aluminium wire 0.025mm with low price from China

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  aluminum alloy wire is bright on the surface, and its technical indicators are far higher than the product standards. It is also easy to weave. Wires whose diameters are diverse from 0.12mm, 0.155mm, 0.16mm to 0.18mm are applied to varieties of outer conductor braided wires of data cables for shielding. Wires whose diameters are above 1.17mm can be used for copper busbar, electroplate busbar and so on. Customed specifications and packages are available upon request.


Chemical Composition(Max Mass Fraction)/%:



Main attributes:

Model Specification(mm)Tensile Strength(MPa)Elongation at Break20°C ResistivityDiameter Deviation 
 LHP-0.12  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.004
 LHP-0.15  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.004
 LHP-0.16    ≥310  ≥ 4  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.002
  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.004
 LHP-0.18  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.005
 LHP-0.20  ≥230  ≥ 7  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.006
 LHP-1.17  ≥230  ≥ 10  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.02
 LHP-2.8  ≥230  ≥ 12  ≤ 0.052  ± 0.02



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Q:Which is the best wire, a few thin copper wires and a thick single aluminum wire?
See what to do, use the letter line is fine, copper wire is good, pull outside line is better than a single aluminum wire
Q:What is the color of the PC material after aluminizing?
Of course, if the aluminum plating process is not high vacuum, the temperature is not high, the purity of aluminum wire is not enough, may lead to the aluminum layer is dark, which should be specific analysis of the specific situation.
Q:Computer power cord outside of a layer of aluminum wire used to do what?
It is coated with copper braid, shielding, anti-interference, and this kind of things that the power cord quality is good
Q:Why is aluminum wire difficult to react with dilute sulfuric acid by hydrochloric acid reaction?
And dilute sulfuric acid seems to have passivation phenomenon, will prevent further reactions
Q:Is the resistance of metal wire plastic increased when it is plastically deformed?
Steel wire has a wide range of uses. It can be used to make manganese phosphating coating, steel wire rope, galvanized steel strand and steel cord, etc..
Q:Copper wire, aluminum wire around the city spiral, you can use when the antenna? Why? Can antennas only be wires? What are their characteristics?
Non metallic conductors can be used as antennas, for example, antennas for certain devices, conductive rubber, graphite material, etc..To remind you that the "antenna" in physics is different from the "antenna" in life. The "antenna" in physics is the emitter, and the "antenna" in life (such as the television antenna) is the receiving pole.In physics or in life, antennas do not have to be spiral.
Q:Is there an electric wire in the integrated circuit?
You look at the computer motherboard, that is the very large scale integrated circuit, but it and hard disk, drive disk are wired, power and motherboard is also wiredAlso have no, the mobile phone circuit board has not got, and some also haveThe main line is to connect the board to the boardAs the name suggests, a circuit with a specific number of commonly used electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc., and the wiring between these elements, are integrated together by semiconductor technologyToday's tubes tend to exhibit low power consumption and COMSNow the market has TTL gate circuit, COMS gate circuit, COMS gate circuit is divided intoPMOS and NMOS are now mostly using the COMS process
Q:The inside of the dress is usually made of aluminum or iron wire
It should be aluminium wire, the wire is too heavy
Q:Electric cooker bladder low leakage to trap
Aluminum inner container: aluminum is uniform in heat conduction, easy to form, beautiful, and can be combined with other metals or alloys. It is the main material of mid-range cooker. But the aluminum liner can not touch the food directly, so it must be protected by surface. In the manufacture of aluminum inner liner, thinning and stretching technology is often used. This technology can keep the thickness of the pot and the bottom of the pot. Under the premise of saving material, the inner liner looks thicker.
Q:Why are the microwave tubes of the microwave oven prone to be bad and how to repair them?
It's a beautiful magnetron. It's a new kind of tube. His workmanship or quality is not as good as it used to beShould be used before, mostly Panasonic pipes

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