Alloy Steel Gate Valve Stem

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Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: By plywood cases or steel crates as per customer's requirements.
Delivery Detail: 3~5 weeks,mainly due to customer's requirements


Specifications of Alloy Steel Gate Valve Stem 

1.Material: Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel

2.Machined from round bar

3.NDT Test



Alloy Steel Gate Valve Stem
Material: Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel

Machined from round bar by NC Machine or CNC

Checked by Go & No go gage

NDT Test can be made

Surface be polished 

1.We cast and machine stems of different sizes and types.

2.The materials include stainless steel, alloy steel and others.

3.They are machined by CNC and checked by GO& No go gage.

4.Moly spray can be made as per customer’s requirements.

5.All the products are made according to ISO9001:2000.

6.Small orders and special design is accepted.

7.NDT Test can be made before packing.

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Q:What is the valve stem and valve seat of the indoor fire hydrant?
Now our company do the fire hydrant valve is copper, cast iron and seat ductile iron, difference between vacuum regulator bolt and common bolt is the decompression effect, when the nozzle pressure exceeds 0.5MPa the fire hydrant flow will produce a huge reaction in the gun mouth, out of control ability of firefighters it must be decompression!
Q:Zhejiang Zhiyuan stem
The distance between East and West, Zhejiang and North and south is about 450 kilometers. According to the second national land survey results, Zhejiang land area of 101 thousand and 800 square kilometers, 1.10% of the country, is China's smallest province, one of the [1].Zhejiang is the birthplace of Wu Yue culture and Jiangnan culture, and is one of the birthplaces of ancient Chinese civilization.
Q:The stem is suitable for what kind of fishing
General raft rod length of 1.6 meters to 2.4 meters long, the color section before the shoot distribution of bright colors and more conducive to the observation of the fish, rod shoots for glass fiber rod solid rod, a very soft and elastic, a little external force can be clearly reflected, rod slightly small and dense distribution.
Q:The valve core and the valve stem must be screwed,
1, the concentricity of the valve stem and valve stem can only be ensured by the guide hole. The function of the thread is only fixed. So the surface and size precision of the 12 guide hole is very important, in the end of 4 the end of wire and drill hole with reamer reaming to ensure accuracy to.2, the coordination of the guide hole can only be used with clearance clearance with higher accuracy.3, good for 4 holes weaken the bearing capacity of shaft, locking with the cone end set screw.4, the thread of the drawing did not draw thread, the suspension line needs to be filled. Do not use M12 for thread. Use M105, the stem should be milled out of a flat, easy wrench wrench stem
Q:Valve stem at the water seepage, how to repair?
7, valve operation should pay attention to smooth, slow open and slow off, to prevent temperature changes or media shocks.
Q:How to solve the leakage of the valve stem of electric control valve?
Is the packing leaking?! Tighten the packing gland bolts.
Q:What are the connecting ways of valve plate and valve stem of gate valve?
Valve faults:Between the sealing surface is easy to cause erosion and scratches, maintenance is more difficult. Larger size, open need a certain space, long opening and closing time. Complex structure.
Q:How many connections are there between the handwheel and the stem?
I don't understand. I've got some information for youThe simplest is: your home faucet is the valve.First, the definition of valve:"Valve" is defined in the fluid system, used to control the direction of the fluid, pressure, flow device. A valve is a device for flowing or stopping the medium (liquid, gas, powder) in a pipe and equipment and controlling its flow.Two, according to the role of opening and closing valves, valve classification methods are many, here describes the following.1. classification by function and use(1) cut-off valve: cut off valve, also known as closed circuit valve, whose role is to connect or cut off the pipeline medium. The cut-off valve includes gate valve, globe valve, plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve and diaphragm.(2) check valve: check valve, also known as one-way valve or check valve, its role is to prevent the medium back in the pipeline. Pump water off the bottom valve check valve also belongs to class.(3) safety valve: the role of the safety valve is to prevent the pipe or device in the medium pressure exceeds the required value, so as to achieve the purpose of safety protection.(4): regulating valve regulating valves including control valve, throttle valve and pressure relief valve, and its role in the regulation of the medium pressure, flow parameter.(5) shunt valve: diverter valve, including a variety of distribution valves and traps, etc., its role is to distribute, separate or mix the medium in the pipeline.
Q:What is the cause of valve stem vibration in electric single seat control valves?
3, liquid medium through the valve, resulting in cavitation caused by shocks, higher frequency, usually accompanied by valve howling. High temperature large pressure difference, the use of single seat valve is relatively easy to happen, this is the control valve (valve body structure) type selection caused by improper,4, the valve core resonant frequency and pipe and fluid frequency consistent with the vibration caused by higher frequency, usually accompanied by pipe vibration. Change the valve at both ends of the process, valve opening may be eliminated.
Q:The stem, cast rods, sea rods, rod from what is the difference?
It's nothing specialThat, generally refers to the use of the shore, so is more than 3.6 meters, and compared with other pole hard, because of the need to bring together lead to the seaSea rod is a generic, all applications can be said in the fishing rod as sea pole
We have business of various commodities, development of valve parts, brand promotion and agency servicesMain products: valves, mechanical parts, carbon steel, alloy steel parts, castings, forgings, etc. Products are all exported.By virtue of the advantageous location, we have a well-established sales network. We will further widen the market at home and abroad, and provide high quality products and services for our customers.

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