Aliminum Copper XLPE Insulation PVC Sheathed Power Cable

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Product Description:

Aliminum Copper XLPE Insulation PVC Sheathed Power Cable


Detailed Product Description

-Manufacture more than 20 years
-Made by high purity copper
-Stock availableFree sample
-Rated Voltage:0.6/1KV



For XLPE insulated power cable ,either chemical method or physical method is employer to transform the molecular structure of PE form chain into three-dimensional network, i.e. thermoplastic PE is transformer into thermosetting XLPE. After cross-linking, the thermal and mechanical properties of PE have been greatly improved while its excellent property are still retained.
The maximum permissible operating temperature of the conductor of a XLPE insulated power cable is 90 which is higher than that of paper, PVC or PE insulated power cable. The cable has the advantage of simplicity in construction, lightness in weight, convenience in application besides its excellent electrical, thermal ,mechanical and antichemical corrosion properties. It can also be laid with no limitation of level difference along the route.




The product is manufactured according to the standard of GB12706 or IEC,BS,DIN and ICEA upon request.




The product is suitable for use in power distribution lines or fixed installations with rated power frequency voltage up to and including 0.6/1kV


Operating Characteristics


1, Rated power-frequency voltage Uo/U : 0.6/1kV
2,Max.permissible continuous operating temperature of conductor: 90
3,Max.short-circuit temperature of the conductor shall not exceed 250.(5s maximum duration ).
4,The ambient temperature under installation should not below 0
5, The bending radius of a cable should not less than 15 times of the cable diameter.


Voltage Designation


The rated voltage of the cable for a given application shall be suitable for the operating conditions in the system in which the cable is used , and is expressed in the form of Uo/U (Um)KV .Where :
UoThe rated powerfrequency voltage between conductor and earth or metallic scieen ,for which the cable designed;
U-The rated power-frequency voltage between conductors, for which the cable designed;
Um-The maximum value of the highest system voltagefor which the equipment may be used



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