All Kinds of Color 18mm Board Free of Paint

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Product Description:

1.Product Description

Particleboard is also called particle board, particle board, bagasse board, made of wood or other lignocellulose material scrap, artificial board adhesive is applied in heat and pressure under the effect of synthetic rubber, also known as the particleboard. Mainly used in furniture manufacturing and construction industry and train, car car manufacturing.

Because particleboard structure is relatively uniform, good processing performance can be according to the need to process large format sheet is made of raw materials of different specifications, style furniture better. Don't need to dry particleboard manufactured goods, can be used directly, sound absorption and sound insulation performance is also very good.

2.Product Characteristic

A, a good sound absorption and sound insulation, sound-absorbing insulation board;

B, internal cross scattered granular structure, the performance of each direction is basically the same, the horizontal bearing capacity is good;

C, the surface of the board is smooth, the texture is lifelike, bulk density is uniform, the thickness error is small, the resistance to pollution, aging, beautiful, can be carried out all kinds of veneer;

D, particle board in the production process, with a small amount of adhesive, environmental protection coefficient is relatively high.


Tree species: Yang Mu

Origin: Ningguo City, Anhui Province

Class I

Moisture content: less than 12 (%)

Apparent density: 670 (g/m3)

Bending strength: 17.2 (MPa)

Insulation performance: in the

Special features: Color: good

Purpose: home plate

Wood type: particle board

Specifications: *18*1220*2440mm, E2*18*1220*2440mm, E1*18*1220*2440mm (mm)

4.Reference Picture

All Kinds of Color 18mm Board Free of Paint

All Kinds of Color 18mm Board Free of Paint

All Kinds of Color 18mm Board Free of Paint

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Q:garden wood oil - garden wood oil from the preparation of natural raw materials
In the absorption of a normal performance of the board on a layer of oil, the amount per square meter is about 40 to 70 ml. The following are the same as the "
Q:Can you bring wood products from New Zealand?
But the cattle and lamb, the crop is not my friend with a duck neck gave me a fine of 400 knives but to the Chinese belt is not so much last year I gave my mother with milk powder, honey, jam and other things back completely no problem:)
Q:How is the commonly used wood products?
3, to avoid chemical solvents in addition to stains, wood products because of its special use of performance, easy to produce stains. If the surface of wood products stains, should not be forced to rub, or for convenience, direct splashing on chemical supplies, a wiping out. But this not only wiped the light wax also damaged the furniture. 4, to avoid the environment damp, summer indoor tide, especially the kitchen this place. This time you can use thin plastic wood products and the ground separated.
Q:How do you print or pattern on wood products?
2, gelatin film on the original version of the paper on the rules line, multi-color version of the rules are used as installed version of the rules. Put the engraved version together with the original, placed in the appropriate position of the screen plate, according to the rules of the original rules of the rules of the binding rules with milky white paste attached to the screen plate, and paste with a paper sheet. There are several sets of color with a few screen plate set a unified rules. The original with the engraved version, placed in the rules of the board, put down the screen box, in the top of the screen with an iron aligned engraved Gelatin version of the four corners of the edge of the ironing, so that gelatin version of sticky on the screen after the original release. Put some thick paper on the plate, put down the screen frame so that the gelatin carved paper pad flat, and then covered with a polyester film on the film from the role of the interval, with iron back and forth several times, so that gelatin film Hot on the screen. After a good version of the natural dry, and then peel off the liner and the use of ketone to the opposite side of the liner and the interval between the coated PVC overshoot scrub clean. If the version of the place can be used to retreat glacial acetic acid, if the knife edge of the knife marks and small strokes off, you can use the pen dipped in plastic repair. 3, nitro varnish modified film on paper version of nitro-varnish modified film on the version of the same method. (5) closed network The screen is about the screen outside the screen with colloidal sticky block up, so that the printing plate in the printing does not leak ink. Wax grams of film version of the network can be used nitro-varnish, gelatin solution can be sealed gelatin film version and nitro-varnish modified film version. The printed plate is printed and dried. Second, the photosensitive screen printing plate
Q:Wood printer or wood printing function directly on the wood products printed on the pattern of equipment?
The market space is beyond the imagination of the stone, the shell, the plate, the bamboo craft, the phone, the cup, the lighter, the key, the stationery, the notebook computer, the CD machine, the MP3, the crystal like the chapter, the smart card, the business card, the license, the plaque, the flower, ... printed range covers personal items, craft gifts, office supplies, stationery signs, home improvement building materials, flowers and cloth, clothing and footwear dozens of tens of thousands of items. Related parameters and instructions TX-PRIMAT-43120 Print Size Super (43.2CM, 61CM, 107CM, 111.8CM) * 155CM Print Sprayer Micro-pressure Ejection Mode 1440 Nozzle Print Color 8 Colors: C, M, Y, K, LC, LM , LK, LLK Print direction Intelligent two-way printing Print speed A4 1 minute Print object Maximum thickness 12CM Print accuracy 2880DPI * 1440DPI Ink system 220ML Special ink Environmental protection / Dye ink / Pigment / Textiles / Weak solvent / etc. Height adjustment Manual intelligent adjustment Print object height Detection of intelligent induction / smart touch / dual detection system nozzle protection intelligent touch detection automatic protection system voltage requirements 110-220V 50-60HZ 78W interface USB2.0 / IEEE1394 operating platform Windows95,98, NT, 2000, XP, working environment 10-35C, 20-80RH equipment net weight / gross weight 150KG - 300KG equipment size long 257CM × width (43.2CM, 61CM, 107CM, 111.8CM, 127CM, 157CM) × high 150CM bump: 5mm need to understand the machine And the need for digital printing processing
Q:How to use wood products paint
2. White paint, with a base of gray scraping the bottom, the same as above. 3. paint, to use a special colored soil (building materials market have to sell) plug holes, holes, insect eyes nail eyes and other places, and then ibid If it is a traditional paint such as alkyd paint, etc., to the upstairs said the same. Diluted with water that day, spray can be.
Q:What kind of wood is the fir tree?
The finished products are often known for their bold and bold style and require the artist to have a very high artistic accomplishment. Jin Si Nan ebony, due to natural variation, buried in the river bed and other low-lying sludge, after thousands of years of materialized; its not fade, not rotten, not insects, hard material, is the production of works of art, antique furniture ideal Of the material, in the art of ebony as a heirloom, evil spirits. Ebony handicrafts to Zen Shen Yuan works for the first push, the carving, the integration of round carving, carving, carving, carving, relief, carving and other carving techniques of the essence, everywhere meticulous, knife was meritorious, master craftsman , Will be silent flowing traditional culture into them, into a piece of magnificent works of art, from the shape, structure to each fit, each decoration, are abide by the ancient law, reached the United States and the United States Huan of the height, the concept of such as seamless, strokes like jade seamless. Its pure hand carving is not only the master of Zen Shen Yuan show, but also the creators will character, character and even ideas into the crafts, given its life process, but also its rise to the art of the best of the soul; Zen Shen Yuan handicrafts, fine Elegant selection of ebony, ancient art, fine carving, floating fragrance, both Kuang Shuo the culmination of this skill, but also the aesthetic elements of the cohesion of God.
Q:How to avoid deformation of wood products
There are some tips, can help you sure whether the moisture content of wood pass. Individual dry good wood features significantly, the weight significantly reduced, feel not cool, beat sound crisp, push planer; rushing; sound, shavings fever, planing light. And the high moisture content of the material is heavier, feel cold, pushing the planing sound is not brittle, or even shaving water. This kind of wood can not be used.
Q:Water content is too high or too low, will cause the quality of wood in the home improvement
Because solid wood materials are textured, so the temperature, humidity changes when the larger, there will be cracking, warping with the deformation of the scene.
Q:Wood products out of the United States is not directly open fumigation can prove that?
The United States, Canada, Brazil, the Philippines, South Africa, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, the European Union, Chile, Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan.

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