Aluminium Shutter Electronic Aluminium Roller Shutter

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Product Description:

Aluminium Shutter

Electronic Aluminium Roller Shutter

●  Our aluminium roller shutter not only suit our own roof window, but also Velux and
   other companies.
●  Main material: aluminium frame , plastic sheet, remote control.
●  Main advantage: heat insulation, sound proofing, visual cover, weather protection,
   security and comfort, modern design, convenient using, electric opening.

Product Description:

Laminated Glass


2.Min size:300*300

3.Max size:3660*2440

nated glass, is a kind of security compound glass made by sealing two or more pieces of glass together with PVB film through the process of heating and pressurization. The shape of the glass can be flat or curved.The laminated glass has 2 layers,3 layers,5 layers, 7 layers, or more.

Function and Characteristic of Skylight Laminated Glass:

1.  Security: because of  the agglutinated function of the PVB film, when the glass is broken, only bring into radiation-like crackle, the fragment will not scatter out. It is safe and can not hurt people. So, it is widely used in the windshield glass for automobiles.

2.  Sound insulating : With a good damping function for sound wave, laminated glass is a favorable sound insulating material.

3.  Energy saving:  Laminated glass has better thermal performance than normal glass. Combined with insulating glass, laminated glass can achieve even better sound reduction effect and thermal insulation performance. Apparently, it is an ideal and safe energy-saving product.

4. U.V. Filtering : The interlayer can filter out ultra-violet rays, so that can prevent the indoor or objects such as furniture from fading.

5. Wider variety of color and patterns to choose for better decoration effect: PVB interlayer can be in various colors to meet with architect’s design intent and decoration requirements. It can also control transmittance of solar energy and reduce indoor air-condition load.

Specification of Skylight Laminated Glass:

Flat laminated glass: Thickness 6-40mm

Max size: 2650x6500mm

Min size: 150mm*150mm

Curved laminated glass: Thickness 6-30mm

Max size: 2000x3000mm

Min size: 300x400mm

Application of Skylight Laminated Glass:

Architectural door, window, ceiling, floor, partitions, stair-steps, handrails,railings, awnings and curtain wall glass.

Ships and automobile windshield glass.

Bullet/violence- resistant glass for financial places, exhibitions hall, hospital and jail,etc.Safety glass for furniture

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Q:Why a lot of architectural roofs look like pavilions
Is conducive to drainage and the top of the household insulation insulation, if the above live or do study can also be installed inclined roof window.
Q:a stone drops from the edge of the roof. it passes a window 2m high in far is the roof from the windo?
The stone drops ... so v(i) = 0 m/s Take down as the positive direction ... so a = g = 9.8 m/s² Let the distance from the roof to the top of the window = y v(f)² = v(i)² + 2as v(f)² = 0 + 19.6y = 19.6y so the velocity of the stone when it reaches the top of the window = √(19.6y) Now consider the stones motion as it drops past the window: v(i) = √(19.6y) ... [the speed at the top of the window] v(f) = v(i) + at so v(f) = √(19.6y) + 9.8 * 0.1 v(f) = √(19.6y) + 0.98 ... [and that's the stone's velocity at the bottom of the window] also v(f)² = v(i)² + 2as so [√(19.6y) + 0.98]² = [√(19.6y)]² + 2 * 9.8 * 2 19.6y + 1.96√(19.6y) + 0.98² = 19.6y + 39.2 1.96√(19.6y) = 39.2 - 0.98² √(19.6y) = [39.2 - 0.98²] / 1.96 √(19.6y) = 19.51 19.6y = 19.51² y = 19.51² / 19.6 y = 19.42 so the roof is 19.42 m from the window
Q:free gov. loans and grants to fix roof and windows in home?
government sponsored Window Scrappage Scheme to try and reduce energy consumption and yes their is a grant available to help you insulate your home .. all the information you need you can get from the company doing the work UK
Q:How do I roof a bay window?
Employ a qualified carpenter to do the job properly. (my partner is a builder)
Q:There is a roof on the top of the roof of the skylight, the door in the skylight below, okay? Is there any stress? Now including Nokia, which kind of mobile phone imaging
The clearest is Samsung, Apple, Nokia, the most expensive machine
Q:I'm trying to figure out how long to make my rafters so the roof hangs over windows when it's hot in November to May.?
When I designed my house, I used a 5 1/2 freeze board that was at the top of the windows and then the soffit sit on top of that and extend out to the bottom edge of the rafters, but of course, I have a 4 and 12 pitch. I have about 30 inches that does NOT go below the window.
Q:On the sixth floor do the loft to open the skylight on the roof?
You can open the skylight but it is best to negotiate with the property and then re-open Do not map cheap to find a formal company to do after the skyline hole open after the leak if the words of the trouble is quite worth the trouble to ask you to find a professional manufacturers to do quality reputation And other aspects are guaranteed
Q:New roof leaking on Cape Cod style home. Leaked in living room from high hats and around casement window.?
Like Tex person said, whoever did the work installing your new roof did not do it right. You can keep trying to get the company to fix it or If I were in your position, I would find a good lawyer. I have been doing roofing work for a long time and it sounds like to me that they did not put the flashing on properly. The only way to tell for sure is to tear off parts of the roof for inspection. I would demand that they take all the shingles off and start over WITH SOMEONE THAT KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING !! All of this should be at their expense, you have already paid for the roof, now it is their responsibility to get it right and not to just patch a little here and there. Flashing around any thing that protrudes up from the roof is where at least 99% of leaks come from and if not done correctly, it is almost impossible to fix by patching.
Q:Suzy drops a rock from the roof of her house. Mary sees the rock pass her 3 . 3 m tall window in 0 . 142 sec.?
Vavg for rock during its pass by the 3.3 m window = distance/time = 3.3/0.142 Vavg = 23.24 m/s Vavg = (Vo + Vf)/2 {Vo = initial speed at top of window, Vf = final speed at bottom} (2)(23.24) = Vo + Vf 46.48 = Vo + Vf Vf = Vo + gt = Vo + (9.81)(0.142) = Vo + 1.39 46.48 = Vo + Vo + 1.39 45.09 = 2Vo Vo = 22.5 m/s time for rock to fall to top of window = t = 22.5/g = 22.5/9.81 = 2.30 s distance above top of window from which rock was dropped = h = 1/2gt² h = (0.5)(9.81)(2.30)² = 25.9 m ANS
Q:What do you think about rustic red vinyl siding with white windows and black roof and black shutters?
Depends on where you live. The black roof will attract a lot of heat in the summer, unless you have trees. Winter it could help warm the house by attracting the suns rays but no much as days are shorter. Good luck!

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