Aluminium Square Pipe-AA 6082

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Aluminum alloy





square, round, flat, angle ,etc


Anodizing ,Powder coating, Electrophoresis, etc

Deep processing ability

Drill hole ,stretch bending, milling, welding, fabrication, etc


Windows & door , LED panel, heat sink , curtain wall , solar Panel Frame, rail & fence , ladder ,etc.




According to your requirement ,such as shrink wrap, plastic bag, kraft paper ,etc.


15-20days after sample confirmed & down payment.

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Quanzhou, Xiamen

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T/T,30% advanced deposit, the balance paid off before loading, or consulting


1,Using our moulds ,no fee

2,Using customer drawing, opening mould, usually over 4tons then the moulds fee can be refunded

3,Mould cost is negotiable base on the order quantity

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Q:How can the aluminum pipe burr be convenient?Burr left by drilling
The internal tube is burr! Not very long words can be a round drill clamp in the round head through a 1 mm wide and about 30 mm in the hole, and then put the paper cut up into 30 broad band card in the slot to rotate in the opposite direction wrapped up! Until Guan Zikong was slightly more than a little good! So you can clear burrs on the inner wall of the!
Q:Refrigerator aluminum tube broken, how to make up?
Cut off at the point of leakage, with a copper knot to connect the head, you should pay attention not to force too much.Now the refrigerator tube is the use of aluminum tube or Bondi tube (Bondi tube, that is galvanized steel pipe, in fact, iron pipe, iron pipe above the paint once lost, it is easy to rust. )The aluminum pipe is more corrosion resistant than the iron tube, and the iron pipe is not corrosion resistant. In fact, the best or copper pipe, but now no manufacturers have produced, mainly or cost.
Q:How to weld the refrigerator aluminum tube?
Flame brazing of aluminium tube for refrigerator.Because the refrigerator aluminum tubes are relatively small, relatively thin, and more used for copper tube, aluminum pipe or aluminum pipe copper pipe welding, of course, there are aluminum pipe, aluminum pipe welding. From the above three situations, can be divided into the following welding methods1, if it is aluminum brass or brass tubes connected, can choose Wei Odin copper aluminium welding rod flame brazing welding, the welding work at the melting point of 480 degrees, is cored electrode without the use of complex welding powder.2, if it is connected to the aluminum tubes, aluminum welding can be used WEWELDING Q303, with no need to use liquefied petroleum gas spray welding powder, heating WE53 special welding parts to 500 degrees, and then use the wire in welding parts with a wire tip forming flame burn slightly. Can also use ordinary ER4047 aluminum wire with aluminum powder to WE53-F welding, the welding cost is relatively low, but the technique requirements are relatively high. For expert use.
Q:What are the benefits of an aluminum tube cigar?
Easy to carry, no need to buy cigars separatelyDon't smoke. You can take it backIt has certain anti-collision function
Q:The evaporating pipe of the refrigerator, except the copper tube, is good for the aluminum pipe and the iron pipe, too. 10
The evaporating pipe of the refrigerator, except the copper tube, is good for the aluminum pipe, and the iron pipe is easy to rust.1, now the refrigerator tube is the use of aluminum tube or Bondi tube (Bondi tube, that is galvanized steel pipe, in fact, iron pipe, iron pipe above the paint once lost, it is easy to rust)2, aluminum pipe than iron pipe relative corrosion, iron pipe is not corrosion resistance, so suggest the choice of aluminum pipe.3, in fact, the best or copper pipe, but now there is no factory production, mainly cost.This material can be seen, usually screen tube, that is, Bondi tube (Tie Guan), is plate like, that is, aluminum. Under normal circumstances can use 10 years, this is tested, while others are in the middle may be bad.
Q:What's the difference between the 6063 aluminum pipe and the 6061 aluminum tube, and it needs to be described in detail,
Composition, properties and typical applications of aluminum alloy 60616061 alloy is the main alloy elements of magnesium and silicon, with moderate strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability, oxidation effect is betterWidely used in a variety of industrial structures requiring high strength and corrosion resistance, such as making trucks, tower buildings, ships, trams and railway vehicles,Furniture, etc.
Q:How to distinguish between copper tube or aluminum pipe?
If it is not installed, weighing, the copper tube is much heavier than the aluminum tube. There is opened the insulation pipe joint at 10 cm behind the place if there are traces of welding pipe, and the outside layer of plastic sheath wrapped, if it is, if not sure is aluminum, copper can be easily resolved. After installation, the air conditioner is only identified by the latter method.
Q:Can aluminum tubes be used instead of compressed air pipes?
Definitely.In principle, as long as the strength and performance indicators are adequate, then many materials are available, and aluminum is no exception.In fact, there are special tubes for air compression pipes, such as these
Q:Does the refrigerator pipe system leakage within the snow, what glue trap.... I am not burning burning aluminum.
I used AB glue, repair it for a few years, no problem, it is on the low pressure sideAskUsed at high voltage, OK?Chasing the answerNo way
Q:L'OCCITANE hand cream is plastic tube or aluminum tube ah, 20
Dear, let me just tell you, L'OCCITANE hand cream you can go look at the counter, in addition to the 15ml trial installation of plastic packaging, 30ml, 75ml, 150ml as long as it is genuine are aluminum package, because L'OCCITANE is focusing on environmental protection, all have no genuine even plastic alone with plastic packaging. Taobao black heart seller also said what, 30ml is plastic, big branch is aluminum bag, put P. Admitting that it's plastic packaging doesn't make any difference to admitting that you sell fakes. And from the price can also see, and then cheap authentic, 30ml one will not be less than 50 yuan, genuine purchasing generally fluctuates between 55~70, if less than 50, even the aluminum packaging can not really.

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