All in one USB2.0 MS/ M2/ SD / TF/ Micro SD memory card reader with exclusive patent protection

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$1.50 - 2.50 / pc
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1000 Pieces pc
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5000 Pieces per Week pc/month

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AML--G5 Memory card reader description:


1. All in one card reader.

2. With LED indicator light.

3. Support: TF/MS/M2/SDHC/SD/Micro SD card.

4. Input interface: High-speed USB2.0, No need external power

5. Compatible with windows XP/ WIN 7/ Win 8 systerm.

6. Exclusive patent protection, our own patented products. Unique and creative designs no similar product in

    the market.


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Q:difference between xd reader writer and memory card reader?
There are very many different formats when it comes to memory cards - the most common on the nokia phones are either the mini SD or micro SD cards - these are just minature versions of SD cards. Fuji film and olympus on a joint venture produced a new card more optimised for cameras this was called the xd card - it is a different size, has different pins and is optimised for use in cameras. At the time it came out it was a new type of memory media with an ultra-compact design with theoretical image storage capacity of up to 8 gigabytes and compatibility with different digital camera brands (that supported this format) The type of memory card you use is dictated by which digital device you are using. These physically different cards are *not* interchangeable, eg sd card pheripheral will not take xd etc (not unless it was made specifically to do so which is very rare). If you have a card reader that will read/write SD cards you will be able to read micro and mini SD cards with the aid of an adapter (which makes the mini and micro sd cards into the same size as a normal sd card and fit into an sd drive. The xd card is physically a different shape - broader, but shorter. You will need a xd drive to read/write to these cards. If your card reader is xd only then it will *not* read SD cards. The Reader actually requires a different slot for the SD card. Get a multicard reader. I found i had a variety of sd cards/mini sd/xd cards/sony stick and compact flash cards between my camera/pda and phone devcies so i bought a multi card reader too - there are many makes around and are very common - these come in many varieties depending on the desired computer interface. The most common type are made for PCs and connect to the USB port. Make sure you buy one with all the different formats you have got then you will be able to use the one reader to read a variety of cards as I do. Merry Christmas and Seasonal Greetings!
Q:I went to another tarot card reader?
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Q:usb 2.0 card reader driver?
XP has built-in support for USB Flash drives and memory card readers, so you don't need any drivers. Try using another USB port or using the reader on another computer to see if the reader works correctly.
Q:What is the difference between a fast charger and a slow charge?
As for the fast charge on the battery damage, theoretically exist, because the large current charging a larger heat, the chemical composition of the battery material to speed up the possibility of life.
Q:i have a acer aspire 5310 and i tried to use the 5 in 1 memory card reader but the memory stick got stuck ??
I understand you used a SONY MEMORY STICK, sounds like you pushed it in there upside down. Make sure your computer is turned off and pull it out. You might have damaged the reader anyway. When using memory cards of any sort, if you must push it to get it into the reader it is either upside down or the you are putting it into the wrong slot.
Q:memory card reader on dell inspiron 1300?
We okorder
Q:What is a card reader?
Raise the card reader, many people will immediately think of this product is produced with a digital camera, but now no longer limited to the use of digital cameras, but extended to more areas.
Q:Card readers?
Actually No! it will be the same since you are using the same Computer - and this is actually where the problem lies. Use a fast computer (2.0ghz;512mb memory will do) with a usb2.0 port, then transferring or copying will be soundly fast. Thumbs Up!
Q:my 5 in 1 card reader is not workingit can read SD\MMC\MS\Pro\xD.?
Hello, well it could be that the laptop does not read that memory card. i tried to look it up but they give limited details about the mem card reader. call dell and ask them if the PC is compatible with the memory card you want to use.
Q:how do i get the videos from my phone on to the computer ?? i have the chip and card reader but im not smart.
plug the card reader into your computer. go into 'my computer', the card will show as a drive. double-click it then drag the folder containing your vids onto your desktop. if you go to youtube there are full instructions for uploading.

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