Aluminium Tube for Air Conditionary Application

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Product Description:

Structure of Aluminium Tube for Air Conditionary Application Description:

Coated aluminum coil/sheet are of a wide range of colors, which gives wonderful appearance no matter in residential and commercial constructions of great exhibition centers.

The coated aluminum coil/sheet have been widely used in the fields of construction and decoration( garage doors, ceiling etc.), electronic appliances, lighting decoration, air-condition air pipes, sandwich panels and drainages etc.


Main Features of theAluminium Tube for Air Conditionary Application:

1) High flexibility 
2) Impact resistance
3) Excellent weather-proof durability
4) Anti-ultraviolet
5) High erosion resist

Images of the Aluminium Tube for Air Conditionary Application:

Aluminium Tube for Air Conditionary Application

Aluminium Tube for Air Conditionary Application

Aluminium Tube for Air Conditionary Application

Aluminium Tube for Air Conditionary Application Specification:


A1100,A3003,A1050,A8011   etc




From   0.024mm to 1.2mm


Standard   width:1240mm

Special   width:1300mm,1520mm,1570mm,1595mm


Standard   dia:1200mm

Interior   dia:150mm,405mm,505mm


2.5   T/coil,3.0 T/coil




Embossed,   mill finish, coated


AS to   code RAL


10-90%(EN   ISO-2813:1994)

Coating   Thickness

PE: more   than 18 micron

PVDF: more   than 25 micron

Coating   Hardness

(pencil   resistance)

More   than 2h

Coating   adhesion

5J(EN   ISO-2409:1994)

Impact   Resistance

No   peeling or cracking(50 kg/cm,ASTMD-2794:1993)




MEK   resistance

More   than 100





a.What is monthly capacity

---CNBM is one stated own company and our monthly capacity is about  2000tons.

b. Now which countries do you export your goods?

---Now we export to  South East Asia,Africa, North America,South America  ect.


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Q:The calculation method of tetragonal copper weight
The calculation method of tetragonal copper weight:Brass rod weight (kg) =0.00668X diameter X diameter X lengthExplanation: the upper diameter is mm, and the unit of length is m, so the result is KgFor example: diameter 10mm, length 1m weight: 0.00668X10X10X1=0.668 = 0.67Kg
Q:Refrigerator freezer room, the middle drawer, the back wall has 1cm copper tube naked leak, what's the matter? Why naked leak?
Normal, now generally use the refrigerator evaporator aluminum coil, on the back wall of the pipeline and the evaporator joint part is copper, so generally have a little bare can see on the outside, the rest of the line is actually a lot of refrigerator also can see, but mostly due to aluminum, and the rest of the evaporator is not much difference, so you don't pay attention. Bare for no reason, because the pipe from the back wall of the refrigerator, to connect to the top of each drawer evaporator coil, must be exposed, the low-end low-end refrigerator, there is no need for beautiful design occlusion or hidden.
Q:Air conditioning copper tubes are often heard 2 points, 3 points, 4 cents, exactly how much?
Several in charge of the general is used for waterways above the argument, 2 in charge of 9.523, in charge of 12.74, in charge of 15.88 for the name of different plastics, 4 divided into 206 points for 253, 16, these are refers to the outer diameter
Q:How many meters does the air conditioner come with copper tube?
The beauty of the factory hook with 3 meters, with 4 meters of cabinet connecting tube, the excess part of another charge; 2 horses below 80 yuan / m, 2 horsepower 100 yuan / m, 3 horsepower 120 yuan / m, the length of less than 1 meters by 1 meters charge. In Baidu search "group beauty", Midea Electronics Group buy
Q:Aluminium alloy and copper wire, whose hardness is hard?
Aluminum Alloy has many kinds, with aluminium zinc alloy, aluminum manganese alloy, aluminum silicon alloy, aluminum magnesium alloy, alloy material and so on, in general than the homogeneous material with high hardness, there are a lot of copper alloy, Aluminum Alloy should be better than pure copper with high hardness
Q:What's the difference between printed coated paper and ordinary paper?
In simple terms, the difference is that both sides of the copper sheet are coated, and the plain paper does not. Plain paper, like the base paper of coated art paper, that is coated paper without coating.Can not simply say, coated paper is better than ordinary paper, if so, ordinary paper has long been coated paper eliminated.
Q:Why do large transformers use flat copper wire instead of round copper wire?
The maximum sectional area of the round copper wire is not enough, the flat copper wire does not waste space, and the winding transformer has a small leakage inductance.
Q:1.5 how much is one meter copper tube for air conditioner?
The average price should be between 90-120 yuan
Q:How can I check the refrigerator for copper tubes, aluminum tubes or iron pipes?
Even the aluminum tube is very durable. Now you should know how to use the refrigerator properly and the after-sale service
Q:How many meters is 1 kg copper tube 6*0.6 (diameter 6, wall thickness 0.6)?
1. Calculate the copper tube length =12.440736 cubic mm. per 1mm2. The specific gravity of copper is 8.96KG per cubic meter.3, calculate the volume of 1 kg copper tube is 111 cubic mm.4, calculate 1 kilograms of copper tube for 8.97 meters

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