Aluminium profiles greenhouse for roses plants

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Product Description:


*100x50x2mm pillar, strong framework 

*Good ventilation 


*All systems can be added

Greenhouse Brief Introduction


Width: 8m-150m

Length: 20m - 100m

Roof height: 5m – 7m

Gutter height: 3m – 5m



Made of hot galvanized steel pipe, anti-rust treated, 15-20 years life.

Covered by 150 miron or 200 micron plastic film, 3-ply or by 30 mesh or 50 mesh white insect screen.

Rooling or fixed vent on roof or on sides for natural ventilation. 

Auto-controlled pad & fan cooling system, irrigation system, shade system, hydroponics system, heating system, 

metal table, plant pot, cocopeat grow bag etc is available.


*Suggested plants:

Flowers, seeding, hydroponic

*Suggested area:

All over the world.

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Q:Can I Store Cornstarch in a Plastic Container?
plastic is air tight and would work just as good as glass, as long as the container is completely dry.
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Talk to your local metal recyclers, they'd be able to have info on what the city you live in currently recycles, who you would need to talk to in the state, and possibly suppliers/buyers of plastic recycleables. Most cities only do plastics #1 and #2, those being the most profitable, but plastics 1 through 6 can be recycled.
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I Hope this works for you too.
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very confusing task. seek on the search engines. this may help!

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