All kinds of stairs

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(1)All kinds of stairs


(3)Features:Welding by Robot

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Q:Can the office door open to the stairs?
For the closed staircase and smoke staircase, is certainly not, there are basis: "Architectural design code for fire protection" 1 closed staircase Specification 7.4.2 Closed stairwells shall comply with the following provisions in accordance with the provisions of Clause 7.4.1 of this Code:               3 In addition to the door of the staircase outside the staircase between the walls should not open other doors and windows openings;
Q:When the stairs have to set up the front room
Smoke staircase need to set the front room, and the front room need to have positive pressure air supply, staircase and front room door to set fire doors
Q:Stairs step too high how to deal with
A building used as a vertical traffic between floors. Used for traffic links between floors and large differences. In the multi-storey and high-rise buildings with elevators and escalators as the main vertical means of transport, stairs should also be provided. High-rise buildings, despite the use of elevators as the main vertical means of transport, but still have to keep the stairs for fire when the escape. The stairs consist of successive steps (also known as ladders), platforms (rest platforms) and enclosures.
Q:Is there a staircase as long as there is an elevator?
In the vertical arrangement should pay attention to: First, the evacuation stairs should be kept up and down smooth. The evacuation staircase of high-rise civil buildings should lead to no fixed, so that when the evacuation of the channel is blocked or the smoke is cut off, the staff can go to the roof for temporary shelter, waiting for firefighters to use the car or helicopter to rescue. Second, should avoid different evacuation flow of people cross each other. For high-rise civil buildings, the high-level part of the evacuation staircase should not be with the public part of the lower part of the traffic hall, staircase or escalator mixed cross, so as not to evacuate when the two parts of the crowd crowded crowded, causing blockage caused casualties. In addition, the evacuation staircase should be clearly marked and should be placed in an easy to find location. Ordinary stairs can not be used as evacuation stairs. The number of evacuation stairs can be determined by the number of safety exit points combined with evacuation routes.
Q:Dnf the stairs that have a successful task how to complete
There is a countdown in the upper right corner, before the zero to see the last green name - copy Ferman and kill it on it. This map a total of four green name, respectively, four power station boss, the middle of the road there are mobs. But each green name will show you all the skills of the cd, so the big move all over the past it
Q:What is the size of the building staircase?
Step length is generally 1050mm, width is 280mm, high 150-180
Q:Is it necessary to make a drip line in the interior of the building?
(C) drip line practice In the construction, some parts such as: parapet small edge, vents cover, or highlight the wall and other parts of the wall, these parts of the general along the water, the slope is not less than 1: 6, the mouth is usually used drip Line (commonly known as olecranon) approach (the body parts should refer to the construction drawings or consultation with the design unit). Drip line construction should be completed with the wall plaster, highlight the bottom of at least 10mm. Request to be consistent, round around. The practice is as follows: 1, the grass-roots treatment: the remaining mortar, dirt, dust clean, wet with water, "thrown hair" or "chisel hair." 2, hanging vertical, looking for the level: the corner should be hanging vertical, the bottom should be in the same level, these parts should be ahead of the ink line or pull line control. 3, the construction should be completed before and the bottom of the plastering, and then the ruler caught in the wipe on the bottom of the board, feet slope outward, with a good level to play a good level to make it in the same level, and around Circle, and then complete the side plaster, so that the bottom of the formation of the shape of the "olecranon" drip line. 4, remove the ruler, and then drip line pressure, straight, to ensure the quality of perception. 5, the drip line can also be made in the construction of the structure, in the daughter of the small wall along the mold, with ф50 shelf tube bottom mold, the mouth with a wooden pad flat, the outer mouth of the tube itself with the shape of pouring into a "eagle Mouth ", after demolding and then plastering dressing.
Q:Above the stairs in the form of physical exercise there is no harm?
Unfortunately, there is no, be aerobic exercise, but the burden on the knee will be slightly larger than the walk and the like, if the amount of exercise to do staircase exercises, do warm up on the line, if it is normal, then it does not matter. Pay attention to tired time do not stumble on the line, there is a certain degree of risk.
Q:Staircase size
Small staircase design and staircase standard reference: The height of the steps should be sized according to the slope of the steps and the size of the human foot. 1. Stairs slope range of 20 to 45 degrees (not more than 38 degrees), that is, between 1: 2.75 to 1: 1. 2. The width of the tread should be the foot of the human foot can all fall on the step is appropriate, the height value should be appropriate to ensure that the stairs have the appropriate slope. 3. Stair step height should not be greater than 210mm, and should not be less than 140mm, all levels of step height should be the same, 4> staircase step width, should be used 220,240,260,280,300,320 mm.
Q:What is the meaning of the staircase out of the roof? Our teacher also asked to make it ≥ 2200mm
Is the staircase between the roof, people can go to the roof through the stairs. And the height of the staircase between the roof is greater than 2.2 meters, simply say that the meaning of the.

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