Aluminium Cane Rattan Garden Chair Beach Chair

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Product Description:

Sun loungers


Material introduction:


1) Aluminium: brand-new aluminium, not recycled. usually we use 1.3mm thickness tubes to make sure its durability. 

2) powder coating: all frames will be treated by powder coating. the color follows the wicker color so that  it keeps the same tone from outside to inside. 

3) high-quality PE rattan: PE rattan is polymerized by high-quality rattan . The kind of rattan is suitable for indoor and outdoor furniture for its non-toxication, washablility, scalability, UV and corrosion resistance . besides, it's totally eco-friendly.

---The protection of the earth starts from me.

3) cushion: 25 density foam and water resistant cover. 




1.Synthetic PE rattan with aluminum frame 


3. Certificate: SGS Test 




1.professional design fashion and tast
2.hand made and fine workmanship
3.competitive price and good quality
4.profession OEM manufacturer can according to pattern design products
5.professional products outdoor rattan furniture,service first
6.long-term cooperation with you is our aim
7.water proof 

Product Range: 

1,Chair series: patio chair, beach chair, folding chair,stackable chair, wicker chair,Rattan chair, wooden chair,caff chair,coffee chair, Leisure chair,garden chair, Armchair, reclining chair etc


2. Table series: Wooden table, rattan table,coffee table, wicker table, Garden table,patio table, dining table, picnic table,tea table,BBQ table etc


3,Sofa Series:outdoor sofa,indoor sofa,rattan sofa,wicker sofa,compound sofa,combination sofa,single sofa, love seat,corner sofa, leisure sofa, sofa bed, round sofa ect.


1. Q: What is the MOQ? Can I have a trial order?

A: Normally, the minimum quantity is 10 sets in New Way, However, we kindly understand an order intention is outlined with a sample order request. Therefore, we welcome customers to initiate a business opportunity by giving us a sample order.


2. Q: How many shapes for the rattan? 

A: Flat rattan, round rattan and half moon rattan are available.


3. Q: What kind of fabric density can you offer?

A: Normally we offer fabric density of 180 gram/square meter, 220 gram/square meter and 280 gram/square meter.


4. Q: What can be customized on the product specifications?

A: Customizations can be made on rattan color, rattan size, rattan shape, product size fabric color, cushion size, glass color, fabric density, packing and artwork etc.


 Aluminium Cane Rattan Garden Chair Beach Chair

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Q:I'm thinking of getting a cat. How can I avoid stinky cat smell and scratched up sofas?
Not all cats scratch on furniture, and if the one you plan on getting done, use a spray bottle to spray him when you catch him/her in the act. Make sure you give this cat a scratching post. My kitten has actually never hurt the furniture in anyway, the only thing he scratches on is his scratching post and nothing else. About the fur getting on the furniture the only alternative I would suggest is a lint roller unless there is something new out there to remove pet stains. If you get a litter box that the cat can walk into such as a dog house looking type, it won't stink as much, just put it in a place like the bathroom or a room that is never usually used. About the food, I am not sure but just put the cat's food away at night ugh I wish I could help you with that but I'm completely stumped! Good Luck :]]! Btw; if you decide to adopt a pet, make sure to adopt it at a ASPCA or any other animal shelter. :]] And whatever you do, don't de-claw the cat!
Q:Repair Worn leather sofa?
Cut the seam on the leather sofa cushions and fill it with kapok to the desired firmness. Then resew the seam using a proper thread made for sewing leather.
Q:how do i clean a microfiber sofa?
its almsot always a bad idea to was the cushion covers in the washing machine. The covers get distorted, they no longer fit like they are suposed to the seams will not line up it looks weird. You can always tell when someone does this. The handheld steamer will work better, however with micro-fibre you cannot spot clean, its very noticable if you do. You will have to clean the whole sofa. The good news is micro-fibre is almost always heavily stainguarded which means stains clean out of it very easily
Q:How can I get a SOFA Stamp?
It will depend on the country you are from to whether or not it will be granted. The Japanese government will grant a SOFA stamp to some non command sponsored dependents to stay there but not all. He needs to discuss it with his command and you will the immigration on what they will allow.
Q:Which word is more posh: Sofa, couch or settee?
settee veranda armoire
Q:Recoloring a green leather sofa. What's best?
If you still like the sofa alot, but don't like how it looks worn. You could update it by getting it reapolstered. They may be able to redo the cushions and put whatever fabric or leather on you choose. If you dont want to go through all that, then it may be time to buy a new sofa!
Q:are sofa bed comfortable?
yes alot are
Q:do sofas have feelings?
depends on if it's a girl sofa or boy sofa,boy sofas don't mind if you sit on them.girl sofas feel very insulted,ask you sofa if it's a girl or boy.
Q:cat wrecked leather sofa!?
neatsfoot oil - or any oil dressing cream for shoes. You may want to do the whole sofa to make it look like new.
Q:Best way to lean a leather sofa?
The best way to clean leather depends on the type of leather you have...unfinished leather (leather that looks kind of like suede or has no finish on the leather) can not be cleaned with anything other than a dry cloth and vacuum. Leathers that are treated leathers can be cleaned with Guardsman Leather Cleaner..the best I've seen that is available to consumers. If the leather is a lesser quality leather (anything other than top-full grain leather) you should check with the MGF website for cleaning instructions. The way the leather has been dyed also plays a role in how to clean it. There are so many different leathers out there.. you need to be careful not to ruin your investment. Leather is a hide or the skin of an animal, and as such, will absorb body oils (like greasy hands)..and ground-in dirt can cause the leather to peel... My advice is always to check with the manufacturer of the piece before using ANYTHING on it...and DO NOT take a friend's suggestion...there is really a LOT to know about leather and it's care than most people realize...

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