welding wire for welding use.
Q:What are the aluminum silk handicrafts?
Mainly motorcycle styling, humanoid pendant, bicycle styling, small animal shape
Q:Is it OK to use 6 square aluminum wire for transformer high voltage wire?
6 square aluminum wire is very small, it is easy to break
Q:How to remove the air in the drawing mark of aluminum material?
The drawing aluminium plate is the manufacturing process of repeatedly scraping the aluminum plate with sand paper, and the main process is divided into 3 parts, namely, ester removal, sand mill and water washing.
Q:What is the iron chromium aluminum wire
Usage: used in industrial electric stove, household appliance, far infrared equipment, etc..
Q:Manufacturing process of LED device
Microscopic examination: mechanical damage and pitting pit or material surface (lockhill chip size and electrode size, electrode pattern should comply with process requirements is complete.
Q:Oneself DIY a charging treasure, the drawings are poor, the final welding, copper wire also has, that master taught me, welding, do not burn dissolved aluminum water?
You'd better take the small circuit board off the board, or it will conflict with the circuit above, and will not play the biggest role of the electric board

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