All kinds of out door garden hanging rattan chair

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White out door garden hanging rattan chair



1.excellent handweaving technique with fashion design.
2.suitble for indoors and outdoors.
3.we are a professional factory in outdoor furnitures.
4.we can produce the products that customers advise.
5.nice third dimension, this is reason why many customer like it.
6.good toughness, fit for the change of temperature, so not easy broken.
7.uniformity, the size of head and foot part is almost same, so the line of furniture is nice looking.
8.good weather resistance,and long service life.3 years of guarantee. 


Our production line includes:

1) Outdoor furniture: Rattan / Text. / Wooden / Plastic & Resin Outdoor Furniture, Swing Seater, Awning & Gazebo, Patio Umbrella & Base, Park Bench , Outdoor living Items, etc.
2) Camping items: Camping Tent, Sleeping Bag, Picnic Accessories, Camping Chair, Hammocks, BBQ & Grilling, etc
3) Beach Items: Beach Umbrella, Body Boards, Beach Tent, Beach Chair, Beach Rackets, Beach Mat, Beach Toys, etc.
4) Welcome OEM.
5) Warranty:one-year-limited.



Our Service:

--- Size and design can be Customized.

--- One- stop furniture purchasing

--- Prompt action to your request


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Q:Hanging lan winter in the outdoor root can freeze to death?
Of course you can, and so the root grows can be cut from the old plant to re-planted into the pot.
Q:What is this plant called? I always thought it called Chlorophytum.
Shichangpu, Araceae perennial herbaceous plants. Medicine can be phlegm resuscitation. Indoor can be planted.
Q:Can the horns be planted in a pot without a hole?
But also can survive, but do not pour too much water, no holes below the pot can not be discharged too much water, a long time the basket will be rotten, less water all right, hoping to help you.
Q:What is the distance between the front and rear brackets of the electric basket?
Front support part of the support is still supported by two m14 bolts
Q:Will this part of the Chlorophytum can directly cultivate the growth of soil?
Is the gold heart of Chlorophytum, is a kind of Chlorophytum.
Q:Why every time the hanging of the Leng Teng only long thick not long?
Yes, but the cut off the place will not be long out of the new, only from the roots to send new branches out. And will affect the appearance. To keep the leaves not yellow, there are two points of attention, one is moisture, keep the moist air, but the roots can not be water, the second is to keep the room bright light, but not exposure. Phnom Penh Chlorophytum, Liliaceae, perennial evergreen herbaceous plants. Leaves broadly linear, tender green, born in short stems, with hypertrophy of the cylindrical fleshy root. Race length 30-60 cm, bent sagging, flowers white; often in the stems to give birth to a few clusters from the buds of the root of the small plant, is very interesting. It grows fast, easy to cultivate, in the more bright room can be perennial cultivation appreciation. Is one of the most suitable types of suspended or placed on a cupboard or flower stand.
Q:Chlorophytum and green radish pot has been very much want to use branches and leaves out of a pot can you
In addition to winter temperatures are too low is not suitable for sub-strains, other seasons can be carried out
Q:What are the requirements for the specifications of the electric basket?
Electric wire rope is made of multi-layer steel wire twisted into the stock, and then to the core as the center, by a certain number of stranded into a spiral rope
Q:About the plant (golden monkey cactus, small banyan potted, hydroponite Phnom Penh)
These three plants are different three species, cactus plants, water demand is very small, banyan water demand slightly larger. Hydroponics are sure to keep moisture. From the natural growth environment, the three plants are Xiyang plants. In the process of conservation should be appropriate to the sun, but to avoid a strong direct sunlight. Can be appropriate to use a small amount of chemical fertilizers, it is best to use organic fertilizer. Temporarily change the soil once a year. Watering time, cactus plants, can be dry soil in the water once, about time is about 15 days, banyan plants about 10 days, if the air is relatively dry a week can be watered. Watering time must look at the wet and dry conditions of the soil. There is no definite specific number of days.
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