Aliphatic superplasticizer (powder)

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JW-II Aliphatic retarded superplasticizer

JW-II Aliphatic retarded superplasticizer is of acetone sulfonated synthetic aldehyde carbonyl coke, hydrophobic main chain aliphatic hydrocarbon and the amount of retarding superplasticizer, enhancement component composite made with efficient water reduction, slow condensate, slump and enhanced functions. Adaptability of cement products, low dosage, easy to use, especially for concrete and efficient water reducing retarding requirements of the project.

The main performance
▉This product is divided into two kinds :powder and liquid , powder is brown, agent is brown black . Products performance is stable, non-toxic, no stimulation and radioactivity, no rust risk of reinforced material.

▉Increased fluidity: the fluidity of cement paste is greater than 200mm, when the retarding soil mix ratio, adding superplasticizer, the liquidity of mixture composed of 0 ~ 50mmt to 150 ~ 250mm.

▉High-efficient water reducing: according to the current standard GB8076-2008 "test of concrete admixture" provisions of the state, the water reducing rate of more than 18%, the largest up to 25%

▉High slump: This product uses reactive polymer as the slump of graves, the slump retaining ability is very strong, but the type and temperature adaptability of cement varieties, strong, nearly not affected by temperature changes. In low temperatures, the slump loss of concrete is slow, reflecting the release rate of copolymers slow; In high temperatures the concrete slump loss accelerated, reactive polymer release speed, improve the concrete slump retaining ability.

▉Retarding effect is obvious. Mixed with this product concrete, the initial setting time delay of about 10h, the characteristics of construction in order to avoid or reduce the gap to provide a lot of assurance, also can adjust the product formula to adjust the setting time of concrete, to ensure that meet the requirements of engineering.

▉Improve concrete strength: in terms of unit under the same amount of cementing material, its 28d strength is lower than ordinary concrete can be increased by 35 ~ 60%

Scope of application
Products can be widely applied to high efficiency water reducing and retarding requirements of concrete.

The use of methods
▉Powder content of cementitious material 0.5-1.0%, agent 1.3-2.0%

▉Powdered solid if direct use, should be mixed with cement an input is not directly add surface in the wet sand, stone; if the match into solution, it should be fully dissolved.

▉In order to ensure the concrete soil heterogeneity, stirring time should be extended from 30 to 60 seconds.

Packaging and storage
▉Powder using plastic bag inside, outer woven bag, net weight 40 kg per bag, canned or agreement packaging agent.

▉Should be stored in dry conditions, water should be sealed, powder should pay attention to moisture, avoid caking.

▉This product is valid for a period of three years, powder stacking height should not be more than 10 bags.

Technical service
According to the needs of users and engineering, sometimes need a specific formulation of the JW-II retarding superplasticizer, our company will according to your requirements engineering technology, the specific conditions of raw materials and site, make evaluation and analysis to determine the specific formula, with the best since the concrete quality and the best economic benefit.

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