All kinds of stairs

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(1)All kinds of stairs


(3)Features:Welding by Robot

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Q:Stairs need to do staircase beam?
Landlord project only the bottom of the high, three run a staircase, it is recommended to be a short column (or local low wall) TL is relatively simple. Do the beam or folding plate to calculate a little trouble do not say, is not conducive to earthquake, the lateral stiffness of the ladder itself is very weak.
Q:3dsmax 2010 spiral staircase, staircase riser gray can not be modified, how do? Default 12 steps
Raise the nail on the front of the staircase. However, the use of this way is the same, when the staircase of the total high fixed, you can staircase staircase height and stairs to set the series. If your level is determined, then you can easily set the staircase is always high, this is matched with each other. You take a closer look.
Q:How to use the day to draw the stairs building plans,
Take a double run staircase as an example, Enter SPLT Set the required parameters: layer high, stepping high, stepping wide and the like Has been out of a double run staircase (flat)
Q:What is the meaning of climbing stairs in microcats?
Usually said to climb the stairs are up the meaning of walking, into the circle of friends, space, the dialog box, that is, before the chat content is no time to see, and now slowly read back before the chat, a little like climbing stairs The
Q:What is the bathroom door saying to the stairs?
The door of the toilet is facing the upper and lower stairs, the stairs are the gas field where the gas straight into the toilet, causing the toilet gas field instability, will make dirty gas out, so that the flow to the house around the house will affect the health and fortune of the family.   Resolving methods: (1) bathroom door hanging curtain, the door put a pot of plants, at the same time in the bathroom door to hang a string of white gourd five emperor ancient money solution evil. (2) placed in the bathroom a cup of coarse salt, do not cover. The bathroom is usually kept clean.
Q:Employees are slipping from the stairs
This is indeed not work injury; as the stairs have to fall to see a few water, mainly staircase itself decoration, width, guardrail, etc. are in line with the relevant norms, how is the water. If the long-term or often have water to do the necessary attention duty slogan reminder.
Q:Dnf the stairs that have a successful task how to complete
That a little time to the top to see the last elite strange to kill the job
Q:Is there a closed staircase leading to the basement?
Smoke-resistant stairwells are staircases with smoke front and smoke-proof facilities separate from the use of space within the building. Its form generally has a closed front room or combined with the front room of the smoke staircase, with the balcony for the front room of the smoke staircase, with the floor for the front room of the smoke staircase and so on. Closed stairwell is a staircase that separates refractory building blocks and prevents smoke and heat from entering.
Q:Tianzheng inside painting more than running stairs,
Please note that the next command line, hit the space or enter is the exit command.
Q:First installed staircase skeleton or first installed floor?
Of course, is the first installed stair skeleton friends. The floor is not the strength of the stairs skeleton ah.

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