Al-Mg Alloy Wire for Welding from A Professional Factory

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Al-Mg Alloy Wire Description:

The aluminum magnesium alloy is the lightest metal component material at present, featured by small density and high strength.Aluminum magnesium alloy wire can be used for core wire (as a substitution of copper wire) and shielding weaving wire which are widely applied to all kinds of communication cables, coaxial cables, being the supporting products of broad band transmission network and communication network.

The aluminum magnesium alloy is acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistance, high strength, good toughness, and it does not fade at high temperatures (120 ℃). So products with aluminum-magnesium alloy micro wire would not deform easily, and there is a good shielding effect.

2.Main Features of the Al-Mg Alloy Wire:

Good softness

Easy to bend 

Easy to shape

Good toughness, it can be repeatedly bended, not easy to break

3. Al-Mg Alloy Wire Images

Al-Mg Alloy Wire for Welding from A Professional Factory

Al-Mg Alloy Wire for Welding from A Professional Factory

4. Al-Mg Alloy Wire Specification

Model Specification (mm)tensile strength (Mpa)elongation at break20 ℃ resistivitydiameter deviation
LHP-0.12≥ 230≥ 7≤ 0.052± 0.004
LHP-0.15≥ 230≥ 7≤ 0.052± 0.004
LHP-0.16    high-speed braiding machine≥ 310≥ 4≤ 0.052± 0.002
high-speed braiding machine ≥ 230≤ 7≤ 0.052± 0.004
LHP-0.18≥ 230≥ 7≤ 0.052± 0.005
LHP-0.20≥ 230≥ 7≤ 0.052± 0.006
LHP-0.22≥ 230≥ 7≤ 0.052± 0.006
LHP-1.17≥ 230≥ 10≤ 0.052± 0.02
LHP-2.8≥ 230≥ 12≤ 0.052± 0.02 


1).What types of products do you have?

As a manufacturer, we produce  each kind of electric wires. For example, high purity aluminum wire used for thermal spraying and plating. Al-Mg alloy wire used for electronic fence and window screen, and used for cable manufacture.  In addition, the size of wire can be maked as customer

2) What certifications do you have?

SGS UL ISO  and so on.

3). What do you take to win the trust from customers?

Put customers first, put quality first, put reputation first

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Q:The difference between aluminium wire and tin wire and zinc wire
The yellow metal alloy of lead solder is continuous: lead solder tin lead two main metals (Sn: Pb three, Sn50Pb50 landing three paint);
Q:What is the color of the PC material after aluminizing?
The specific color will be determined by the color of the PC film itself.
Q:Copper wire drawing machine with copper wire drawing machine, what is the difference
Drawing machine mechanical reduction rate is not the same, when the mechanical reduction rate of copper clad aluminum alloy wire drawing machine design is so the face should be smaller and the copper wire
Q:Pure copper wire for 1 points and 2.5 copper clad wire which is better?
Copper is good, I guess the 1 of your family is to change the electricity, the rest of the bar, in order to clean up, use 3*1.0 (RVV)
Q:How is the gold thread welded on the LED?
Ultrasonic waves generated by both the source and the ultrasonic transducer (40~140KHz), the amplitude of energy in porcelain rod tip, wire (wire or wire) with high frequency vibration in the ceramic nozzle driven by the friction between the welding and metal surface, the surface oxide layer and crack, plastic deformation, ultimate metal a strong bond formed on the welding surface.
Q:Is there a better way to remove scratches on aluminum surfaces? What kind of abrasive belt is used for aluminum wire drawing?
The aluminum plate is scratched and can be made into a drawing aluminum plate, and the drawing aluminum plate is best processed by a drawing roller
Q:What is spraying aluminum wire?
Line spray is the filamentous materials in spraying flame melt, and by high pressure airflow blown onto the other surface technology.
Q:What is the iron chromium aluminum wire
Usage: used in industrial electric stove, household appliance, far infrared equipment, etc..
Q:How do you make the faucet HOSE?
Double headed hoses are measured in length, 30CM of approximately 28CM braided tubes (stainless steel, aluminium wire, stainless steel bellows, white tube, aluminum wire, outer hose), etc.}40CM is cut to 38CM and so on. The amount of the use of a good knife cut, cut the first set on both sides of the six stainless steel at cap and copper core (iron core, aluminum) into braided tube, so that the hose is made up, but no good.
Q:Which heat transfer is copper wire, wire or aluminum wire fast?
The greater the heat conductivity, the faster the heat transfer

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