Aluminium Sheet Circle For Industrial Application

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5 m.t.
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60000 m.t./month

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Type: Circle Temper: O-H16

Product Description:

Product Description


Product NameAluminium Sheet Circle For Industrial Application
Hardness stateH14, H16, H18, H22,H24, etc.
Product SizeThickness: 0.30-8.00mm , Diameter:  20-1050mm
Surface Treatmentmill finished and etc.
ProcessedDeep drawings 
Min order quantity5 tons
ApplicationCookware, Electrical Appliances, Household


Mechanical Properties
HO0.55-5.5060-100≥ 20
H120.55-5.5070-120≥ 4
H140.55-5.5085-120≥ 2




Aluminium Sheet Circle For Industrial Application


Aluminium Sheet Circle For Industrial Application Aluminium Sheet Circle For Industrial Application


What is the quality standard?
---Usually our standard is GB3880-2006
What is the largest width?
---It is 2300mm
What is the MOQ?
---Usually we can accept 5 tons.

What's the payment terms?

---L/C, T/T and so on.


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Perhaps the renovation team or small companies to consider not so perfect in the early stage, but the Chengdu interior decoration decoration has set up a file from the owners to use the comfort point of view, each decoration details with the attitude of excellence. Here to share some of the kitchen cabinets and sockets, electrical installation of some reasonable size, so that your home kitchen more convenient to use. 1 cabinet lights: behind cabinets ready to install lights, from the ground about 1700mm, out of line, can turn out the lights to condole ark. Pay attention to the insulation of the joint. 2. water heater: 1200mm away from the ground, left or right below the water heater, do not affect the cold hot water and gas pipe shall prevail. 3: from the ground about 500mm, kitchen Po in the sink cabinet adjacent to the cupboard. Avoid leaking from the upper and lower water, and then splash onto the socket. 4. range hoods: European style hoods generally about 2100mm away from the ground, about to take the middle of the range hood.
Q:With PS drawings, kitchen appliances, how to do it, and what are the skills, steps?
5, a foil object or do not need to appear objects whether to clean up - hook chartThere are many ways, and the most common ones are pens. It can be combined with other filters and toning aids.
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Power estimation for household kitchen appliances:Microwave oven 1200W (maximum power). Generally there are 600W, 900W rangeRice cooker 1000WElectric kettle 1500WInduction cooker 2000WSoybean milk machine 1.3L 1000WFridge (two door) 200WOther such as lampblack machine, grinder, 200W total 7.1kw = 7KW
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Fruit and vegetable machine (cleaning vegetables, fruits)Dishwasher (Dishwasher)Steamed egg maker (boiled egg)Yogurt machine (yogurt making)A juice extractorGrindMinced meat)Electric kettle(hot water) kitchen Po (water heater is equivalent to the bathroom)Sterilizing cabinets (disinfection of tableware, etc.) are probably all that. How to choose kitchen appliances? With the improvement of people's living standards, the more the house is bought, the more and more exquisite decoration, the kitchen as a family in the future the focus of life, and family nutrition and health, but also can not be careless. Many consumers usually pay less attention to kitchen appliances, and face the complicated brands on the market. I don't know how to choose. The principles of choosing healthy kitchen appliances are as follows: 1. Brand and service are the most importantInternational brand products have strict standards in various parts procurement, production process, quality control and other aspects, the general quality is reliable, customer service and perfect service system, consumers can avoid menace from the rear.
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A large amount of electricity near the power supply; the steam is near the exhaust area
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I have 7 years of experience in the industry, the kitchen appliances still have a clear difference between the peak season. The north is generally 5-9 months off season, while the rest of the season is peak season. This is mainly because the number of people who moved to new homes was relatively small during the period, and the weather was warmer and less frequently used

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