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My factory is specialized in producing alpenstock, ski poles and other metal cane stick products

The United States, Wal-Mart Canada Alpenstock Carrefour supermarkets and domestic suppliers

Diversified product models complete, beautiful appearance, choose

Independent research and development ability, according to customer requirements for design, open mold, plastic materials, high-aluminum alloy, Color, quality, low price

Double account tent structure

Material glass fiber strut bar

Specifications Flysheet: 220 * 200 * 135 Inner: 200 * 185 * 130

Item LY10105

Weight of 3500 (g)

Origin Anhui Huangshan

Free to build speed to build the case open

Suggested retail price ¥ 39.00

Brand extension ice

Product Category Alpenstock

Material Aluminum

Weight 350 (g)

Item four straight shank

Origin China

Tyrant gold color straight shank, straight shank in red, blue straight shank, straight shank black, straight shank silver, purple straight shank

· Adhere to the "customers first" philosophy, from creating customer value, social value started, so as to enhance corporate value, while promoting the prosperity of social civilization;

· Emphasis on employee benefits, stimulate potential employees, to achieve maximum value in the pursuit of employees under the premise of enterprise value maximization;

· Grow together with all partners, share growth value;

· Not forget caring society, contribute to the community, lead by example and promote the healthy development of the industry;

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Q:Old crutches, what brands, good crutches, what brand is good?
There are fake and shoddy products, the crutch is no exception, so, what brand of good old cane cane? What brand is good? The old stick type and the production materials of bamboo and wooden of every hue, which is the most
Q:What brand, that kind of material climbing rod good?
Several carbon alloy and titanium alloy alpenstocks support rod material can be divided into Aluminum Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, sturdy, lightweight, inexpensive; carbon alloy like Aluminum Alloy solid, but the weight lighter, the price is relatively more expensive than Aluminum Alloy; titanium alloy, carbon alloy to light, more strong but the price is more expensive. Many manufacturers now mix titanium alloys with aluminum alloys, which makes the price cheaper than pure titanium alloys, but the strength is much higher than that of aluminum alloys, and their ductility is improved. Carbon alloys and titanium alloys are small in diameter and feel light, and you can use them quickly when you use them. It is easy to put the tip of the stick in a suitable position.
Q:How much is the walking stick of a hungry Walker?.
Axe, pick, boomerang, 0.8x34 (main attack), damageLance ham 1x34 (leading attack) damageThe hammer shovel fork umbrella cane 0.5x34 (main character attack) damageThe insect catching fish rod 0.125x34 (lead attack damage)1.5x34 (the protagonist turned beaver mace attack damage)Shadow sword 2x34 (leading attack) damageDog teeth trap 60 damageEmpty hands 10 damage
Q:Why should the British take a walking stick?
Is a symbol of identity, identity as a cane is said, their manners and dress up. But now there are fewer sticks, and umbrellas instead of long ones, because the rain stops the ladies and makes them more gentlemanly.
Q:How to choose the length of climbing cane according to height?
Choose according to types of outdoor activitiesAt present, there are many kinds of climbing pole on the market, the appearance is different, the price is not the same, to choose their own climbing rod, we must first take into account the types of outdoor activities and terrain.
Q:How to make prickly ash sticks
The best choice in the mountains for more than five years of pepper wood. Select the root suitable for palm grip, suitable for thickness.
Q:Introduction to the use of a cane
The function of a walking stick is to increase the supporting surface during walking: to slow down the load on the lower limb or the skeletal structure of the body. Generally, the use of a walking stick with a healthy hand can reduce the weight of the affected lower limb by between 20% and 25%. Can share the burden of the foot of patients, reduce the limp caused by lower limb muscle weakness, for example, patients with degenerative arthritis. For the above knee amputation patients, with increased patient load stick arm, can reduce the reaction between the residual limb and prosthesis. Reduce the muscle strength required for walking, and reduce the blood pressure in the lower extremities in patients with peripheral vascular disease. A message of sensory judgment that provides action.Need time
Q:What is the difference between a climbing pole and a walking stick?
Walking stick is mainly designed for body-building, and it has the functions of body-building and protection. Unlike a climbing stick, it is necessary to use two sticks at once. The utility model is mainly suitable for the mountaineering activities which can be returned at the altitude of 3500 meters or less, and the quick walk of the peaceful road. Walking in the road, lower extremity activities at the same time, the upper limb and shoulder, back, waist and get exercise at the same time, the same speed, the heat can consume more than 20 - 46%, to achieve a multiplier effect of exercise.
Q:Do walking sticks and stool chairs belong to the two kind of medical instruments?
Second types of medical devices are mentioned in the general introduction, which refer to the medical devices that should be controlled for their safety and effectiveness
Q:What does a cane do when skiing?
In order to better understand the balance, the initial practice skills can not use many ski poles. In the super Carving (have a fever level Carving) technology is basically not the pole. But generally speaking, the basic pole still belongs to skiing equipment. Today, the basic material production poles to aluminum or Grafit. The ideal length of poles, when upright, vertical poles with touchdown, the size of the arm to a 90 degree angle to the best.For high-speed access to bend generally play a supporting role.

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