Al-Mg Alloy Wire for Welding from A Professional Factory

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Al-Mg Alloy Wire Description:

The aluminum magnesium alloy is the lightest metal component material at present, featured by small density and high strength.Aluminum magnesium alloy wire can be used for core wire (as a substitution of copper wire) and shielding weaving wire which are widely applied to all kinds of communication cables, coaxial cables, being the supporting products of broad band transmission network and communication network.

The aluminum magnesium alloy is acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistance, high strength, good toughness, and it does not fade at high temperatures (120 ℃). So products with aluminum-magnesium alloy micro wire would not deform easily, and there is a good shielding effect.

2.Main Features of the Al-Mg Alloy Wire:

Good softness

Easy to bend 

Easy to shape

Good toughness, it can be repeatedly bended, not easy to break

3. Al-Mg Alloy Wire Images

Al-Mg Alloy Wire for Welding from A Professional Factory

Al-Mg Alloy Wire for Welding from A Professional Factory

4. Al-Mg Alloy Wire Specification

Model Specification (mm)tensile strength (Mpa)elongation at break20 ℃ resistivitydiameter deviation
LHP-0.12≥ 230≥ 7≤ 0.052± 0.004
LHP-0.15≥ 230≥ 7≤ 0.052± 0.004
LHP-0.16    high-speed braiding machine≥ 310≥ 4≤ 0.052± 0.002
high-speed braiding machine ≥ 230≤ 7≤ 0.052± 0.004
LHP-0.18≥ 230≥ 7≤ 0.052± 0.005
LHP-0.20≥ 230≥ 7≤ 0.052± 0.006
LHP-0.22≥ 230≥ 7≤ 0.052± 0.006
LHP-1.17≥ 230≥ 10≤ 0.052± 0.02
LHP-2.8≥ 230≥ 12≤ 0.052± 0.02 


1).What types of products do you have?

As a manufacturer, we produce  each kind of electric wires. For example, high purity aluminum wire used for thermal spraying and plating. Al-Mg alloy wire used for electronic fence and window screen, and used for cable manufacture.  In addition, the size of wire can be maked as customer

2) What certifications do you have?

SGS UL ISO  and so on.

3). What do you take to win the trust from customers?

Put customers first, put quality first, put reputation first

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Q:Why is aluminum wire difficult to react with dilute sulfuric acid by hydrochloric acid reaction?
And dilute sulfuric acid seems to have passivation phenomenon, will prevent further reactions
Q:How to remove copper from the iron surface and remove copper from the surface of the iron?
General life of metal by large-scale exploitation of human is related to metal activity sequence, the stronger the development activities of the later, so the order of iron, aluminum and copper three metallic materials used by human for Cu, Fe, Al. B. (two): Al > Fe > Cu;
Q:The outside of the frying pan is full of strong and thick layers of grease and stains. How can it be removed easily?
Most housewives wash pot only wash do not wash the bottom surface is wrong, because the bottom covered with inverted vegetables when he returned alone, if not always wash residue at the bottom, bottom thickness gradually thickening in the course of time, the effect of cooking heat, so must be positive and negative, washed and then placed on a stove fire drying to remove water, next time also convenient.
Q:Is there an electric wire in the integrated circuit?
What is the integrated circuit, he is a semiconductor chip, you said that is not assembly PCB motherboard, motherboard integrated circuit, you see a amount of discipline is the integrated circuit chip, and CPU chip is the large super large scale integrated circuit.
Q:What do you want to do with the BJD?
Well, too, elastic tendons or too loose will lead to this, you can add, loose, gasket, but the best way is to change the rubber band, lacing, or
Q:A thin aluminum wire similar to a thin wire
The magnet can attract the wire, and can not attract aluminum wire, with a magnet near two metal rods, attracted by magnets are iron bars, can not be attracted by the magnet is aluminum rod; according to the iron can be attracted by a magnet, can distinguish between iron and aluminum.
Q:What type of cable should be used for direct buried lighting cables?
Commonly used armored forms are: steel tape, aluminum tape armored, steel wire, aluminum wire armored, steel and steel wire composite armor, etc., according to the protective characteristics of cables, choose different forms of armor.
Q:What is the phenomenon of aluminium wire immersed in copper sulphate solution?
Reaction note: the aluminum wire has a dense film on the surface, so that the active aluminum can not contact the copper ions in the solution, and then the replacement reaction occurs. Therefore, before the reaction, the surface oxide film should be polished off with sand paper and then reacted.
Q:What's the reason for the flash of a LED light?
This is the bad contact LED lamp gold or aluminum wire, usually, a welding wire connecting wire, arc welding off, if the two did not fill ball there may be two welding welding.
Q:General ferrochrome aluminium net with what material?
Ferrochrome aluminium net commonly used 134 ferrochrome aluminium net (grade 1Cr13AL4 high temperature 1000 degrees below) and 255 (grade 0Cr25AL5, iron chromium aluminum net temperature of 1000 degrees above two) is most commonly used in iron PTCRs grades 1Cr21AL4, 0Cr21AL6, 0Cr23AL5, 0Cr21AL6Nb, 0Cr2AL7Mo2. Material can be chosen according to customer's requirements.

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