alu doors and dest

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alu doors and dest


High Quality , Competitive Price and Excellent Service
Make according to customer's requirement
1. Material :Aluminium 6063-T5

Aluminium door

1.We are specializing in casting aluminum handrial, fence, doors, windows, garden beach, arts & crafts and other aluminum products

2.the shape and the size can design by your requirement.

3.secruity and durability style wngineered for school ,house ,factory ,govemment building

4.high and strong tensible,refined and easily instanding.

5 feel bright and comfortable.

Feature :

        1.excellent airtightness and water proof performance

        3.storm and moisture resistance

       5.prevent the condensation

       6.reduce the noise

       7.abundant colors

Cut length:1.6.05m
 your request standard export packing

        2.pear; cotton +kraft paper

        3.carton box

        4.wooden pack

        5.follow customer’s requirement

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Q:Electric garage door using the remote control can be closed and normal lock, but the manual can not lock how is it?
I suggest you: change the lock! The cost is not very high, the cost of 15 yuan fee will be between 50 --- 70 yuan! Look for the gate manufacturers can also change! Now roll the door on the maintenance of a lot of phone, they will be! 10 minutes just fine!
Q:When the car fell into the water, why do not open the door? Give a complete explanation
Water pressure (resistance) force much larger than the air, the car in the water to open the door as to promote a wall of water, manpower is difficult to achieve.
Q:How does the steel-plastic co-firing doors and windows angle?
Low tensile strength, hardware accessories installation node is relatively weak.
Q:Why do wooden doors and windows installed is the first installation of windows and doors after plastering and metal doors and windows and plastic doors and windows is the first plaster into the mouth after the installation
Some wooden windows when the installation is necessary to rely on the inner wall of the flat, that is to say when the wall plastering and other processes are done, the wooden window to the inside of the wall flush with the wall is even more so. If there is attention, then you will find, in fact, the installation of metal frame is also true. And the installation of the windows do not have to limit these, because the general windows are push and pull. And some relatively high-end windows, such as the inside of the window is not the best time to install the same time with the wooden door installation. Mainly depends on the material used.
Q:What's the difference between skylights and roof windows?
skylights open. roof windows dont... generally.
Q:Copper braid and copper foil soft joining different soft connection?
The limitations of the assembly environment, while the copper braid soft connection, which is composed of a round copper wire by a monolayer or multilayer woven, can 360 degrees rotate back and forth, in the assembly point above is not subject to any restrictions on the copper braid in a certain environment than the copper foil soft joining the use of more convenient soft connection.
Q:Digital camera tips memory card lock can not take pictures is how is it?
You locked the memory card! Take it down! There is a white slider i to push in the opposite direction on it
Q:Power windows and sun roof don't work, already checked fuses?
For the windows that don't respond at all, you probably have a short in the wiring. If you know how to use a circuit tester, I'd pull off the door panels to get to the window motors and find out if the motor is actually getting any electricity when you push the window button. Circuit testers are easy to use.
Q:How to install a wooden windowsill board
In the same room, the windowsill plate should be mounted at the same height and maintained horizontally. Width of more than 150mm of the sill board, put together should wear dark band. Window plate at both ends of the height difference between the tolerance of not more than 2mm; both ends of the window from the length of the difference between the allowable deviation of not more than 3mm.
Q:Windows, roof, and wipers not working? ('97 Integra)?
Well I'm assuming if they all work off of the same circuit, you've lost a power or ground somewhere along the way (Which I'm assuming you've figured out) You said the fuse box is ok. And really, you can't figure this out at home. You need wiring schematics for your exact vehicle, and for all the systems with problems. You would also need an Ohm meter to find out exactly where you've lost power or ground. All in all, I recommend taking it to a mechanic if you can't get these things, or don't know how to work the Ohm meter.

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