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Product Description:

Product Description

  • China wholesale aluminium windows and doors

  • Product

    China wholesale aluminium windows and doors

    Types: aluminium windows and doors


    aluminium windows and doors  :

    1. Water-proof & Air-proof                   2. Anti-aging                 3. Space Saving

    4. Sound Insulation & Heat Insulation  5. Opening Smoothly     6. Dust resistance

    7. Easy maintenance       8.Good Combustion-retarding Performance     etc.    











    Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows Series: (38/40/45/50/60)

    Construction:     Thermal Break     or     Non-Thermal Break

    Aluminum Alloy:  6063 T5/6063T6

    Thickness:  1.0~2.0mm

    Surface Treatment:   Powder-coated/Anodized/Electrophoresis/PVDF, etc.

    Color: Customized (Silver/Bronze/ Champagne/White/Black, etc.)


    Type:   LOW-E/Reflective/Tempered/Heat-strengthened/Floated


    Single Glazing  

    Double Glazing: Insulated Glass, Laminated Glass

    Thickness:    Single:3mm~12mm

                     Double: 5mm 6A 5mm/5mm 9A 5mm/6mm 9A 6mm, etc.

                     Triple: 5mm 6A 5mm 6A 5mm and others

    Color:  ___Customizable_________(Clear/Grey/Blue/Light Green, etc.)




    1. Chinese Famous Brand (Kinlong,Woking) or German Brand (ROTO/ AUBI /GU).

    2. Seal System: Ternary ethylene propylene rubber sealing strip

    3. Customers’ stipulated brands are available.


    1. Screens are Available.

    2. Performance parameters: Sound Insulation, Water/Wind Pressure/Air Permeation Resistance


    Foam Paper   carton, Pearl cotton   carton, Wooden Pallet, etc.


    If you are interested in our aluminium windows and doors , please email to us

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Q:The window quickly fell off, how do?
Find a professional master to see ,,, I have not seen the actual situation, so bad to give you advice. The
Q:Bathroom, wash basin cabinet door mosaic
Washing table (cabinet door) face mosaic, had to use woodworking board to do the base layer because it is necessary to always open, if not open, then available cement pressure board hanging plaster stickers mosaic.
Q:How do I install windows?
Two methods. The One is to get rid of the window. The Changed to open. The Then the shoes inside the window. The Another way is to install stealth Shachuang, installed on the outside of the kind. The
Q:What is the size of the doors and windows of the building? Like M1021 or C1520 height is from the amount of the above? What about the above beams?
After the installation of doors and windows, M1021--1030 wide, 2130 high. C1520--1530 wide, 2030 high. From the bottom of the beam down the amount.
Q:Plastering and doors and windows installed in the order
Sure to first install the door in plastering
Q:Can ordinary sliding windows be installed with stealth screens?
Can be installed, but if there is a screen runway, then it is recommended to install the film is economical and practical
Q:Plastic window GB8814-88 what it means
GB = GB, 8814-88 = door, window frame with hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) profiles, is the PVC profile national standard
Q:How to deal with the lower part of the aluminum window frame
Broken bridge aluminum door window frame how to deal with: a large number of doors and windows before installation, should first install the sample doors and windows, after passing the acceptance, before a large number of installed. For the same type of doors and windows and their adjacent upper, lower, left and right openings should be kept line, the hole should be horizontal and vertical. Doors and windows should be placed in a clean, flat place, and to avoid sun and rain, and shall not be in contact with the corrosive; doors and windows shall not be directly touch the ground, the lower part of the placement of wood should be placed, and should be placed, vertical angle should not be less than 70 degrees , And should take anti-dumping measures. Should be measured in the middle of the window, and one by one to make a mark, multi-storey building, from a high-level hanging; installation window frame should be aligned with the center line.
Q:Is not all the doors and windows are located in the middle of the wall?
Not necessarily, you are assigned by the Party. If he wants to press double windows. It should be pressed out.
Q:Four-wheel positioning adjustment screw how to install
Big Brother, four wheel positioning need to tilt and tie, you say which ah

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