Aluminium Alloy for Great Performance No. 301

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Product Description:


Aluminium Alloy Wheel for Great Pormance No. 301


Product Description:

Aluminium Alloy Wheel for Great Performance No.301


1. Structure of Aluminum Alloy Wheel Description:

Aluminum alloy wheel is special for cars and trucks & buses, they are a barrel shaped metal parts used to support the tyres within the tire profile. The original factory wheel hub on the market can be divided into steel wheel hub and alloy wheel according to the material differences. Compared with the former, the latter have more advantages than the former ones. Aluminum alloy wheel is an excellent representative of alloy wheel according to their following characters:


2. Aluminum Alloy Wheel Production Procedure:

With Casting Machine Melting & Full Heat Treatment

With CNC machine CNC made in Taiwan

WIth Painting Line Full automatic Painting

3. Aluminum Alloy Wheel No.301 Images:


Aluminium Alloy for Great Performance No. 301

Aluminium Alloy for Great Performance No. 301

Aluminium Alloy for Great Performance No. 301


4. Aluminum Alloy Wheel No.301 Specifications & Advantage:




Size ETCBHoleP.C.D




It is Lighter than tube wheels

It has Better cooling performance in longdistance and high speed driving

It is Bigger external diameter

It gets High speed lowering tyre termperature can reduce wear resistance prevent tyre-shoulder seperation

4. FAQ

We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you to choose the favourate aluminium alloy wheels for your consideration:

① How do you control your aluminium alloy wheel quality?

We have established the international advanced quality management system,every link from raw material to final product we have strict quality test as following:

Quality Control Certifications as JWL.VIA Japanese Standard

 With Impact fatigue testing

 With Bending fatigue testing

 With Radial run out testing

 With Dynamic balance testing

 With Air-tightness testing


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Q:What is the difference between a train and a subway wheel?
It's hard to say because they are a lot! The train is very common, when driving will be issued a large click Kaka sound, the subway on the quiet more.
Q:The wheel of confetti
You look at the tire structure to know, not like the kind of bike inside and outside the two tires
Q:Is Luya's spinning wheel dedicated?
Misunderstanding 1, the more the better the number of bearings. Explanation: Spinning wheel bearings only to increase the smooth line only, the cast did not have any effect. In other words you are using dozens of pieces of the wheel as long as the cup no problem can also be thrown out of the bait
Q:Whats so good about front wheel drive?
Let me answer the question this way: Corvette = Rear Wheel Drive Ferrari (all of them) = Rear Wheel Drive Lamborghini (all of them) = Rear Wheel Drive Porsche (all of them) = Rear Wheel Drive or all wheel drive Indy race car = (all of them) = Rear Wheel Drive Drag race cars = (all of them) = Rear Wheel Drive Mustangs/Camaros = (all of them) = Rear Wheel Drive Nissan Z cars/ Toyota Supras = (all of them) = Rear Wheel Drive Dodge Hemis =(all of them) = Rear Wheel Drive or all wheel drive Get the picture... Front wheel drive was developed as a way to save time and money on an assembly line. They also offer better traction in poor weather conditions (secondary benefit). Real cars (all of them) are rear wheel drive or all wheel drive. Don't get me wrong, some very fine cars are front wheel drive, Most Honda's Toyota's etc. (although high performance models of both these brands are rear wheel drive). But these cars are NOT known for high performance, high quality yes, high middling performance yes, Not high performance. That's all.
Q:About the specifications of the car wheel
The wheels
Q:What are the wheels of the product?
Check the wheel
Q:Is it my wheel bearing?
If installed correctly the bearing should be fine.
Q:Skateboarding wheels?
wheels are divided by the objects youre going to skate wheel size 50mm - 54mm are used for street skating and 56mm - 60mm are used for vert. the best wheels all around are darkstar lightning cores 54mm
Q:What is the movement of a bicycle wheel? The
③ after the brake, why can stop the bike? Brake, the friction between the brake pads and the wheel, will hinder the rotation of the rear wheel. The greater the pressure on the brake, the greater the pressure on the rim, the greater the friction will be generated, the rear wheel to rotate the slower. If completely stopped, then the friction between the rear wheel and the ground becomes sliding friction (the original rolling friction, the direction forward), the direction backward, hinder the movement of the bike, so stopped.
Q:The Catherine Wheel?
The Catherine Wheel Torture

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