All kinds of stairs

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(1)All kinds of stairs


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Q:Panting (business, dining) Can the evacuation staircase be shared with the main body (office)
Can not. Code for Design of Office Buildings JGJ 67-2006 5.0.3 The evacuation entrances and exits of the office part of the building should not be shared with the evacuation entrances and exits of crowded places such as shopping malls, business offices, entertainment, catering and other personnel in the same building.
Q:Is there a closed staircase leading to the basement?
If out to the outside, of course, do not need to do smoke staircase. If leading to the indoor, single, basement floor less than 10M outdoor, to set up smoke staircase. Other conditions of the basement, are required to set up closed staircase. Smoke staircase front room and the front room should be set up measures to prevent smoke, that is, must have a mechanical pressure air supply device (that is, to maintain external positive pressure)
Q:What are the requirements for staircase design in building seismic design codes?
6.1.15 Stairwells shall meet the following requirements: 1 should use cast-in-place reinforced concrete stairs. 2 For the frame structure, the arrangement between the stairwells should not cause the structure plane to be particularly irregular; when the staircase components and the main structure are poured, the influence of the stair members on the seismic action and its effect should be included, and the seismic bearing capacity of the staircase components should be checked ; Should take structural measures to reduce the staircase components on the main structure of the impact of stiffness. 3 staircase between the two sides filled with walls and columns should be strengthened between the knot. Above it is multi-storey and high-rise concrete houses. 13.3.4 Masonry filled walls in reinforced concrete structures shall meet the following requirements: 5 staircase and the inflow channel filled with walls, should still be used to strengthen the steel mesh mortar surface.
Q:Building construction stairs, the ladder width is the number of time, need to add in the middle of the handrail?
0 ~ 0.15m for the flow of people in the swing of the human body, public buildings, many places should take the upper limit. So 0.55 (0.7) * 4 = 2.2 (2.8), the middle should be added handrails.
Q:Dnf the stairs that have a successful task how to complete
That a little time to the top to see the last elite strange to kill the job
Q:Tianzheng architectural painting first floor stairs down to extend the plan how to draw
In fact, there is no need to use the day, the direct lines that OK,
Q:When the semi-basement has only one staircase, its area can not be greater than how much What about the specification?
Is the "Building Design Fire Protection Plan" (GB 50016--2006) 5.3.12: 5.3.12 underground, semi-underground construction (room) safety exit and room evacuation door should meet the following requirements: 1 The number of safe exports for each fire zone shall be determined and shall not be less than 2. When there are 2 or more fire partitions on the plane adjacent to the layout, each fire partition can be used on the firewall 1 A fire door leading to an adjacent partition as a second safety outlet, but there must be a safety outlet through the outside;
Q:How the stairs are poured
Stairs are the first to support a good template in the following, and then tied a good reinforcement, and then pouring concrete, because the template support system need to go through the design calculation, pouring will not fall.
Q:What is the location of the stairs?
General staircase structure is divided into plate staircase and beam staircase. The beam staircase is subdivided into double beams and single beams. The single beam is the beam at the center of the center of the staircase. Staircase stepping board. Used for outdoor use. A structure used as a vertical traffic between buildings. Used for traffic links between floors and large differences. In the multi-storey and high-rise buildings with elevators and escalators as the main vertical means of transport, stairs should also be provided. High-rise buildings, despite the use of elevators as the main vertical means of transport, but still have to keep the stairs for fire when the escape. The stairs consist of successive steps (also known as ladders), platforms (rest platforms) and enclosures. The lowest level of the staircase and the highest level of step-by-step horizontal projection distance for the staircase, the total height of the staircase is high. During the Warring States period, the image of the heavy house on the bronze was engraved with stairs. 15 to 16th century Italy, the indoor staircase from the traditional closed space in the liberation, making it a change in shape with a decorative part of the building.
Q:How to determine the depth of the staircase between the stairs
The width between the two sides of the staircase

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